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How to Create NFT on Rarible Marketplace [Free NFT Mint Update]


The very first step to take and begin your business with non-fungible tokens is to create a Rarible account. However, there are some actions you need to take to get an account on Rarible and create NFT on Rarible. Following bulleted list summarizes what you are supposed to do:

  • Install Metamask
  • Create an Ethereum Wallet
  • Send Ethereum to your Wallet
  • Connect to Rarible
  • Customize your account

Why Rarible and why Create NFT on Rarible ?

Like other marketplaces, Rarible also allows creators and collectors to sell and purchase their digital assets. In this platform, buyers and seller directly interact via an Ethereum fueled distributed network. This platform enables peer-to-peer transactions.

Also, Rarible does not force the users to go through the site or Rarible web services to prove their identity; instead, it makes use of the identity services provided by Ethereum protocols.

Here is MetaMask explanation on Ethereum philosophy regarding account management on their website:

MetaMask grants you control of your account through your browser! You don’t need to ask for permission from a server with unknown location to authenticate you. MetaMask enables you to visit Ethereum enabled websites and interact with the blockchain through the website’s user interface.

To sum up, users do not have to submit their e-mail addresses in Rarible or even create a password to trade or manage their digital assets. However, one must connect Rarible website to their digital wallet. Although the process of connecting a digital wallet to a web page could be time consuming, it overall provides more secure and authoritative way to buy, sell and manage trading.

Install MetaMask before Creating NFT on Rarible

It is a digital wallet which provides the opportunity to store Ethereum. Once you created your wallet and added Ethereum to it, MetaMask let you manage your account and assets on Rarible through using these Ethereum tokens.

Installing MetaMask is quiet simple; just open the Chrome web store and surf for MetaMask Chrome extension. Find the icon, and click Install. Then click Add Extiontion. So easy!

If the installation is successful, MetaMask provides a welcome message on the screen.

Create a Wallet

Now you have and acount and all you need to do to get a new wallet is to click on Get Started and, then, click Create a Wallet.

Then, click on I Agree to accept MetaMask privacy policies.

Now set a password. The passwod provides you a shortcut to allow you to log into MetaMask. This way, you do not need to re-enter your seed pharse or use a private key.

The seed phrase, which is common among almost all cryptos, is a human-readable version of your passwork or private key. Click the botton CLICK HERE TO REVEAL SECRET WORDS.

It is necessary to memorize your seed phrase as the owner of the seed phrase owns all the tokens and digital assets on the wallet! A good way is to make several copies of the seed phrasde in the case you may forget it. If you lose your precious seed phrase, you may lose all of your valuable coins.

Finally, MetaMask asks you to re-input your seed Phrase. Drag the boxes into a correct order to go on. Click ALL DONE to get the suggestions for preserving and protecting your seed phrase.

If you set correctly through the steps, MetaMask re-directs the web page to your empty wallet. Now click to buy your first coin. You will need Ethereum to ctreate or trade NFTs on Rarible.

Now, select Directly Deposit Ether. Continue with clicking on View Account.

At this step, Meta Mask provides you an ehereum wallet address. Copy his address and send your Ethereum to it.

Start sending Ethereum to your wallet now. Go to Coinbase to purchase Ethereum. When you funded your wallet, you may click on Buy/Sell to start your business.

It is said that 0.050 ethereum is enough, though you need to get more if you would like to buy artwork.

Making sure of the amount of Ethereum you need, close the window and click Send/receive.

In the Send form, copy and paste your wallet address in to the to field to send money to MetaMask. Follow the steps by clicking on Continue.

Now click Send Now. Coinbase confirms your transaction by showing a message on the screen.

After few minutes MetaMask wallet shows your balance.

Connect to Rarible

Open the Rarible web page. Click Connect Wallet in the upper right corner and sellect MetaMask among the list of providers.

Now click Next on the MetaMask Pop-Up and Proceed to accept the terms of service.

Now you just created an account on rarible and logged into it.

