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25 Best NFT Influencers


During the last two years NFTs have caused a huge craze around the world with billions of dollar transactions. The digital market has attracted lots of attractions from the artists, singers, athletes, fashion designers, etc. Meanwhile, the NFT market showed a great development with the introduction of OpenSea, Fundation, Rarible and many more.

Such a big market requires lots of advertisement and marketing network, too. One of the most influential network of marketing for NFTs, just like any other market, is the impact of the NFT influencers. Influencers are celebrities who mostly use the social media to promote brands and places. However, it seems different in the NFT world. NFT influencers are supposed to be able to use their ideas to produce their own digital assets and create a brand of their own to convince people to follow them and hopefully do a purchase. Therefore, NFT influencers use their fame, online or in real world, to sell their non-fungible tokens directly to their fans.

In this article, we aim to introduce some of the most famous NFT influencers around the world. But first let’s learn more about the role of the NFT influencers.

What is NFT marketing?

Non-fungible token marketing is the process that allows you to promote your NFT art in the digital market. It makes use of various online marketing strategies on platforms like NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and social media, including Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Since NFTs are launched and traded for different audiences on a digital platform, NFT creators need a full-proof NFT marketing plan.

Here is a list of the proven non-fungible token marketing strategies that helps promote NFT collections:

  • Crypto Influencer Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Blogging
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Asset Listing
  • Paid Advertisements

Advantages of Influencer Marketing for NFT projects

The fastest way to attract attention to an NFT project is influencer marketing. Hiring the right influencer allows pushing the project into the center of the NFT community.

Influencers, who usually own well-known NFTs, are members of an NFT community and are known as trusted sources in their communities. Authentic and legitimate NFT influencers can attract greater attention to their opinions toward an NFT collection.

Therefore, NFT creators need to reach out to the right influencers, as it is a great way to communicate the rarity and value of their art collection.

Who is an NFT influencer?

An NFT influencer is a celebrity in online world who uses their talents to invest, create or promote NFTs. The influencer makes use of the Internet to educate, train or advise people on NFTs. Many people may follow them for their advice or art. Further, an influencer usually provides information and raining on new technologies coming up in the NFT world, including web 3, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and even Metaverse.

Although many believe that it is easy to create NFTs, many argue that it is not as easy to invest on digital assets since the money is large. To attract more public attention, a successful NFT influencer helps followers get ideas about the market, understand it and, more importantly, take advantages out of it. On the other hand, people who find themselves interested in NFTs see the necessity to get help with following NFT influencers to make the most profit and learn strategies for decision making.

Most of the well-known NFT influencers use social platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Instagram to run their activities.

How to find NFT influencers to promote NFTs?

It can be a challenge to find the right influencers to promote your NFT project. You need to find an influencer with interest in your niche, with the right platform to reach the target audience, as well as being experienced in promoting NFTs.

Marketplaces like Fiverr and Collabstr help you search and connect the best influencers based on your niche.

Such platforms allow you to view portfolios, rates and packages of each influencer. Having the list in hand, you can choose from the influencers who have real NFT experience and targeted audience. It is also recommended to read reviews and ratings from their previous clients. It shows if the influencers are good to work with, and clarifies the results they achieved in the past.

When you find the best NFT influencers to promote your NFT project, you can message them directly from within the platform and manage the whole collaboration, from outreach to contracts and payments.

Top Instagram NFT Influencers in 2022

1. Farokh

Farokh NFT Influencer

Another top influencer in the world of NFT is Farokh Sarmad Tehrani on of the best nft influencers on twitter who is active on Instagram with 232 k followers. As a social media expert, Farokh also runs his NFT room in the Clubhouse application. He mainly conducts conversations on Digital assets and provides precious information on blockchain and more recent technologies related to Metaverse.

He has also been a radio host at Rug Radio on Twitter spaces, a tribune to NFT world and new, innovative NFT projects. He owns an NFT collection including Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks and Cool Cats. Farokh is also the founder of the digital media agency GoodLife.

2. DeezeFi

DeezeFi NFT Influencer

Deeze is an early collector of CryptoPuncks and some other valuable NFTs. He runs a Twitter account, Fractional Art, which is a decentralized protocol that allows NFT owners to fractionalize their holdings in exchange for tokens. He already has over 190k followers on social media.

DeezeFi focuses on the promotion on NFT photography and, in this regard, he maintains a large NFT gallery. He recently has lunched his project NEONDAO where people can create in-depth avatarswith new features, such as wizards, worriers, etc., in the Metaverse.

3. OhhShiny

OhhShiny NFT Influencer

All NFT enthusiasts know about OhhShiny Show on Twitter spaces mainly talking and providing information on the Metaverse. Furthermore, OhhShiny runs a show called Community Office Hours to introduce the latest projects and creators in the Metaverse and argue about their mission and objectives. There are about 129 K people following the celebrity online.

4. Richard.eth


The well-known Instagram influencer Richard with almost 145k followers co-founded Manifold to produce blockchains for NFT creators. Manifold provides the tools required by NFT lovers to mint tokens. As this application works well with OpenSea, users can develop NFT collections easily through navigation. Richard has also directed the view of NFT communities to the importance of security and the influence of NFTs on real world items.

