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10 best music/audio NFT projects to watch in 2023

10 best music audio NFT projects to watch in 2023

NFT technology has been highly demanded recently. The capabilities of this technology go far beyond merely JPEG files and cover lots of precious areas, such as music NFT projects and gaming NFTs. During the Covid-19 pandemic, NFTs took the world of music due to gathering limitations. While people still needed music, NFTs served as a new opportunity to allow people to enjoy music using cutting-edge technology in the peace of their homes. Artists also found music NFT as a new way to monetize their art as well as keep their connections with their fans and audiences. It was a great advantage despite the limitations to live performance.

Surprisingly, even after the pandemic, music and audio NFTs are still at the center of attention in the digital world, and the number of virtual concerts has significantly increased. This suggests that music NFT will be a permanent part of the virtual life in the future and, as the result, learning about it could help people take more advantage of both their virtual entertainment and NFT investment.

In the following, we provide a complete guide on music NFT and present a list of top music NFT projects to watch in 2023. Let’s first answer the question, “what is music NFT?”.

What are music NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens (or NFTs) are digital assets that live on a blockchain and cannot be changed, but are easily sold or traded in NFT marketplaces. NFTs are commonly recognized as visual assets, such as the famous Beeple NFT and BAYC collections, but it is not all with NFTs. Music NFTs are digital assets that bring a musical component to NFT. During the pandemic in 2021, Kings of Leon, the famous music band, released their NFT album “When You See Yourself” on streaming platforms.

The NFT album was a success and showed a superior advantage for NFT musicians compared to the physical sell of music. Now, many musicians prefer music NFTs to monetize their work. They also see that as an excellent way to interact with fans. Besides, NFT music brings its creators royalties in its last sales. The NFT music stored on a blockchain will be as long as the blockchain exists.

10 best music NFT projects in 2023

1. SAN Origin

SAN Origin

SAN is an ecosystem that is music centered and provides access and experiences for independent musicians as well as their fans. They provide and use innovative technology to motivate musicians to develop music NFTs. This has made SAN Origin one of the top trending music NFTs on popular NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea.

Music NFTs launched by SAN can either be traded or “Soulbound” after minting. In the case music NFT is minted, the minter receives indefinite access to the ecosystem. SAN ecosystem provides lots of opportunities for musicians to develop their art, including teaching them how to create their brands in web3, offering them ways to understand the process of production and data recognition, and helping musicians to improve their connection to their fans.

SAN Origin includes 10,000 items and was first launched in September 2022. SAN Origin has the potential to be one of the best music NFT projects to consider in 2023.

2. Reo Cragun: Frameworks

Reo Cragun Frameworks

Created in September 2022 on Ethereum blockchain, Reo Cragun Frameworks is going to be next on the list of best music NFTs to watch in 2023. The collection includes 333 audiovisual items developed in partnership with Sound,xyz and Bonfire.

Frameworks is the first music NFT collection that uses Sound Protocol. It is hosted on and simultaneously. The project features five songs and sold for 24 ETH till the end of 2022, which can be a great sale for a music NFT living only two months. It is still trending in OpenSea music category and seems to grow in popularity in 2023.

3. PIXELATED by Sammy Arriage

PIXELATED by Sammy Arriage

Sammy Arriage is a well-known country music star. His project PIXELATED, launched in June 2022, includes 12 different versions of the song. It comes with 150 unique characters mixed with PFPs and creates 4,000 unique music NFTs, each characteristically different.

Sammy’s success with his other projects METAGIRL, Pluse Pass and Singles is here to guarantee profitable investment in these music NFTs even in 2023.

4. The Orbs by BT

The Orbs by BT

Next on the list of best music NFTs in 2023 is The Orbs by BT, a project by Gala Music. The Orbs project was released on Ethereum blockchain in February 2022 and is unique in its approach to the content delivered. The Orbs is a collection of 3,333 live animated, three-dimensional objects, terrains, skies and stars with audio-creactive animation, camera movement, lighting and surface textures. The music developed for the collection includes live synthesis and sequencing and uses high technology to generate a real-time living regarding its permanence on the blockchain.

The Orbs is hosted on OpenSea and sold for 2,591 ETH in its first nine months of release. The project is still popular and traded in high volume on OpenSea market.

5. EP Criteria

EP Criteria

EP Criteria is a collection of 8 tracks that mixes Cragun’s hip-hop songs with techno productions by Allan. The project experienced a decrease in sales due to the bare market in 2022, though it was not as big as the reduction other similar projects faced during the hard days.

EP Criteria has been supported by top music NFT collectors, and more than 100 pieces of these music NFTs belong to them at the time of writing.

EP Criteria recorded selling 92.247 ETH as its primary sale and 44.324 ETH as its secondary sales.

6. Moonshot/Gypsy Heart by Violetta Zironi

Moonshot Gypsy Heart by Violetta Zironi

Violetta Zironi’s music NFT projects are always highlighted on the list of best. Moonshot was released in April 2022 based on five songs written by Zironi. The music NFT project features 2,500 hand-drawn pieces developed by her father.

