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Crypto Cars NFT Game And How To Play

Crypto Cars NFT Game And How To Play

A recent NFT game introduced is the Crypto Cars that turns out to be one of the top NFT games.  Crypto Cars is a great option for gamers who are interested in play to earn games (P2E). The game has simple operation and is easy to learn, and it offers fun and profit to gamers.

This game places cars as NFTs and offers different ways to earn profit for players. In addition, like other games, it features a system in which each car has its own attributes, which directly influence the game. Keep reading the text to know more about Crypto Cars.

What is Crypto Cars?

What is Crypto Cars

Crypto Cars is an NFT video game that takes the form of automobiles. Like airplanes, they are part of a metaverse created by SGS Team called CriptoCity. NFTs in Crypto Cars are part of the Binance ecosystem, therefore a part of Binance Smart Chain. It makes use of the protocol BEP-721, which also indicates that each aircraft is unique and has real value in the crypto market.

A web application and a mobile app are provided to paly CryptoCars. The dynamics of racing other cars is presented in different PVC (player-versus-computer) and PVP (player-versus-player) scenarios.

Crypto Cars is a simple game to play. The basic idea of ​​the game is to have vehicles to compete in races, achieving materials, XP and CCAR (the Crypto Cars currency). It offers a simulator in which gamers click on the indicated button, wait a few seconds for the race or battle to be resolved, race the other cars and, finally, see the result of the earnings. Gamers may choose the free method and click and wait for the race to resolve or try the “fast mode” and pay a CCAR token for the races to be resolved immediately.

The game works with the BigchainDB software, based on the blockchain. It has characteristics of decentralization, immutability, possession of NFT assets. In addition, it is also a database with data indexing characteristics, high rate of transactions and low commissions. This offers low cost in player fees and fast transactions between NFT holders.

How does Crypto Cars NFT Game work?

How does Crypto Cars work

The whole game revolves around two elements: cars and the CCAR token. This token is compatible with the Binance Smart Chain under the standard (BEP-20) and is the currency used by gamers to invest and earn money within the game.

CCAR is used as an internal payment method to buy and sell auto materials and as a reward for playing tournaments and standard missions. In addition, the token could also be used to buy car workshops, bet and stake. It is also possible to exchange CCAR for other cryptocurrencies on decentralized exchanges. To get this token, gamers need to win battles and race the cars. The races are simulated and cars enter a competition with each other.

It is necessary to remember that since each car in the game is an NFT, it is unique which even makes the player profit by selling cars and parts in the title market. since each car is unique, it has its own attributes, including a different performance in races, which automatically increases or decreases the price of the vehicle. Also, NFT cars have very important statistics: “power”, “speed”, “drift” and “fuel”. Fuel is one of the most important since some fuel is used during each race so that it is only possible to compete with the cars during a limited amount of times a day. Fuel is recharged every 24 hours to compete again and earn rewards.

To play, you must choose your car and select “virtual races”. There are free or the fast options which the later consumes a CCAR for each car you use. After a few seconds of simulation, the race begins, and materials and CCAR are added to profile. A common car gets between 20 and 30 CCARs per day.

It is obvious that the materials can be used to improve your car so that it gets more CCAR after each race and with these you can buy more cars to get better statistics. This includes increased fuel capacity so you can train or fight more times per day for more rewards.

How to start playing?

Like any other car race game, the mission here is to win races and get experience points and materials. The number of games you can play each day ranges from 4 to 6 games, depending on your car type. You just need to wait for the fuel to refueled automatically.

To start playing, you need to buy a car with CCAR. This token is obtained using the Binance Smart Chain that is compatible with most crypto wallets, such as MetaMask wallet.

Doing so, you must add the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) to MetaMask. It is a straight forward process on MetaMask wallet which gives a better chance of receiving deposits. Then, go to, a well-known exchange. There you must look for the CCAR token with its contract number and get them in exchange for any other crypto listed on that website (such as USDT, DAI, ETH).

Once you get your CCARs in MetaMask, you must link it to Crypto Cars NFT Game, where you can buy cars, “item box” or “blind box” in the marketplace and get your first unique NFT car and start earning CCAR.

The “Cars” menu allows you to manage your cars, races, check car’s characteristics, possible mergers, etc. you even level up your racing car at shops.

In the game, you need to get enough experience points to use materials and upgrade the level of their cars so that cars can go faster and win more races. Besides, materials and cars can be traded easily in the Marketplace.

The first thing you need to start playing is a car, which you can buy. Having your car, you can click the start button, wait for the rivals to join the race and try to win. If you win, the reward can be CCARS, the native token of the game. The car’s position at the end of the race directly influences your reward. As an example, if you are in 3rd place, you can earn 3.5 CCARS and 150 experience.

You can take the races again until you run out of gas or fuel. You have to wait 24 hours until the fuel is refilled again to start playing the next day.

At the end of the day, when you have completed all the races, you can click on rewards and check your earning, both in CCARS and experience.

Buying your first car, keep this in mind!

