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How to display NFT art in your home?

How to display NFT art in your home

NFTs got most popular with the break out of the Covid-19 pandemic since they could only exist on digital platforms and there was no need to go in person to get the digital assets. Therefore, NFT artists and collectors usually show their digital tokens in Metaverse space, like Decentraland.

However, things are getting different now! As the pandemic is getting over around the world, interests seem to return to in-person activities and physical exhibitions are on hold again. NFT enthusiasts now want to see the non-fungible tokens in the real world. Though, many collectors are confused about how to actually display their virtual artworks in the real world, especially in their homes.

But NFT collectors should not worry. NFT holders may use their NFTs as their avatars or profile pictures or use VR headsets or other advanced technology to present them in the digital world. Modern technology, as well as some simple equipment, have helped a lot to find an answer to the problem. Here, we review possible solutions to help our loyal readers get ideas to display NFT art and bring NFTs to the real world.

Physical print

Physical print NFT Display

The cheapest solution to showcase NFTs seems to be printing, as you would do for any other image. Many NFT holders even attach a QR code that can be scanned for verification, or for purchase to keep the connection between physical and digital worlds. It is easy to get a QRcode using a generator site like Scanova or QRCode Monkey; enter the URL associated with your NFT artwork and the website will generate a QR code for your digital token.

Also, you may have questions about the type of paper, print size, or finish you should choose for your NFTs. There are some brands such as Solid that use advanced technologies to provide high-definition NFT printing services. Such brands answer all questions about canvas size, frame quality, print durability, or texture. You can have your NFTs printed in the highest quality if you contact one of these NFT printing companies.

Digital NFT display frames

Digital NFT frames

Digital NFT display frames are probably the most effective way to showcase digital art, specially NFTs in the form of videos or GIFs. Digital frames are designed to fulfill all the requirements of physically displaying NFTs as they can connect to crypto wallets and display all NFTs in a wallet. These frames are equipped with an anti-glare display, stereo speakers, and an auto-rotating function. Moreover, these digital frames can be controlled by smartphones, so NFT holders can easily choose among multiple NFTs and their respective QR codes on the same frame

Best digital NFT display frames in the market

Atomic Form Wave

Atomic Form Wave Digital NFT Frame

A good example of digital frames is Atomic Form Wave which is a 4K NFT display developed by the Web3 media company Atomic Form. Atomic Form Wave can connect with the user’s crypto wallet and verifies every NFT on the blockchain before displaying them. It is also possible to share, manage, and lend NFTs using the Wave device on Atomic Form Hub.

Infinitive Objects

Infinitive Objects Digital NFT Frame

Another brand that tries its best to bring NFTs into the real world is Infinite Objects. Infinite Objects offers specifically designed electricity-powered display frames for video NFTs. To get a video NFT displayed, you need to upload the file on the Infinite Objects website. Then, you need to pay for the type of frame you choose, and you will have an NFT display frame. The frames come in different sizes, namely XL Acrylic, Large Acrylic, Small Acrylic and Small Bamboo and Large Bamboo.

Tokenframe NFT Display

While the list of the digital NFT display frames can go on, we choose to suggest Tokenframe. Tokenframe NFT display also connects with your web3 wallet via the Tokenframe App and access your NFTs directly from your wallet. Tokenframe displays is unique for the various options of frames it offers to users, including birch, mahogany, black, and white coming in the 2k or 4k display options. All the options include an anti-glare screen.

Canvia NFT Display

Canvia Digital NFT Frame has partnered with Pixeos to create an innovative and utility-oriented digital frame. The Users can display their photos, GIFs, and any other artwork on this frame. This is easy to set up in offices as well as homes. The display quality is excellent and the frame is elegantly handcrafted. Canvia provides the opportunity to loop all the collections on a single frame so that users do not need to own multiple frames to show their NFTs. The frames also boast access to thousands of artwork from the Pixeos Gallery.

NETGEAR Meural Smart Digital Photo Frame

NETGEAR Meural Smart Digital Photo Frame

NETGEAR Meural Frame is one of the best go-to digital photo frames for NFT holders to display NFTs. The frame is unique in that it has an image enhancement feature that gives the best visual experience. Also, the 16×10 display screen is ideal for most digital art and can be placed on a wall or placed on a table at home. Interestingly, users can alter the frame’s orientation to get a better sight of their NFTs. This frame can be easily connected to smart phones and show a playlist of NFT collections. Along with allowing users to share their digital artworks with family and friends, Meural frame also auto-adjusts to the ambient light with special sensors, which guarantees the retention of the original color of NFTs while it is on display.

Qonos NFT Dsiplay

Qonos Digital NFT Frame

This NFT frame was inspired by Beeple’s and LeBron’s work to display NFT art. It has excellent graphics for both pictures and video art. The frame can be purchased in different sizes and configurations, making it suitable for a wide range of NFTs. Qonos is unique since it saves energy by going off automatically when there is no one in the room to view the art. The frame is also fully compatible with iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows. Therefore, users can feel free to choose any device to upload their digital work.

Samsung QLED HDR Smart TV

Samsung QLED HDR Smart TV Digital NFT Frame

The expansion of the NFT industry has also led to the further development of NFT displays. There are also multi-functional products like the Samsung QLED HDR Smart TV that comes with an “Art Mode” setting that can be used to display NFTs or any other artworks in high quality. This series of TVs come in different sizes ranging from 32 to 75”.

Looking Glass Portrait

The Looking Glass Portrait is a cutting-edge hardware that is used to display holograms. The device can simply turn any piece of 3D content into a functioning hologram. This device breaks the limitations to show holograms only with VR headsets or expensive production-level equipment, like they used for the Tupac hologram at Coachella.

However, the Looking Glass certainly does not support every NFT at the time of writing, more 3D pieces are added to the list every day. In the future, more NFT arts could take advantage of this tech. In a recent launch, NFT minted by artist Reggie Watts is sold with the device to better introduce the display device.

Block Frame NFT

While some digital frames support NFTs, the Block Frame NFT, a top-of-line digital NFT display frame, is built primarily around NFTs. This is a full HD display that has been created with NFTs in mind. Besides, owners can connect cryptocurrency wallets to the device, including MetaMask and WalletConnect.

Block Frame NFT producer suggests that its frame is best suited to still art or small videos. However, built-in audio output and touch screen are not provided in the display.

Yet, Block Frame NFT still has a great wallet connectivity compare to its competitors, and has potential to expand its connectivity in the future. It’s also one of the more affordable NFT displays available in the market.

Blackdove Digital Canvas

Blackdove Digital Canvas is listed as a super-high NFT display frame. It is a display purposely designed to connect to NFT wallets and display art in unbelievable glory. The Ultra HD display makes use of Samsung technology, the well-known South Korean company.

Blackdove app and software provided in these displays allows them to connect to a MetaMask wallet and securely import art from most main NFT marketplaces. Blackdove also supports its own marketplace of thousands of artists and limited edition NFTs.

In fact, Blackdove Digital Canvas gives you a gallery level of design and quality in your home. Frames come in the standard 49 inches and 98 displays. The company also offers a ‘white glove’ installation service usually reserved for art galleries and museums. However, it is one of the most expensive items in the market.


If you are an NFT collector or you simply intend to display your NFT in your home, you will have a lot of choices such as printing your NFTs, buying a Samsung Smart TV or choosing from NFT frames. Remember to check the features of your choice and see if it matches your requirements as some can be more convenient than others. Study the pros and cons of each method. Focus on the choices that suit your purpose, style and taste to make your NFT art collection worthwhile.

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