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Exclusive NFT NEWS PRO interview with Loxely from Rug Radio at NFT Paris 2023


Loxely, the Co-CEO of Rug Radio was NFT News Pro next gust at NFT Paris 2023. Loxely was a strategic advisor for Rug Radio from mid-2020 until the middle of 2022 And in January 2023, he has been given the role of Co-CEO of Rug Radio.

For those who haven’t heard about Rug Radio, it is a decentralized media organization, they launched their first NFT project, the media portfolio, just over a year ago. Rug Rdio team is creating constant content within the space. GM Morning Show with Farokh and representation of 50 other creators within the Web3 and NFT spaces are their a part of their activities in the space of NFTs.

According to Loxely people know them for their Twitter space. “Rug Radio is an Omni Channel Media Platform; we create content, audio content,syndicate podcasts across multiple platforms, produce YouTube TikTok videos, and other media, but we are actively growing in all those verticals, representing new artists. growing more into conversations around traditional finance around the greater crypto currency and special interests from sports to gaming.”

Rug Radio, not just NFT News Platform

The team behind Rug Radio are working on the underlying layer Web3 that allows us to democratize the ownership of the content. He went on and said that traditionally, we have these platforms, the big social platforms like Instagram or Facebook, and we have been creating content for these platforms for years. Ultimately, the people profiting from these legacy media corporations. “When you originally thought of the idea, you know the question that he kept asking: Why am I spending all this time on social media creating content when I don’t own anything? And so the idea here is that as we create, value should accrue.”

When I don’t own anything, the idea is that as we create, the value should accrue to the people who are creating and consuming the content, not just to the platform that is providing the platforming ability for us.

the future for NFTs from the point of view of Loxely

in the answer to the question that what do you think of the future of NFTs, he gave a nice example: ” I think there is such a small fragment of the entire picture I think it’s a very myopic view of what NFTs can be. If you look at NFTs and blockchains in general, we are talking about advanced database management we are talking about Redistribution of value in a democratized way The real key, I think, is the unbundling of official distribution channels, so if you look over the past 7 to 10 years, we have seen a massive improvement in the direct consumer movement. There has been a proliferation.”

He looks at NFTs and blockchain technology as an advancement of that same movement and really allows us to Reach not just for art or music or these different segments but in in general allows us to reach the users and creators and get them together, bring them together.

He thinks “In the coming years, from 5 to 10 or 20 years from now, we’ll determine NFTs like something that we use frequently.” Keith Grossman Who was the president of Time magazine has said that NFTs will become like the term MP3!

NFTs: Art or Business

Loxely said, “We had the ability to attach files like images. You combine blockchain technology with digital identities and start. Still we are talking about immutable and changing records which are non fungible tokens, that’s all that comes in the future. The use case for the Jpegs and the arts that we put on the chain. It is one of the barriers to entry.”

In fact People that are interested in blockchain technology and there are people that are consuming it and its value can be stored yeah within the crypto space and still there are some who say Oh, does it, devalue art!!

He noticed something interesting! He said there are many traditional art collectors before and now have only just increased amounts and the frequency of buying art. I think he is right.

Anothrer adventages of NFTs are the unprecedented access to artists. he told us that he is a big fan of mid-century modern art by Isamu Noguchi as a designer, was one of my favorite artists and designers; obviously, but he would have never had access to someone like Nobucci, or someone like Basquiat or Warhol. But today, we have not only an opportunity but the privilege of having access to Corey Van Lew Where can we have a personal conversation with these contemporary artists who are really going to be changing the world?

Another note in his speech is that thanks to NFTs there are now young people who never imagined themselves as art collectors, but who are now starting to collect parts.

They might have entered thinking of it as being like alternative acid. Yeah, maybe I make more money than you, but as you develop these relationships with these artists, you develop an appreciation for the work and what truly counts. What truly goes into the creation of art

He finishes the interview with another example, “Take an artist who has done oil on canvas, you have a lot of ways that they can start participating in empty space, whether it’s provenance and attaching the paintings to the tokens. It’s like a unique way of exploring the social experiment around what is more valuable: virtual art or physical art. Thanks You X Is an incredible artist who has a collection that includes two portions of a monumental size piece of art. You know that there are many ways that you can incorporate physical art with digital identities, whether it’s represented on a chain or not, or immutable records of what you have created. Who has collected the work that you have created?”

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