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Chief vibes officer and his role in the NFT world

Chief vibes officer and his role in the NFT world 1

You might have already heard about the bear market of 2022 in the crypto and NFT market. If you have read our article on crypto bear market, you might have wondered about the solutions to the problem. Lots of experts have been working on that and their suggestions have helped the market to survive and keep living.

One of the most practical suggestions to keep NFT market active during the bear market is hiring chief vibes officer. In this article, you will read about the role of hiring chief vibes officers in the NFT market. We will also discuss their effect on the market.

What is a chief vibes officer?

Chief vibes officers are hired to convince both novice and more experienced investors about the potential advantages of trading NFTs despite the current condition of the Non-fungible token market.

Vibes officers, also known as vibes managers or directors of vibes, aim to encourage internet users to invest in NFTs. To attract the ideas of NFT investors as well as make them invest in the market, vibes officers share dozens of posts on social networks, and particularly on Twitter. They notably try to cultivate communities of NFT investors and holders and stoke the hype around non-fungible tokens. After the success of NFTs in 2021, the market for these digital objects experienced a drop in the first quarter of 2022 by volume dropping from $3.9 billion to $964 million between February and March.

Therefore, the NFT market found it necessary to invite vibes managers to run their mission and conduct a more productive market by adding more vibes, or movements, in the market.

What is the mission of a chief vibes officer?

Vibes managers are responsible for planning office parties, workplace outings, gatherings and all other activities that improve current trends in the concerned industry. In fact, they must find the best venues, settings and places to connect NFT developers and investors. They are expected to convince investors to spend their cryptocurrencies on NFTs and improve the trade volume in the market.

Chief vibes officers are required to engage with the NFT community and create and promote content on Twitter and other social media platforms. They are also involved in not only researching appropriate ways to attract new investors but also promoting the activities of NFT holders. They assist the market to be even more active on social media, like Twitter and ClubHouse, and conduct vibes in the market to make investors feel happy and welcome with their investments. They even support the marketing team in organizing branded events, inviting guest speakers and looking after the event from start to end.

Challenges for chief vibe officers

Challenges for chief vibe officers

Some experts argue that in some cases vibes officers may lead traders to make wrong decisions that could cause a huge loss. Critics suggest that the employment of vibe management in the NFT market is merely another try to attract investors to the market in order to hype it up for a short time. They also believe that this is not a new phenomenon, the whole blockchain industry has been built based on this optimism.

Active Web3 influencers, such as Molly White, consider vibe management an “insidious weaponization of the idea of community.” They argue that most projects survive in the NFT market only if they are constantly hyped and gain people’s attention. While it is quite easier for brand NFT developers to grab the attention of big and small investors, this can be quite hard for beginner developers to find their place among NFT enthusiasts. Therefore, it would be challenging for vibes managers who are employed on rather small projects.

In this case, vibes officers may do a lot to gain the goals of the projects they are hired for. You might have heard about the recent Bored Ape Nazi allegations. Some experts believe that Ryder Ripps tried to disrupt Bored Apes by calling them nazi promoters to hype his own rip-off collection. Accordingly, there might be many projects that were hyped in the NFT marketplace, though later turned out to be spoof collections.

Why it is important to hire a vibes officer?

As we already mentioned, since the first quarter of 2022, there has been a decrease in the interest in NFT trading and the digital market as a whole. The market needs to get new comers to join the NFT world and increase the capital for trading to survive the huge market. Besides, NFT holders and existing funders should also be assured to keep their digital assets and, on the other hand, feel satisfied to invest more in the market.

Chief vibes officers do their best to create movements in the market specially through being active on social networks like Twitter. When possible investors feel the increasing activity in the NFT market, and they are also encouraged to get more involved in the waves of the market. Some developers, therefore, find it essential to hire vibes managers to attract more attention to the NFT market, especially if it is a rather small project.

A final word

Although the NFT market experienced a brilliant trading year in 2021, this year showed to have a different experience for NFT enthusiasts. The bear crypto market also influenced NFT trading and developers lost much attention to their collections. To find a solution and save the market, Chief vibes officers were hired to bring the hype back to the market. These officers and managers spend lots of time online to share positive content on social media and attract more investors to the NFT market.

Therefore, it could be stated that the goal of hiring vibes officers in the NFT market is not only to promote brands and certain collections but also to bring people together and promote an environment where everyone gets interested in investing in NFT projects. Simply put, vibes managers must successfully lift the traders’ moods and boost the market. However, many critics argue that this strategy is a short term solution for the bear market experienced in the NFT world.

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She is an Indian Freelance writer. She loves thinking, learning, and writing about all things Web3.

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