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How to sell NFT photos in 2023?

How to sell NFT photos in 2023

The most important question of is: Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have brought many changes in the art world. Producing their pieces of art as NFTs, artists can list their artwork for sale on several online NFT marketplaces. Collectors also can directly see, analyze and purchase NFT artworks. Everything from transactions to ownership conveyance happens digitally in a relatively short time.

Everything in the physical world can be turned into an NFT. Paintings, game cards, music, real estate and photos are good examples of NFTs. NFT photography is one of the fascinating domains of the NFT world. Everyone with a camera or a smartphone can take a picture, mint their NFT photo, and sell it in NFT marketplaces. However, people still ask the question: How to sell NFT photos?

Here, in this guide, you learn about NFT photography. Then, we offer a comprehensive guide on how to sell NFT photographs. We also provide more detail about the best marketplaces to sell your NFT photo.

What is an NFT?

What is an NFT

NFTs are digital assets that live on a blockchain and are traded online. Blockchains record the ownership of an NFT artwork and all related transactions. The process of creating an NFT is called minting.

NFT art can take any form, like paintings, photographs, 2D and 3D images, audio files, and even videos. There is no limit to creativity in NFTs, and this makes NFTs so unique. Besides, it makes NFTs authentic and valid for their exclusivity.

You can mint and trade NFTs using online marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible. NFT marketplaces allow creators and sellers to tokenize their artwork and transfer the ownership of the digital assets to buyers. Buyers pay the price of an NFT in cryptocurrencies. When the buyer transfers the price of the digital asset in crypto, blockchain records the history of the transaction and the NFT moves to her digital wallet. Bidding is also possible, and the seller and buyer can negotiate the price of the NFT.

What is NFT photography?

What is NFT photography
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NFTs and blockchain technology have brought a new way for photographers to sell their photos as NFTs. Investors, on the other hand, can collect unique digital pieces. Each NFT photo could be worth thousands and sometimes millions of dollars.

NFT photos could be anything from landscape photos to portraits to GIFs and 2D images. They are collected similarly to traditional photos but in the digital world. Therefore, NFT photos can only be purchased with cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and stored in a digital wallet.

Since NFT photos are registered on a blockchain as a unique piece of code, all data related to it are secured, which is highly secure against defrauds. Photographers who mint their photos as NFTs essentially sell their artwork using a smart contract, just like any other NFT, and take all its advantages.

Besides, they can keep hold of the copyright and essentially sell the usage rights to a collector. Or they are allowed to sell the original and retain secondary sale rights so that photographers can earn from resale royalties.

Best NFT photo marketplaces

Best NFT photo marketplaces

NFT marketplaces usually cover all kinds of NFT art, including NFT photography, in their categories. NFT photography sale is similar to any other NFT sale, then. NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea include all kinds of NFT art and allow their sale. However, there are some marketplaces that are mainly developed for photo NFTs. Here are some of the best and most popular NFT marketplaces for photography.

  • OpenSea: the largest NFT marketplace in the NFT world, which sells all NFT kinds.
  • SuperRare: a great place to sell 1/1 NFT photos as it includes the rarest images.
  • Quantum Art: the most popular platform for NFT photographers. It is dedicated to NFT photography.
  • Foundation: one of the best places for artistic and experimental photographers in the NFT world.
  • Nifty Gateway: one of the best NFT photo marketplaces for professionals.
  • Obscura: it includes the most stunning NFT photographs one may look for.

Just because you’re selling your photos as NFTs doesn’t mean you should forget about physical sales and exhibitions of your work. You can attach an NFT to a photo print and sell the two together, or create a series of NFT photos to show in a gallery. You can also create 1/1 NFT photographs, which will be single, unique images.

How to sell NFT photos?

How to sell NFT photos

Listing and selling your NFT photography in an NFT marketplace is like any other NFT and is straightforward. Although the process may vary slightly depending on the platform, the principles are the same. Let’s review the process in detail.

Select a blockchain platform

There are several blockchains available, each with its own advantages and rules. Choose your blockchain carefully because it leads you to select compatible marketplaces, and minting tools. The most popular blockchains at the time of writing are:

Etherum is the most popular blockchain platform for minting NFTs and almost all NFT marketplaces support it.

Create your digital wallet

Create your digital wallet

You need a cryptocurrency wallet to trade NFTs and fulfill all necessary transactions. If you have chosen Ethereum as your preferred blockchain, your wallet must support ERC-721, like MetaMask, TrustWallet and Coinbase Wallet.

MetaMask is the most popular crypto wallet right now, and everyone can join the platform and create his own digital wallet. You just need to go to, download the app and install it on your laptop or smartphone.

