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Habbo NFT collection explained

Habbo NFT collection explained shakhes

Sulake is a part of the digital media platform Azerion which launched the Habbo Avatars collection in October 2021. The launch led to a successful NFT sale where 10,000 Habbo Avatars sold at a glance. Habbo avatars are unique NFT characters based on Ethereum as ERC-721 tokens. These randomly generated NFTs were first revealed on OpenSea. Habbo NFT collection explained Sulake is a part of the digital media platform called Azerion which launched the Habbo Avatars collection in October 2021. The launch led to a successful NFT sale where 10,000 Habbo Avatars sold at a glance. Habbo avatars are unique NFT characters based on Ethereum as ERC-721 tokens. These randomly generated NFTs were first revealed on OpenSea.

The Habbo were designed using pixel art style and the collection involved 12,500 avatars. Sulake claimed that the avatars resulted from a cooperation between pixel artists, gamers, and NFT enthusiasts from the company. The avatars represent nostalgia since Habbo Hotel, a very popular online game in the 2000s, was the inspiring idea for Habbo avatar project. Habbo Hotel was a big online community game for teens and young adults. Users were allowed to chat, buy virtual items, customize their rooms and characters, etc.

Habbo NFT Avatars

Habbo NFT Avatars

The first official NFT collection for Habbo made by Sulake is Habbo avatars. The collection consists of 11,600 unique, automatically generated, pixelated avatars which were manually curated by the Habbo art team. The avatars are NFTs and exist on the Ethereum blockchain.

The uniqueness of Habbo Avatars NFT Series lies in the programmatically generated illustration of each pixelated token. Each of the 11,600 token avatars was programmatically generated with random combinations selected from among as many as 284 different traits. Therefore, each token is unique and of its kind which makes them much more valuable. Meanwhile, some tokens are rare than others depending on the rarity of each trait which may range from the shoes worn by the avatar to their skin color and their facial features among other things. Notice that Habbo avatar NFTs are developed to become a part of recent Metaverse games and are designed based on Habbo Hotel, a 2001 game also featuring digital avatars.

One important point is that although the main goal of providing the NFTs to the market was to use them in the Metaverse, these Habbo Avatars cannot be used in the game world yet. However, it is significantly mentioned among the plan options in Habbo avatar Roadmap.

Habbo Avatars collection provides an extraordinary aesthetic appeal for the collectors in the NFt world. By now, the project also has gained its communities on Twitter and discords which seems to be the best way to get regular updates in the roadmap of the project.

Around 1,000 avatars have been reserved by the Habbo team for the existing Habbo community. The community members are going to decide about these avatars. The developing team planned to share these withheld tokens with its employees and distribute others through giveaways and content as it did in October 2021.

Habbo Avatars Road Map

Habbo Avatars Road Map

The greatest advantages of owning an NFT avatar from the Habbo series is that each NFT avatar is eventually useful in the Habbo Avatars game. Therefore, the value of each avatar will increase along with other exclusive items when the company reaches to important points already set in its roadmap.

Since well-known game designers such as Muumiopappa are among the designers of the Habbo avatar collection, it is believed that gamers across the world get sensible to the tokens. According to the very scalable roadmap planned by the Habbo team which includes updates and upgrades ahead to accomplish its prolonged vision, many gamers and collectors purchased the tokens aiming at future profits. Although it might be a fantasy to some, investors see this project as an obvious competitive advantage over some other similar gaming projects in the NFT metaverse due to the supportive Habbo Avatars community and a team of creators.

At the time being, the developers of the Habbo Avatars NFT Series offer no explanations about the future plans of the company in concrete terms. However, news is that Habbo has more plans for blockchain technology, as they show interest in play-to-earn games by planning to integrate play-to-earn mechanics into Habbo and Hotel Hideaway. We already know that it could be very time-consuming to create such an economy on top of their existing worlds, but it is worth waiting.

The Avatar Auction

Sulake released 10,000 Habbo avatars as a part of a public sale. Sulake decided on a Dutch auction on an unspecified date in a week from September 27th to October 4th, 2021, where a starting amount was considered for the tokens, and the price periodically dropped by a certain predetermined amount. Users were able to buy the NFTs at any given moment. However, 0.1 ETH was the last point of the drop.

As already mentioned, Sulake released 10,000 avatars at this Dutch auction and reserved the rest of the tokens for their community. However, their plan to release the rest of the avatars is still unknown. Sulake only mentioned that a percentage of the remaining NFTs will be available within the company to employees and staff, and some will be released as a part of the upcoming giveaways.

How to use Habbo Collection Avatars

How to use Habbo Avatars

Although it surprised the market that the 10,000 Habbo Avatar NFTs sold out at the speed of a glance, there is no use with them on the platform yet. As mentioned on the roadmap, Habbo avatar owners will automatically become members of the upcoming Habbo Club and Builders Club. Furthermore, Habbo holders receive exclusive items with all new avatars.

Besides, the avatars are limited in number to keep being unique and tradable outside of the game. As the result, they are still valuable to people who do not even plan to play Habbo. Notice that avatars can be bought and then sold at a profit if the price increases over time (much like other NFTs in the market).

In their long-term plans, Habbo developers plan to get a share in the play-to-earn gaming system. That could be the reason for such enthusiasm for buying a Habbo avatar among NFT collectors due to their recent passion for such games.

Buy Habbo avatars NFT collectibles

Buy Habbo avatars NFT collectibles

This unique NFT collection is on the Open Sea platform and is available to purchase. The entire collection of 11,600 avatars reveals on OpenSea. Just check out the official Habbo Avatars Page at OpenSea( Also, you may want to keep an eye on their official website:

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