The project is supported by 850 owners of music NFTs from the collection, with a total sale volume of 167 ETH at the time of writing. The owners of the pieces see the hyper-personal feel to the NFT collection as the feature to make it unique among other competitors in the market.

Zironi’s new collection Gypsy Heart seems to be another success. The music NFT collection has been accessible to Exist fans and holders since December 2022 and has made Zironi 40 ETH by selling 500 mint passes. Gypsy Heart also recorded 19 ETH secondary at the beginning days of 2023.

7. Snoop Dogg-B.O.D.R

Snoop Dogg-B.O.D.R

The worldwide-recognized singer, Snoop Dogg, is on the list of best music NFTs, too. In February 2022, he released his music NFT collection B.O.D.R (Born On Death Row), which is mainly made for Web3.

Being backed by Gala Music and Snoop, this music NFT project has exceeded success; it sold for 901 ETH in 2022. Having worked for two decades in music industry, Snoop’s name guarantees to the success of his productions, considering that most of his music NFTs, if not all, are developed for web3. The music NFT collection includes 32 NFT pieces that are highly looked for in OpenSea.

8. Audioglyphs


Audioglyphs is a collection of 10k randomly created NFT audio clips derived from on-chain Pixelglyph data. Each Audioglyph presents a unique, infinite stream of music with high quality.

This NFT audio collection invites artists to create an infinite variation of music that fans can easily explore. Therefore, fans can listen to their own unique version of music instead of buying the rights to listen to it.

These audios are stored on a blockchain and streamed freely on a browser. This can be equivalent to the generative art NFTs, though for NFTs. The sales statistics of Audioglyph seem to come from the picture it depicts of the future of music in the digital world. Having 2.74k owners, its total trading volume at the time of writing reaches 1.12k ETH.

9. Dreamloops


The next on the list of best music NFTs in 2023 is Dreamloops, an audio NFT collection by Bitlectro Labs. Dreamloops includes 16-bit, chiptune style music loop NFTs providing one-of-a-kind randomly generated music. There are 10,000 unique music loops that can be collected, staked, and redeemed for physical vinyl or cassettes.

As a generative culture to music, each clip in the NFT collection makes sense, leading to 718 ETH sale so far. At the time of writing, there are 1900 owners of the music NFT collection, which supports the success of the NFT collection in the future.

Dreamloops owners have access to BY-ND license to track music and CC-BY license to use virtual competitions. Besides, the team behind the audio NFT projects does its best to keep the community engaged on social media using special activities. The community, on the other hand, shows to be truly supportive to the project.

10. WVRPS by WarpSound

WVRPS by WarpSound

WVRPS is the last on our list of best music NFTs to watch in 2023. The collection includes 9,999 music NFTs and was developed by WarpSound in January 2022. WVRPS is unique in that it is the first collection of PFP and AI-generated music NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

WarpSound collection was started by a group of virtual artists, such as Nayomi, DJ Dragoon, and Gnar Heart. It gives all who love generative art a chance to enjoy music using cutting-edge technology. The total volume of the collection touches 6,152 ETH, according to OpenSea, which equals 7.5 million USD at the time of writing.

Advantages of music NFT projects

Music NFT projects blossomed in 2020 and are still amusing to many in 2023 due to several advantages they bring to everyday life of people. Music NFTs have provided benefits to both artists and users. It allows musicians to earn as much as possible, which is way more than what they make in the traditional music industry, for example, through royalties. Music NFTs also provide stronger connections between artists and fans.

Music NFT holders, on the other hand, use NFTs to grant access to concerts, meetups, giveaways, NFT drops, etc. The content of music NFT collections directly depends on how the creators structure and issue their NFTs. This makes some music collections undoubtedly more generous compared to others.

If you are making your mind to invest in music/audio NFT project, you can research the assets of music NFT projects by checking their roadmap and utilities.

What are the best music NFT marketplaces in 2023?

What are the best music NFT marketplaces in 2023?

OpenSea is currently one of the largest NFT marketplaces that include music NFT. However, other popular platforms offer music NFTs, like SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, Rarible, and Binance NFT. Some music-focused NFT marketplaces include onlymusix, Serenade, and Async Music.

Here is the list of the popular music NFT marketplaces in 2023:

  • Sound.XYZ
  • Origin Story
  • Async Music
  • Royal
  • OneOf
  • Objkt
  • Kalamint
  • Audius Music
  • Emanate
  • OPUS
  • BPM

The music NFT marketplaces above mainly provide services around music NFTs and Web3 streaming services. Sound.XYZ, as an example, is one of the leading marketplaces in NFT music industry and allows music NFT artists to sell their NFTs. It also provides fans a reliable way to stream and buy music NFTs and keep in contact with their favorite artists using trustable connections in Discords and the marketplace.

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