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Gary Vee NFTs and Vee Friends Collection

Gary Vee NFTs

In the middle of the NFT craze around the world, while many celebrities and entrepreneurs choose to join the world of non-fungible tokens, Gary Vaynerchuk, known as Gary Vee, started using NFTs as a vehicle to expand his communication with his corresponding fans. He created his NFT collection, Vee Friends, which soon skyrocketed in price.

Let’s take a closer look at Gary Vee NFTs and his popular NFT collection Vee Friends.

Who is Gary Vee?

Who is Gary Vee

Gary Vaynerchuck, recognized as Gary Vee, was born in Belarus in 1975. He has been a serial entrepreneur since a young age, starting his first adult business at his family’s wine store in New Jersey, US, where he increased the yearly income of the business from $3 million to $60 million in 5 years using innovative marketing techniques. Many argue that Vee gained all his reputation by transitioning his family wine store into the first wine electronic commerce platform after the identification of the internet.

Later Gary V turned to an internet celebrity with publishing wine didoes on YouTube, on a channel called Wine Library TV. Very soon, his channel developed to a platform for content on entrepreneurship.

At the time being, the 46-year-old Gary Vee is the chairman of VaynerX, which is a modern media and communication holding company. He is the active CEO VaynerMedia which forms a full-service advertising agency service with over 500 clients. The company provides strategic services to its clients. With over 800 employees in 5 offices, Vee grosses $150 million a year.

How did Gary Vee move to crypto and NFT world?

In 2014, Vee got to know about cryptocurrencies and purchased some Bitcoin. Later he was introduced to Ethereum and made his investment on ETH when it only priced $0.06.

Later, when he started meeting Roham Garegozlou, he got interested in the NFT world with the first NFT collection, the famous and successful CryptoKitties. It caused him to pay more attention to such digital assets. Later in early 2021, another NFT collection, CryptoPunks, grabbed his interest and he ended up buying his first CryptoPunk NFT. Since then, he turned to an NFT collector who owns some of the most profitable non-fungible tokens such as Cryptopunks, Bored Ape Yacht Clubs, Doodles, and World of Women.

What is Vee Friends collection?

Gary V VeeFriends NFT Collection

On May 11, 2021, Gary Vaynerchuk introduced his first NFT collection called Vee friends on the Ethereum Blockchain. The NFT collection aimed to empower his dream to create a community centered around his creative, business interests using NFT technology and its smart contracts, which could be counted as another smart idea from the well-known entrepreneur.

The NFT collection includes 268 characters and 10,255 VeeFriends tokens. All these 268 characters are originally hand-drawn by Vaynerchuk himself as representations of human traits. Each character has alliterative names such as Adventurous Astronaut”, “Courageous Cockatoo” or “Empathetic Elephant.” The names reflect the most positive attributes that Gary Vee values in people.


The 10,255 tokens are distributed in three categories. First are the Admission tokens with 9,400 tokens. These tokens are distinct as there are distinct quantity levels inside each character type. Then comes Gift Goat with 555 tokens which represent the gifting experience from Gary and VeeFriends team. Finally, it is Access tokens with 300. They are not only redeemable but also verifiable tokens to unlock a one-of-a-kind experience meeting Gary Vee. 210 Access tokens provide virtual and 90 provide in-person access.

The owners of Vee Friends tokens automatically become a member of the Vee Friends community and gain access to VeeCon. According to the official site, the VeeFriends access, gift, and admission for NFTs’ additional underlying advantages will be available since the primary purchase ends on May 4, 2024.

Where can you buy Vee Friends NFTs?

Where can you buy Vee Friends NFTs 11

Vee Friends tokens were available for sale on the official website at the time of drop. Since the entire collection sold out in a rather short time, many of the tokens are now available via OpenSea an Ethereum based NFT marketplace.

When you find the Vee Friends NFT you wish to own, make sure you are buying the official one by checking for the verified check. Make sure you have enough Ethereum in your digital wallet; sign the digital transaction and get your favorite Vee Friends token.

Why Vee friends NFT collection is unique?

As we already mentioned, the collection includes 268 characters that are drawn by hand by Gary Vee himself. Therefore, each token has its unique message, significance, and metadata provided on the blockchain. Besides, the famous entrepreneur aims to create access to his community and serve them. Therefore, Vee Friends is mostly about functionality as well as access. However, NFTs are provided with varying levels of access, where the Access token come with the widest accessibility to their creator.

Gary spent over 15 years communicating with hundreds of people and all his understanding of the characteristics of people seem to be shown in Vee Friends tokens, the tokens which give the owners a ticket to enter the successful world of Gary Vee.

What are VeeFriends NFTs’ goals and benefits?

Gary Vee is not the only extremely successful entrepreneur and internet personality active in Web3. Moreover, over the past year alone, he has gained tons of experience in the space and has become one of the most essential Web3 personalities around. Surly, the initial-hand experience he’s achieved via his own Web3 projects and investments will be practical for his newly named consulting agency, Vayner3.

VeeFriends collection has generated around 49,000 ETH (nearly $160 million) in sales volume via OpenSea. However, GaryVee argued that VeeFriends Series 1 was only the beginning to the project.

In August 2021, the VeeFriends community got familiar with Gary’s idea of Book Games. Then, two months later, the VeeFriends added the notion of Mini Drops. Let’s explain these new project in the following.