5. Beanie

Beanie NFT Influencer

The Twitter account @beaniemaxi aims to provide the latest information on NFT world instead of creating and selling NFTs. Over 182k followers joined his pages on social media to take his advice on NFTs. He also founded Beanie Capital to discuss upcoming NFT and Defi projects. Furthermore, he owns a unique collection of NFTs including CryptoPunks, Meta Hero and Cool Cats, while the latest costs over 300 ETH at the time being. Both experts and beginners to NFT world will learn a lot with following him.

6. RealMissNFT


RealMissNFT runs the website, a place to introduce the art work, trend and spotlight of the upcoming NFT artists. Her social media activities support and inspire many small accounts and artists. She also uses her Twitter account @NFTs4Free to tell the story of two artists weekly and mention the daily NFT giveaways daily. She has 159.7k followers.

Further, RealMissNFT creates innovative NFTs. Her latest project, Metanatic, is on the Metaverse and provides users with the opportunity to create funky avatars.

7. j1mmy.eth

j1mmy.eth NFT Influencer

J1mmy.eth is the founder and visionary CEO of NFT42, which provides NFT solutions, such as life-like avatars, and also helps users manage their own NFTs. He recently has established Dito which is an enterprise cloud solution provider, and provides on-chain NFT and Metaverse progress. With 118k followers, he inspires many artists to keep on their opinions and projects.

8. Loopify


Loopify is the creator of the NFT-based project Treeverse, which has received lots of attention in Metaverse. It is an NFT collectible and pay-to-earn project. Loopify believes that blockchain games are going to dominate the NFT industry soon. Not only game producers but also gamers are detected among his followers. Furthermore, he established Interleave. This production company aims to bring 3D animated films including NFTs to the public.

9. Alexis Ohanian

Alexis Ohanian NFT Influencer

Alexis Ohanian is the co-founder of Reddit and an NFT influencer. He always has a world on how NFT may offer solution for problems with ownership of artwork in digital form. He has already shown his interest in NFTs and Web3 projects. With over 150k followers, Ohanian aims to encourage NFT lovers to explore the new digital world.

10. Crypto Baristas

Crypto Baristas NFT Influencer

Crypto Baristas is the world’s first NFT coffee shop founded in New York city in February 2021. It gained a lot of attention shortly after its launch. At the time being, it has 8.5 k followers on Twitter. Crypto Baristas provides NFTs as avatars for the Metaverse and each NFT avatar comes in a different look and responsibility. This NFT influencer also raise awareness about coffee industry and creates NFTs for coffee lovers.

Although Crypto Baristas are in their season 1 of their releases, they plan to launch their future seasons as soon as releasing their complete set of characters and selling them. Their current project is called BOBA BAO. They also claim that they are planning to open their first physical space in NYC which may include NFT education, too. Crypto Baristas also plan to find a partner coffee farm in Honduras.

11. Dikasso

Dikasso NFT Infliencer

Dikasso is an NFT artist as well as a VR/digital artist. He is also known as a professional NFT collector according to top buyer list on Rarible. His collection includes artworks from Rarible, Based Fish Mafia and Tide Estates.

In addition, Dikasso regularly shares the information about interesting, profitable projects in hosting giveaways to his followers. This has made him a great influencer in the world of NFT with over 25 K followers on Twitter.

12. NounsDAO

NounsDAO is a well-known influencer on Twitter with over 5.1 K followers. NounsDAO mainly focuses on DAO. The highest NounsDAO sale reached a whopping amount of 613.37 ETH. Most of their projects sell between 50 – 100 ETH. Every day they sell one avatar built by their DAO. The team provides a community and their followers can take part in the community in order to promote their NFTs. Their recent project is Noun 223.


Mike Winkelmann, known as Beeple, is a digital artist, animator, and graphic designer. He is famous for creating and selling non-fungible assets. Beeple has created a solid digital space with his tweets and posts about NFTs and crypto. He is known with his work “Everydays: The First 5000 Days,” that is a collection of digital pictures of successive 5000 days from 2007. The NFT sold for $69.4 million.

Beeple has 2.4 million followers on Instagram.

Top Twitter NFT influencers

1. Snoop Dogg, The Best NFT Influencer

Snoop Dogg NFT Influencer

The legendary rapper Snoop Dogg is the owner of a twitter account @CozmoMedici with over 70 million followers. As one of the most well-known musicians around the world, Snoop has recently developed a great interest in NFTs. He has collected precious NFT collections including CryptoPuncks, Bored Apes, Doodles as well as Chromie Squiggle, Meebits and Blocks. He also endorses NFT projects like World of Women and his Decentral Eyes Dogg NFTs, which uses audios by Snoop. His entire collections worth about 17 million dollars.

Snoop has shown to vastly influence not only the NFT world but also other celebrities with his advice and guides on NFT exciting space. Thanks to his large dedicated followers, he has caused lots of fortune for other artists and singers along with many collections.

