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Hume’s music NFT Metastars Were concern of attention

Hume's music NFT Metastars Were concern of attention

Hume has a special method for music NFTs that can redefine the connection between fans and artists.

Hume is a Web3 record label expanding a list of virtual “Metastars.”

to improve its virtual label artists and promote its community it uses NFT music.

Utilizing virtual avatars for artists to represent themselves will be one of the results of the success of NFT music.

About Hume

One of the first Web3-native record labels in the world is Hume. Using the ability of blockchain technology to have deeper relationships between music artists and their fans.
The Hume website defines Metastars as Metaverse-native, universally important, virtual music artists that exist in the Metaverse and the physical world.
to enhance virtual artists and onboard them and their fans into its music collective are one of Humes’s goals to become the main Web3 record label dedicated.

Crypto Briefing has a conversation with Hume co-founders David Beiner and Jay Stolar to discover what motivated them to launch Hume, and how NFTs play a pivotal role in creating a community-driven virtual artist platform.

about Angelbaby and the Metastars

Angelbaby is Hume’s first Metastar, an NFT that comes from Non-Fungible Labs’ FLUF World collection.
angelbaby was a popular artist in their own right before coming to be Hume’s foundational Metastar.
they have played some live shows in Art Basel Miami and South by Southwest.
As a founding member of the Hume collective, angelbaby takes on a different role.
This project has cleared some mysteries about the background of some artists.
In the far future, Xani Republic will control all creative expression, and censorship will rampant.
Hume collective is dedicated to protecting efficient expression and the open Metaverse.
“Angelbaby went through a gate that brought them back in time, they met me and David, and they’ve been introducing us to other Metastars. So as crazy as that all sounds, there is a deep story,” said Stolar, “Our world is not just developing these tools that will let you interact with your fans in new ways, but developing each Metastar as part of a larger narrative world that they are all part of,” he added.

About the creator

Jay Stolaras Hume’s Chief Artist Officer has an enormous background in performance, production, music, and, songwriting. writing songs for Aloe Blacc, Selena Gomez, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Demi Lovato, and producing music for hit multiplayer games like League of Legends and Fortnite are the reasons for his fame.
Stolar comprehended that the lines between the real and virtual were becoming increasingly unclear when he produced music for other artists. “What I started to realize was that essentially, a lot of these projects were being treated as if they were [for] a virtual artist,” he said.
producing music for virtual artists who are also playable characters in the game is the project that Stolar worked on with Riot Games for League of Legends.
There was some concern about the connection between fans and virtual artists but projects such as Seraphine and K/DA proved that virtual artists could be successful and can they can introduce a different world to fans in music production.“That led us down a path where we really fell in love with the idea of virtual artists early,” said Stolar.

David Beiner as Hume co-founder was exploring blockchain technology and the happening idea of the Metaverse while Stolar was finding out the untapped potential of virtual music artists.
“I was getting deep in Web3 and Ethereum, starting to think about NFTs and the Metaverse, and the more I talked to Jay, I was like, what’s the difference between writing songs for Selena Gomez, or a virtual artist we can develop and build the trajectory for,” he recounted.

“We had this general belief that now seems obvious—we’re going to have digital products, we’re going to have digital identities, those digital identities are going to blur the lines between the physical and the digital, and so you’re going to have fully virtual artists who are also blurring the lines between both those worlds,” Beiner added.

NFTs of Hume Genesis to link the gap between artists and their fans Hume has decided to use virtual assets in the form of NFTs.
community and intellectual property are the best reason that Beiner gives us about why NFTs were the best choice for the Hume collective.
in the context of the connection between music artists and their fans, Beiner is a pioneer.
The holder of Genesis NFTs will permit to make decisions about the future of the Hume community.
We’re a big fan of making decisions,” said Stolar.
“The reason we don’t like the word “voting” is because Hume’s not a DAO; we’re not going to have community proposals. It’s more of a story, [in the story] of the Hume Genesis in the future, everyone had one, and they would meet at a spot and make decisions together,” Beiner explained.
For those who met specific criteria, including holding angelbaby POAPs or owning angelbaby music NFTs there are 1,000 Hume Genesis NFTs that were dropped for free.
Rare, Ultra-Rare, and Legendary are three tiers that the genesis NFTs revealed after the drop.
Depending on the tier, each genesis NFT will provide its holder a raised amount of impact in the Hume decision-making process.
The facility such as limited dinners, going backstage at events, and priority access to Metaverse concerts are benefits of holding higher-tier NFTs, Beiner hinted.
I’ll let your imagination go through all the possibilities of what you could do,” he said.

all Hume Genesis holders will be ensured NFTs for all artists over the next 18 months and, each virtual artist launched through Hume will have their own genesis NFT event by starting with Hume’s first Metastar.
Each holder of Metastar’s genesis NFTs will be able to help improve them and their music career.
songs should make it onto albums, songs the artist should release as singles, and deciding album cover art are possible decisions.
If you have 1,000 passionate fans, let them ‘get in the room with the artist,’ and let them be part of the process. They’re the ones listening. They’re the ones who love it most,” Beiner said.

About the future of the music

Beiner and Stolar believed that in the future NFTs can remake the way we interact with and consume music. They are believed that Web3 and blockchain will be the next big technological development in the connection between people and music.
Of course, they announced that it will be not easy to bring NFTs into the mainstream.
“Music NFTs have definitely not gotten the same amount of love or attention as PFP projects or visual art, and there’s definitely been a big barrier there,” Beiner said.

to comprehend the concept of a virtual artist entirely Stolar recommends checking out angelbaby and their music.
“We’re only years away from there being a time where there are, I think, millions of people taking on virtual avatars to represent themselves as artists,” he told.
The success of Hume’s vision of coming to be the premier Web3 record label is depending on the success of music NFTs as a concept.
Besides other Web3 platforms including Audius, Catalog, and RŌHKI that help improve music NFTs it is just Hume that can find mainstream adoption.
In the future artist will choose NFTs music for their relationship with fans in a way that we can not believe.

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