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How to support artists by buying NFTs?

Buy an NFT to support an artist 2

The development of the digital world has brought new chances for financial advancement for both artists and investors. The introduction of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and, recently, the Metaverse has attracted many people in to the new markets so that artists, musicians, gamers and investors seem eager to take advantage of these markets.

NFTs are pieces of art that live in blockchain technology based on smart contracts that offer lots of advantages to both artists and investors. To get the most comprehensive guide about NFTs, click here. There is also a massive social aspect of entering the NFT world as an artist or investor. As soon as you buy an NFT, you become a member of the project’s community which is led by a team. The team mostly plans to expand the project according to the roadmap provided with the project.

Investors usually find plenty of good reasons to buy NFTs. In fact, the community allows members to follow their own motivation for trading NFTs. The primary reason simply is to make profit. However, almost all NFT owners clearly know that supporting an artist or a project highly increases their level of benefits. So, many NFT owners follow the strategy of supporting NFT artists to accordingly increase the benefit they may get from their NFTs. In other words, people generally empower their favorite artists, for collectability, to use as an investment, and to join a community.

Now, let’s learn how the process works.

How NFTs connect collectors and artists

How NFTs connect collectors and artists

While NFTs primarily exist in blockchain technology, much of their value comes from the ability to facilitate human connections. Many collectors consider themselves supporters of digital art and they are happy to be engaged with the artists they collect.

NFT collectors see the value of connecting through an NFT collection in linking their names to an artist or a work. Nowadays, collectors and artists express themselves by their digital assets and telling the world who they are. Therefore, NFTs empower both the artists and collectors which can be a real revolution.

Many argue that there are two kinds of players in the NFT world, the real collectors and the traders and flippers. Collectors usually buy what they like or what gives them emotion. They support the artists and try to be active in the related communities. On the other hand, there are the traders who put their interests first and move from one community to another after their trades.

Many major collectors state that one of the major values of buying NFTs is the opportunity to learn more about the NFT world and, even more compelling, the opportunity to engage directly with NFT artists. Since artists tend to communicate with their fans and are part of a community that is very engaging, it is much easy to reach out to them. Collectors can have conversations with their favorite artists and learn about their artworks and their ambitions. When NFT collectors know about the background information of artists, they seem to be more interested to be a patron for their work.

Buy an NFT to support an artist

Buy an NFT to support an artist

One of the best things about the NFTs is that artists are able to directly profit from their work, removing intermediaries that already exist in the traditional markets. It has also opened up a new creative economy for all kinds of artists, including musicians, who have to work with big studios and lose a huge percentage of their incomes to get support in the music world. In this regard, several well-known artists have taken to NFTs to make a stronger connection with their fans. NFT artists, in fact, give their fans a great chance to discover artwork and creatives their fans might never come across.

Collectors can further support their favorite NFT artists by buying and holding NFTs from the collections developed by the artists. They can join the community via Discords and keep updated with all news related to the collection and the artist. NFT artists, in return, provide free NFTs and drops to their loyal fans to attract collectors to support their art through holding the NFTs and staying active in the relative community.

Now, the question is how to find the best artists and projects. If you are already a fan of an artist, you may just search the web and find out about their art background. However, if you are looking for new talents in the NFT world, you can easily check for the latest NFT news and events to see learn about the future artist in the space.

How to join a community to support an artist?

Being a member of the NFT community is one of the best parts of getting into NFTs. t the release of a project, developers and artists build up a welcoming, diverse, and evolving community around their projects. If you collect one or more of a project’s NFTs, you are now a part of an exclusive group, which always has its appeal.

NFT developers and artists provide the opportunity for their communities to interact through Discord. All healthy and thriving communities are consistently active in Discord and help answer their members’ questions about the project and onboard newcomers in the space to the NFT ecosystem.

In Discord, a project’s team will generally provide information about upcoming drops, give occasional sneak peeks into the future stages of the project, provide a space for people to share suggestions, hold AMAs with the team, and warn members about scams. Some projects will even organize IRL events and get-togethers to further foster cohesion. And if you’re lucky, the project developers and moderators will also offer tutorial sessions. For a list of the best NFT Discords servers click here.

If you are mainly focused on community, first find a project whose art you like the most. One of the best things about a community is the ability to share your interest in the art provided in a project. Then explore Discord. There are many things you can learn after being a part of that community for a while. You are free to ask questions and put yourself out in the community.  Community members mostly try to support each other by answering each other’s questions and sharing the latest news on the project.

How to engage with the community?

Everyone has a different reason for getting into NFTs. It is a simple curiosity for some, which is still good a place to start. As soon as joining the NFT world and making a purchase, the NFT owner will be a member of a community. A distinguishing factor surrounding NFTs, in comparison to traditional fine art, is the community surrounding them. Communities include members who have one thing to share: They all own NFTs from the same project. Generally, the energy of that community is in line with the progress of the project. Since the developer team and the artists are members of the community, there are some really knowledgeable people in the space, so it’s worth it to take the time to identify these people and pay attention to what they share.

Along with Discord rooms, one of the easiest places to connect with NFT artists and their communities is NFT Twitter. NFT Twitter is also a good source for the latest news on projects and artists. Therefore, if you wish to get engaged in NFT communities, take the time to really explore and don’t be afraid to participate in the conversations that are occurring.

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She is a smiley curious writer from the USA. She loves Cryptocurrencies, Arts an also NFTs.

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