Customize Your Profile on Rarible

It is time to edit your profile. Click your profile and choose to Edit Profile. Start with uploading your picture. Choose a display name, etc.

Once you click Submit, MetaMask asks you for a Sign request. It uses your private key to digitally sign the updates and post the changes made to the blockchain.

Now, you can go and create NFT on Rarible, enjoy using your account on Rarible.

How to add NFTs to your Rarible account

When you connected your wallet to your account on Rarible, click the Create Collectible in the upper right corner. Now, decide if you wish to create a unique collectible or if you want to mint more than one copy. Yu may create multiple copies at once, so this won’t cost you any extra gas unless you decide to mint more later.

Next, you need to choose the collection. On this contract, your NFT is minted. You may choose the default Rarible contract or create your own. Notice that creating your own contract costs higher in gas. Then, you need to give a name and ticker to your collection; you may also add description and an avatar/logo if you wish.

You are almost set. Now, you need to upload your art as JPG,PNG, GIF, etc. After few minutes Rariblr completes the creation of your NFT. Now it is added to your Collectibles tab.

You can click your collectible on Rarible list. Now you may put your assest on sale.

See, it is simple and enjoyable to create your NFTs on Rarible. Enjoy it!

Create NFTs for free on via a new lazy minting feature [November 2021 Update] has made it even easier for NFT holders to publish and sell their assets with the introduction of the newest feature which allows users to create NFTs at zero cost. It means that users don’t need any ETH to start! Using lazy minting feature, Rarible aims to lower the entry barrier for NFT creators from all over the world, and allow everyone to showcase and monetize their creativity at no upfront cost.

On the other hand, this new feature improves the sustainability for by reducing the number of unnecessary transactions on Ethereum related to NFTs that are not traded yet.

How to mint free NFTs

In the “traditional” way to create NFTs, the NFT is minted to the blockchain right away so that you need to pay the gas fee for the transaction to happen on Ethereum, which has been pretty costly in the recent month. However, the new “lazy minting” feature makes it possible not to mint the NFT at the moment of creation, but at the moment of purchase. Here, changes are made that the buyer is the one to pay the gas fees when purchasing the item. Despite the lazy minting NFT feature, all NFTs uploaded to Rarible will be featured “on the marketplace just like any other NFT, and the data is being safely stored on IPFS (decentralized storage).

If you wish to use this new, free feature, you just need to sign the “minting authorizations” with your wallet. It is free of gas, and it guarantees your control over your creations.

How to use lazy minting feature

  1. Open, and connect your wallet,
  2. Click “Create” and fill in all the information required about your future NFT as the traditional way,
  3. Now choose “Free minting” option
  4. Click “create item” and sign free authorizations with your wallet
  5. You’re all set. Very easy!

Despite the lazy minting NFT feature, all NFTs uploaded to Rarible will be featured “on the marketplace just like any other NFT, and the data is being safely stored on IPFS (decentralized storage). Your NFT is there as off the chain until the purchase happens. Then, the NFT will be minted to your wallet and then transferred to the new owner automatically. It sure makes the minting easier and, on top of that, free.

Notice that this feature is only available for the Rarible default collection. The platform will soon expand the feature to owned collections. Additionally, you have to pay the gas fees to burn a lazy minted NFT.

Although there are some advantages for free NFT creation, especially for the developers of NFTs, it may cause some disadvantages too. Since NFT creators are not required to pay the gas fee on Rarible to present their assets, there is the possibility that a numerous number of new NFTs enter the market and wait to be checked and sold. Sellers, on the other hand, have to spend much more time to look for and make decision both of the artist and the NFT. Since the balance of supply and demand seems to be challenged, the market may face a chaos at some points. Further, it may become complicated for artists to verify themselves on as buyers and collectors definitely prefer to spend their money on NFTs developed by known artists in the market. Therefore, it sounds essential for artists to consider all aspects of using lazy minting feature before adding their assets for free.

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