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How to Buy Virtual Real Estate in Upland?

How do you buy properties shakhes

Upland is the next big virtual real estate game and makes people money. Upland is like a game where followers can buy plots of land based on real plots of land in the world.

To buy virtual real estate in Upland Immediately after making an account, the game gives you 4500 UPX as the gift to join Upland. Every plot of land makes a 17% return based on the original price Upland sets. You can also list your property for sale after your purchase or increase the returns based on collections. If you own enough UPX, it is also possible to build houses or apartments on your land.

Upland real state plot

Upland real state plot

Upland develops on specific cities in the United States and accordingly you can buy virtual real estate in Upland. Right now there is land in:

  • San Francisco
  • Manhattan
  • Chicago
  • Cleveland
  • New Orleans
  • Nashville
  • Kansas City
  • Fresno
  • Brooklyn
  • And a few smaller towns

Upland regularly opens up new towns since more users are added. The prices for properties seems to go on as the demand grows. Not only can you buy properties but also you can build houses and apartments, find treasure, trade properties with others and store NFTs. Upland also plans to create businesses to be sold or rented and there are already some in the form of train stations, and airports.

Is Upland free and how does the money work?

One of the things that makes using Upland enjoyable is how easy it is to get started. There is n obligation to download a random crypto wallet, transfer bitcoin to it and change it to UPX, and transfer that to Upland before playing. You simply sign up and become a visitor with a gift as UPX, about 4,500. You even can get more UPX using a wallet or google Pay using your credit card. However, the Upland UPX cannot be traded yet which comes with some pros and cons.

Although it is difficult to buy properties for 4,500 UPX, with some efforts you can find some. Upland is free to play but it is really tempting to spend some money as well to boost your progress in the game. Small properties usually cost in the $6,000 to $10,000 range, though in some locations they could be much more expensive.

As long as you are a visitor to Upland, you must log in every week to renew your visa or you could lose your assets. According to the Upland rules, you must gain at least 10,000 UPX net worth to become a permanent user. As a permanent resident, you will not lose your properties or progress.

How to make UPX with Upland?

How do you make UPX with Upland

UPX is not quite money yet so many may find themselves unwilling to spend money to get more UPX. Here are many free ways to increase your UPX amount without buying more with your own real money.

  • Daily bonus: Every day login in provides you a small bonus that increases each day you visit in a row.
  • The yield on the property you own: Every 3 hours you get paid a small equal to 17% for your owned property for a year.
  • Increasing the yield with collections: Complete a collection your properties and get a one-time bonus. The collections could be just owning one property, or having properties on the same street, or town; then the bounce can increase the yield 10% for the easy ones or 300% for the super tough ones.
  • Treasures: Upland also provides treasure hunting which is tough, though. You have to use your properties or properties your explorer is on to get hints on where the treasure is.
  • Referrals: Besides, you can refer people to Upland and get a 50% bonus on their first purchase of UPX.
  • Property visits: Send your explorer to properties and the owner gets a small fee (5 to 50 UPX). The owner of the property gets part of that fee.
  • Selling properties: List your properties for sale and hope someone buy them for more than you paid. However, it is much more fun minting new properties.

How does the gameplay work on Upland?

How does the gameplay work on Upland

Upland is not a fast-paced action-packed game. Therefore, strategy is the most important factor. You start with an “explorer” which is your avatar. It wanders around Upland to find properties. In your first visit to Upland, you have to pick what city to start in and then your explorer starts moving around. This is actually important because you cannot buy any property you want in Upland.

Viewing properties for sale

You always have an overview of the city and scrolling in lets you see the plots. Once you scroll in close enough you will see the plots of land with different shaded colors. Light blue means the plot is owned and not for sale, dark green means it is owned and for sale, light green means it is not owned and for sale. You can click on the land to learn about the price, the size and how much money it will make.

How to see what land is for sale

You can buy virtual real estate in Upland or see all the shades of color when the explorer is close to those plots. If it is not close, the tradeable light green plots will look gray or white. There are also FSA lots that are reserved for players with less than a 100k UPX net worth. Those lots have some restrictions on the sale but may be a little cheaper than other lots. As the explorer moves on, it explores new lands on sale; click on the explorer icon or a little calculator-looking icon on the bottom side to see all the properties for sale in the range which can be minted. Further, there is a street view button as you click on a property and it shows you Google street view of the property in real life!

How to move your explorer

As already mentioned, you can view the lands you may wish to buy. However, if you are scrolling around Upland and find a piece of virtual land you want to buy, and your explorer is not around, there is the chance to send it close to the land, if it is in the same town as your explorer. If you are in a different town you have to take the train or plane which costs you money and time (use the airport or train terminals). You can only send the explore to properties that are already owned and it costs a little bit of UPX. Notice that you only may send your explorer 3 times every 24 hours to other properties. It is free to send your explorer to your own properties as many times as you want in the same town. You still have to take the train or plane to send your explorer to properties in other towns. You should know that your explorer moves in a random direction which is not controllable.

How do you buy properties?

It is really easy to buy virtual real estate in Upland once you find them and the explorer is close. Just click on the property and push a buy button. As you click the button, it asks you to confirm the purchase, if you have enough UPX, it mints the property to you on the blockchain. The money is paid from your balance and it costs a 5% fee for purchasing properties. Once the purchase is confirmed, it shows up in your property and asset list and you automatically start collecting the UPX rent or yield or fee. Then you can also add the property to a collection.

Conclusion of buying virtual real estate in Upland

Upland is so fun and real estate investors show lots of interest in it. It will be interesting to see how the game progresses and the changes they make. Considering the number of users and viewing the Metaverse market, it could become huge. If you wish to play, simply click on the website and give it a try.

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