Fill in the required information, and MetaMask generate a crypto wallet for you with a 12-word seed phrase that will be your exclusive authentication code to reach your digital wallet. So, keep it safe.

Fill your digital wallet with the cryptocurrency needed

The process of minting an NFT includes fees you must pay using your digital wallet. Therefore, consider gas fees and deposit some cryptocurrency, like ETH, to your wallet. Once the cryptocurrency is transferred to your wallet, you are ready to find a suitable marketplace.

Select an NFT marketplace

Select an NFT marketplace

As mentioned above, NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Foundation cover all kinds of NFTs. There are also some marketplaces, such as Obscura and Quantum Art, that are dedicated to NFT photography. Do your research to find the best NFT marketplace for your NFT photo and create your account.

Fill out the necessary personal details required in the platform and sign in to your account.

Connect your crypto wallet to your marketplace

Once you create your account and set up your profile, you need to connect your digital wallet to your account to be able to sell your NFT photo.

Click on your profile Icon and choose your crypto wallet from the list. Insert the details of your wallet and connect your profile.

Create your NFT photo

Create your NFT photo

Now, you are ready to mint your NFT photos. Take steps to create your digital asset:

  • Go to your account and click on Create.
  • Upload the photo you wish to tokenize.
  • Add a unique name to your artwork and external links to your social media or website. It would be great if toy could add a description of your NFT and narrate the story behind it.
  • Choose the best category for your NFT photo or create your category.
  • Decide if you want your NFT photo to be 1:1 or a semi-fungible token.
  • Select the blockchain you want to use. Notice that the fund in your digital wallet must match your blockchain.
  • Pay the gas fee required to mint your NFT photo.
  • Click Create, and now your NFT photo is on the blockchain.

List your NFT photo on the marketplace

List your NFT photo on the marketplace

Now you own a digital asset and it is time to list it on the marketplace to be sold.

  • There are two ways to sell your asset. Select Fixed Price if you want to sell your NFT for a special price, or choose Timed Auction if you prefer bids on your NFT.
  • Decide how long you want your NFT photo to be on sale.
  • Click Complete Listing, and well done! You listed your NFT photography on the Internet.

All you need to do is to wait until your token is sold. Meanwhile, you can do some marketing for your NFT artwork.

How to market your NFT photo?

How to market your NFT photo

When you mint and list your NFT photography in a marketplace, you need to market your asset on social media to gain visibility and ultimately make money with your NFT photography.

Here are the most popular ways to market your NFT photography and help the sale of your NFT.


Twitter has become a popular choice for gatherings in the crypto and NFT communities. It is a great place to market any NFT now.

Twitter allows its users to check out the most trending projects, the new platforms, and new NFT events, drops and projects.

To get the most from marketing your NFT on Twitter, follow the celebrities and well-known NFT artists or projects in the NFT space; like, comment, and retweet their posts; be part of the community by supporting and engaging with others and make friends with collectors who will potentially buy from you.

Don’t forget about ‘Twitter Spaces,’ which is essentially an audio-based chat room where you can request to speak in a space, ask questions, and showcase your NFT work.


Discord is a great way to market your NFT photos. The platform is hosting some of the most populated crypto and NFT spaces.

To market your NFT, start a discussion and be a member of communities. You can also build your own community where users will interact with each other. It gives you the opportunity to discuss with other artists and collectors, take part in online streaming events, introduce your NFt project and promote it.



Marketing your NFT photography on Instagram is another powerful choice to attract collectors to your NFT photographs. It is pretty similar to Twitter, follow celebrities and other NFT artists, engage in the comment section, and post about your latest NFT photos.

You also can share stories, reels, and posts directed to your NFT project and leave descriptions on that. Instagram also provides Live sessions where you can talk to others, ask questions and promote your NFT photos. Therefore, you can share what is in your mind with other fellows in a rather short time.

A final thought

A final thought

Technology moves fast, and as the world becomes more digital, a greater number of industries as well as artworks join the digital world. Photography is not an exception, and NFT photos have been there in NFT marketplaces since a while ago.

Here, we described how to mint and sell NFT photos. We also provided helpful information regarding NFT photography market and marketing. If you, as a photographer, want to mint your first NFT photo and sell your artwork online, always remember to learn as much as possible about digitizing your asset as well as the market.

FAQ about how sell NFT photos

  1. Where can I sell my NFT photography?

    There are many NFT marketplaces to sell your NFT phots. OpenSea is the most popular one while you can choose from the marketplaces dedicated to NFT photography.

  2. Can I make money selling NFT photos?

    NFT world is full of opportunities to make money from your art. Be creative and bring innovative ideas to the digital world and make money with that.

  3. Can I sell a JPEG as an NFT?

    If you find your photographs creative in NFT world, you can convert them into the file format, like JPEG and sell in in an NFT marketplace.

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