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How to get free NFT in 2022?

How to get free NFT in 2022

NFT technology has been widely chained with fields of art, games, and decentralized finance. NFTs present a lot of opportunities for both creators and investors. Therefore, many are encouraged to join the market. However, it can cost a lot to buy a digital asset from a well-known creator due to the high demand in the market these days. As a result, many people are unable to own NFTs. However, there are many ways to get free NFTs. This article aims to suggest ways to get free NFTs.

How to get free NFTs?

First of all, let’s have a quick review of what NFTs are. Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are digital assets that exist on a blockchain. The blockchain acts as a public ledger and provides a recording of all activities related to an NFT. Also, everyone is allowed to verify and identify the authenticity of an NFT. As the result, it is possible to check the uniqueness and rarity of an NFT.

As the phrase suggests, you do not need to pay for an NFT while you can mint it or earn it for example by playing Metaverse games. There are several ways to earn NFTs free of charge. Let’s see how!

1. Free NFTs via play-to-earn games

Free NFTs via paly-to-earn games

The first suggestion to earn free NFTs is to sign up for an NFT-based game. Such games are specifically designed to encourage players to trade NFTs. Mostly, NFT items are directly used in the game, items such as weapons, armors, lands, monsters, etc. Players may win the battle or go through competitions to directly earn an NFT or collect the game’s tokens and buy the NFTs from a marketplace. These NFTs, in turn, help the players perform better in the game and earn more native tokens or other NFTs. Some games require an initial payment to start and earn NFTs; though, there are many free NFT games available.

These games run on the Metaverses, where each NFT can also be bought, sold, or received as a reward. Land plots also serve as NFTs and are usually presented in a limited number, and their cost grows over time. Games such as Upland include land plots as NFTs.

Most P2E games run on a blockchain called WAX. Thus, you need to own a WAX account. A WAX account acts like a wallet where you can store the NFTs that you earn through playing. You can trade your NFTs for other digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and even fiat money.

Some play-to-earn games also provide free NFTs through breeding new offspring, monsters, kitties, or horses, for example. According to the race and capabilities of the breeds, they can be sold at different prices in the market. CryptoKitties and Axie Infinity are two popular NFT games featuring breeding.

2. Free NFTs via Giveaways


The other simple way to get free NFTs is through giveaways. Most NFT projects, NFT companies, and artists share their projects and promote them by announcing free NFT giveaways through social networks such as Twitter, Reddit, and Discord. NFT giveaways help to promote new collections and attract attention to new releases since the very first thing every NFT enthusiast needs to do is to attract an audience. In other words, projects can quickly gain followers among eager NFT collectors, while collectors can earn a free NFT that has the potential to be valuable shortly.

Typically, a user is required to subscribe to projects, leave a comment, tag friends, and the like to get a chance to get a free NFT from giveaways. However, NFT giveaways have their disadvantages. As the number of scammers in the cryptocurrency space is increasing, it could be a risk to accept a free NFT from giveaways. Besides, there is the chance that the NFT giveaway will be non-existent, and it is just a method to gain new followers.

There are three safer sources to participate in giveaways with a higher chance to get free NFT art.

  • Twitter Giveaway
  • Discords Giveaways
  • Youtube giveaways

The following list also introduces some of the best giveaway organizations specific for an area in the NFT world:

  • Lucky Block – NFT Giveaway With $1Million Cash and a Brand New Lamborghini
  • Material World – Win Your Share of a $275,000 Giveaway
  • MECH.GAME – Giveaway Prizes Including 2 ETH and 10 Free NFTs
  • Wizard – $10,000 USDT and NFT Giveaway
  • SKULLX – 1 Free NFT Giveaway Worth 0.08 ETH
  • MetaBlobs – 100,000 Free NFTs
  • PirateXPirate – Monthly Lottery Draw to Win Free PXP Tokens
  • Jackals Kingdom – NFT Gaming Platform

3. NFT Airdrops

Also, some organizations try to raise capital by offering free tokens to their followers and members. These organizations operate on Web 3, which is a blockchain-integrated Internet, and, therefore, the free tokens can be traded on exchanges or marketplaces. The NFT Airdrops, hence, are used to promote the launch of a new product or service on an NFT platform.

There are three ways to get NFT Airdrops: direct airdrops, indirect airdrops, and bounty programs. In direct airdrops, the organization sends tokens directly to the recipients’ wallets. Indirect airdrops occur when the issuer gives tokens to a third party and pays the third party to give them to the recipients. And, bounty programs allow participants to receive tokens for participating in promotional activities such as blogging, social media, or posting certain content.

A good example is the Open DAO that has been giving out airdrops of their token, SOS. If participants trade NFTs with them then Open DAO will give some tokens worth thousands.

4. Mint your NFT

Last but not least, all NFT enthusiasts may take the chance to mint their own NFT. However, it may include some gas fees to mint a new NFT, which may discourage artists since they can be high in major marketplaces like OpenSea and Raible.

The problem of gas fees could be solved by using blockchains such as Polygon. Polygon’s layer 2 allows users to mint, trade, and transfer ownership of NFTs for basically free.

Another solution can be Lazy Minting which means minting just in time. Lazy minting refers to the condition that you do not need to pay gas fees as you mint your NFT art and you are only charged for the fees if you sell your NFT. This method has been adopted by marketplaces like OpenSea. It helps reduce expenses and attract more artists to create digital assets in the NFT world.

Do a good search in various marketplaces, learn about blockchain and always consider the demand of the market, then, plan to mint your NFT.

5. NFT Breeding 

NFT breeding is fast becoming one of the ways to earn free NFTs. NFT breeding allows you to make new NFTs from existing NFTs. This is how it works. 

How this works depends on the platform. Often, two NFTs of different sexes are paired together to breed a new NFT. This may However not be as easy as said. 

Platforms that support NFT breeding are often P2E games. In most instances, you would have to pay to buy the in-game NFTs that can breed. A way around this however is to find a user who has the opposite sex of your NFT and breed it. 

Axie Infinity gameverse is one of the platforms that support NFT breeding. Users can pair in-game characters called Axis to create new characters. 

These new NFTs, much like their parent NFTs, can be traded and used across multiple platforms. In addition, it saves you the stress of finding buyers since Axie Infinity is already a brand with popular demand.

CryptoKitties is another popular play-to-earn game that supports NFT breeding.

It is easy to earn free NFTs!

Considering the development of the NFT market, it seems a good idea to take a share of the market and join it as soon as possible. However, due to the hype, the prices may be so sharp. But you should know that there are ways to still join the NFT world for free and get profit from it. Hopefully, our guide has provided information on how to get started. You are now able to create your NFT collection and avoid great costs.

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She is a smiley curious writer from the USA. She loves Cryptocurrencies, Arts an also NFTs.

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