As we already mentioned, you need CCARS to buy your first card. You can buy CCARS on pancakeswap with BNB. Once you get CCARS in your wallet, you have two options to buy your first car. First, you can buy a box in cars which costs 600 CCAR and unbox it to receive a totally random car. The car may be a common one or, if you are lucky, a rarer one. You should know that you are not allowed to sell your car on the marketplace for 7 days.

Or you can use the marketplace of the game and directly select the car you are most interested in. If you wish to start investing the minimum to see how the game works, the cheapest way is to buy a box. Those who want to earn more money playing the game can buy a good car on the marketplace.

If you look for buying a car from the marketplace, it is important to check the fuel or gasoline, to be able to make 4 races instead of 3 and earn more money with that car. Also look at aspects such as level, speed and rarity of the car to select the best possible option.

The game provides four different types of cars: classic, common, super and rare. Classic and common cars have 60 fuel, enough for at most four races. The super has 75 fuel and the rare 90, allowing players to have 5 and 6 games, respectively.

In the market, players can buy all materials required to improve the cars; these materials come in boxes and cost at least 10 CCAR tokens or higher. Also, the latest fusion novelty allows players to merge cars. Currently, you can merge two “ordinary” cars to get a “legendary” car. The legendary car has more fuel and better stats.

What is CCAR and what is the token used for?


CCAR token is a BEP-20 token living on Binance Smart Chain. Its total supply reaches 100,000,000 CCAR. The token can be used for various purposes, including:

  • Stake and trade on decentralized exchanges.
  • Buy materials and upgrade cars.
  • As rewards for in-game tournaments and missions

Simply put, CCAR token is used to perform all trades and supplements in the game. Remember that the token is currently traded on the Pancakeswap and DoDo exchanges.

NFTs in CryptoCars

CryptoCars includes four main NFTs: power, speed, drift and fuel. Fuel is one of the most important NFTs as players need fuel to compete in races. Therefore, the more the fuel, the more the races a player can take in a day. NFT fuel is refilled every 24 hours and allows players to re-compete and earn rewards.

Besides, each car in Crypto Cars is an NFT with varying degrees of rarity. They include classic, common, super and rare. They are the biggest asset in the entire game and players can enhance them with the various materials rewarded for playing.

How to level up NFT cars?

As a players earn enough experience points, they can use materials to upgrade the level of their car. Cars’ level up improves the following stats:

  • Speed
  • Power
  • Drifting
  • Fuel

Generating Profits on Crypto Cars

The whole experience starts with buying your first car, get CCAR and level up your car as soon as you have enough tokens to get it. Since then, it will not take long for you to generate enough money to start recovering your investment.

Crypto Cars even makes it easier to earn more in the game; in the case you put your car on the sale, you can continue to use it for racing while it is on sale. So you can earn money until someone buys it. Good advice is to improve your cars with materials regularly, to take advantage of the fuel to play and recharge it so that it does not stop producing.

Another option to make money includes buying and reselling cars, although the ideal may be to train and fight every day.

How can you earn money by Crypto Cars?

How can you earn money inside Crypto Cars

To answer the question, let’s consider a common car. The car has 60 fuel which is enough for performing 4 races. Players always need to check their fuel before taking a race.

The total rewards are 18 CCARS and 700 experience at this level. The value the CCAR allows calculating the gains a player can get. It goes without saying that a better car may get better positions and get even more CCARS as a reward.

Since the price of CCARS is very variable at the time of calculating the possible profits, players should always take into consideration different situations, whether the price stays the same, the price goes down or up. Therefore, the price may suddenly drop, skyrocket or remains unchanged.

If a car gets first place, the player earns 10 CCARS and 350 experience, second place comes with 7.5 CCARS and 250 experience, third place gets 3.5 CCARS and 150 experience. The lower places get only 100 experience.

The game charges a %5 commission to withdraw the tokens. Crypto Cars allows its player to have more than one car, which can multiply monthly benefits, though it means that players must spend more money to buy other cars.

Notice that the game does not require a lot of time to play and players can dedicate 5 minutes every day to take part in the races.

Here are some instructions to earn more in Crypto Cars game:

  • Running in PVC races (mobile app)
  • Fighting in PVP combat (mobile app)
  • Playing Virtual Races
  • Staking with CCAR
  • Buying actions in workshops with other players.

Beside the gameplay in the web app, a mobile application is also provided for Android and iOS that will give you access to other possibilities to win CCAR such as PVC (player-vs-computer), races and PVP (player-vs-player) competitions. In the later competition mode, Players can challenge each other with 3 other players racing at have a similar level. Each car gets 4 racing times for PVP every day which charges for a fee in CCAR.

Is Crypto Cars NFT Game profitable?

This is a play-to-earn game which means the investment of time and money is profitable. Then you should know that the CCAR token has a market capitalization of $ 75,720,262 at the time being. In addition, there are many players and, according to the reports by developers, almost 20 million transactions have already been carried out, saving a large number in commissions.

The profitability will depend on the car that is given in the blind box, or the one players buy. But the average return on investment seems to take around 20 days. So it could be said that after the given time players will recover that money and from then on they will make profits.

If you find yourself interested in Crypto Cars game, and also the idea of playing to earn, get online and go for it.

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