2. Mark Cuban

Snoop Dogg NFT Influencer

One of the most famous NFT influencers on Twitter is definitely Mark Cuban. As a business tycoon, an investor on the American TV show Shark Tank, the owner of the Dallas Maverick team, etc., he is also known as a crypto expert and investor.

He owns the twitter account @mcuban with 8.5 million followers mainly active on NFTs. He has invested on NFTs since 2021. He backs marketplaces like Mintables and SuperRare, two of the most famous NFT marketplaces. He also owns a precious NFT collection which includes rare items such as Bored Apes, Hashmasks, Stoner Cats and NBA Top Shots’ Luca Doncic. His next step in NFT world is to have an NFT gallery for digital art and collectibles. Many describe him as super active on Twitter with his investment strategies and advice to NFT world.

3. Gary Vaynerchuc

Gary Vaynerchuc NFT Influencer

Gary Vaynerchu, mostly known as Gary Vee, is an entrepreneur and explorer of new trends in industries. Although he was active with cryptocurrencies, he showed his potential in the NFT world with VeeFriend project which set new standards to NFT lovers. There are over 9.8 million people following him on multiple social media. On his YouTube channel, he teaches the basics of NFTs and its related technologies. Further, he holds one of the best NFT collections including 50 CryptoPunks, one of them costing about 2600 ETH.

If you are a beginner to the world of NFT, it would be a good idea to follow Gary Vee on social media to learn more on NFT world and recent technologies.

4. Yam Karkai

Yam Karkai NFT Influencer

Yam Karkai is one of the most influential female influencers with her NFT project World of Women. this collection includes 10,000 NFTs and some well-known influencers such as Gary Vee, Snoop Dogg, Pransky and some more showed their interest in the collection. Karkai seems to have inspired many female NFT creators around the world. With her activities on social media, specially Instagram and Twitter, she is paving the way for empowering women and creation of more iconic, meaningful art works.

5. Pransky

The NFT influencer and investor, Pransky, has been active in digital market since 2017. She is known with her largest NFT collection in the world, including some of rarest BAYC NFTs. She founded NFTBoxes where users can get custom boxes including NFT collectibles. Boxes are filled with collectibles every month and users need to keep the boxes till the end of the month to earn 10 or more precious NFTs.

She also uses her fame and wealth in NFT world to address philanthropic issues, such as supporting Blue Dragon Children Foundation, which help children have a better life.

6. Artchick

Artchick NFT Influencer

Another active female influencer in the NFT world is Artchick. She is an NFT creator, painter and motivational speakers who calls for paying attention to other female NFT artists around the world. With 22k followers on Twitter, she is influencing NFT community more than expected.

7. Nftoftheday

Nftoftheday is an influencer who is active on Instagram. This profile focuses on educating people about upcoming NFT projects and the latest NFT news. They make use of Instagram platform to inform over 53.3 K followers about the latest NFT news and event using feeds, memes, and reels. Similarly, Nftoftheday works to keep its audience updated with the latest NFT trends. They post NFT-related memes, giveaways, and the latest NFT projects. When concerned about NFT-related engagement, Nftoftheday has set its benchmark standards.

8. PAK

Known as PAK, Murat Pak is a digital artist, programmer, and asset investor. Pak introduced an internet Bot called Archillect with 2.9 Million followers. The project was designed as a mood board to share posts and images that can be showcased widely. His first artwork, “Cloud Monument Dark,” released in February 2020 on SuperRare. The most notable work of PAK is “The Merge”. This NFT art sold for $91.8 million in December 2021.

His total followers on Twitter is about 378.5K.

Top YouTube NFT influencers

1. Max Maher

Max Maher NFT Infliencer

Mainly active on YouTube, Max Maher is one of the strongest Youtube influencers to follow in the NFT world. Currently he has over 864 k subscribers. He has shared several popular tutorial videos on NFTs and cryptocurrencies in his page; for example, How to buy and sell NFTs for profit with 1.7 million views!

Max’s contents are very attractive for beginners as they are well researched and explanations are easy to understand. Besides, he covers news about DeFi projects and the metaverse as well as most recent NFTs.

2. The Bitcoin Express

The Bitcoin Express is an NFT influencer that is active mainly on YouTube with almost 171 million subscribers. The Bitcoin Express aims to help both crypto and NFT newbies and professionals expand their understanding of this universe. This YouTube channel breaks down Ethereum, privacy, and security in the Metaverse and the latest news regarding these concepts. It also provides tutorial videos about blockchain and yield farming.

3. Alex Becker

Alex Becker youtube

One of the successful YouTube influencers is Alex Becker. He is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He is best known for filming catchy and creative promotional videos on money making. Becker is also the owner of a SaaS company, Market Hero. His book “The 10 Pillars of Wealth” is one of the top-selling books on money making.  He already has 1.31 million subscribers on YouTube.

4. RyandCrypto

RyandCrypto uses his YouTube channel to share information about NFT projects. He provides critics and reviews on NFTs so that his followers can choose the best NFTs to invest in. He helps his subscribers learn how to multiply their profits through NFT projects, too. RyandCrypto also provides information on NFT news and trends. 41k follow him on YouTube.

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