Book Games

Veefriends Book Games

Book Games developed based on the announcement of GaryVee’s book, “Twelve and a Half: Leveraging the Emotional Ingredients Necessary for Business Success.” Prior to the announcement, Vaynerchuk had already mapped out the utility of the book on an NFT scale. In fact, he tried his best to tie his book to the VeeFriends ecosystem, all while solidifying it as an integral part of the collection.

Book Games, is a layer 2 NFT project featuring 125,000 burnable tokens in a game. GaryVee believes that it can be played “forever.” The game worked by incentivizing Vaynerchuk’s NFT fan base to purchase as many copies of his new book as they possibly could to receive NFT rewards down the line.

On Aug. 27th, 2021, the VeeFriends team announced that for every 12 books someone ordered during the Book Games one-day promotion period, they would receive one NFT via airdrop. During the 100-day of writing the book, Gary Vee had sold over one million copies and announced that the gamified part of Book Games would go live on Jan. 10, 2022.

The “game” part of Book Games comes from the numerous trading possibilities enabled through Immutable X. Book Games holders can sell their NFTs or keep them to trade for other NFTs, NFT cards, VeeCon tickets, and other special prizes. Book Games can also act as whitelist access for other VeeFirends projects.

VeeFriends Mini Drops

VeeFriends Minai Drops

Only two months after introducing Book Games, GaryVee announced the launch of VeeFriends Mini Drops. Mini Drops is a limited sub-collection of VeeFriends that focuses on collaboration, scarcity, and the notion of “cultural longevity” of the VeeFriends characters.

Mini Drops began with the launch of Spooky Vees a collection of 31 unique 1/1 pieces featuring Halloween-themed VeeFriends characters that were dropped on Halloween. These NFTs were eligible to claim on a first-come, first-served basis by those who held a Halloween VeeFriend.

Mini Drops collection also included Gift Goat NFTs. Collectors could expect to receive 18 total exclusive gifting experiences curated by GaryVee and the VeeFriends team if they held the Gift Goat VeeFriends character. Each gifting experience consisted of one physical gift and one NFT out of a supply of 555 of Gift Goat tokens. [2] To date, Gift Goat holders have received NFTs in collaboration with Danny Cole (Creature World), Isaac “Drift” Wright (Where My Vans Go), Pop Wonder, and some more.

How Does VeeFriends Work?

How Does VeeFriends Work

VeeFriends has offered special utilities. As an example, the “Mentor Meeting Mongoose” grants the owners three two-hour mentoring meetings in New York City. The owner can claim these meetings once a year.

Besides, there have been 555 Gift Goat tokens. Basically, holders of these tokens get gifts from the VeeFriends team. After activating their token, the VeeFriends team offers to give them a minimum of six physical gifts from over a span of three years.

To increase the hype, VeeFriend team has introduced the competition access tokens. Basically, holders of these VeeFriends NFTs get the chance to compete with Gary in a game. These games include bowling, basketball, bubble hockey, ping pong, and many others.

How much has Gary Vee made on NFTs?

The lunch of Vee Friend NFT Collection was a success. According to Opensea, each NFt on the VeeFriends collection has a floor price of 9.9 ETH. Reports indicated that Gary Vee made about $90 million on the sales during 90 days. Also, according to the smart contract underlying the NFTs, he got %10 from the secondary sales, which earned him about $50 million in addition to the initial sales.

The average price for Vee Friends tokens over 90 Days was reported as ETH 14.31 with sale volume ETH 7496.14. the tokens are supported by a strong and passionate community of over 4,600 NFT holders and 160,000 Community Members on Discord.

What is VeeCon?

What is VeeCon

VeeCon is a multi-day occasion, or mainly conference, which is only available to Vee Friends token holders. All the holders are provided with a three-year pass to VeeCon. This conference focuses on business, branding, concepts, creative thinking, entrepreneurship, innovative thinking, competition, as well as, enjoyment. Veeco provides Gary Vee with the opportunity to create a positive fun atmosphere for his community while providing unique access to his information training courses. All Vee Friend token holders receive information about the dates and details of the occasions at least 180 days ahead. The first VeeCon will be held in America before May 5, 2022.

New Vee Friends Series on the way

Vaynerchuk confirmed in early April 2022 that the project’s environment will grow by 55,555 NFTs.  For the average NFT enthusiast, VeeFriends Series 2 tokens will be valued at $995 USD in ETH. This time, however, things will be a bit different, since the whole supply of the new series will be delivered during April.

On April 12, holders of Book Games NFTs will be authorized to mint Series 2 NFTs. Book Games holders will get 32,000 NFTs.

Starting April 12, holders of VeeFriends Series 1 NFTs can get Series 2 NFTs. Supply of this allocation is similar to the Series 1 supply of 10,255.

On April 25, the public sale will start with just 10,000 Series 2 NFTs available. This number can vary when unminted NFTs from the Friends List minting period are sold on this day.

Finally, starting April 27, the VeeFriends ecosystem will get 15 more characters (220 tokens each character). Every day for 15 days, one character will be made available to those who have a particular number of Book Games tokens and enter a daily lottery.

Series 2 NFTs will not provide owners access to VeeCon, but will instead give holders with extra benefits inside the VaynerNFT ecosystem. The upcoming version will also contain additional token burn features specific to Book Games and Series 2.

Visit the VeeFriends blog to learn more about the collection and prepare for its release.

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