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League of Kingdoms NFT game explained


League of Kingdoms NFT game is the first Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) strategy game that makes use of the Ethereum blockchain technology. The game provides an NFT ecosystem with a wide variety of in-game assets and properties, including NFT Lands. The NFT Lands reflect the basic foundation of League of Kingdom game, where players can buy lands, farm resources, collect NFTs, etc. They further may battle each other over territories. Here, we provide more details on the game.

What is League of Kingdom (LOKA)?

League of Kingdoms was first launched in early 2020 and developed by NPLUS Entertainment, a Singapore-based company. As we already mentioned, it is a blockchain-based MMO strategic game that employs a play-to-earn mechanic. It can be played on a PC or smart phone. Although League of Kingdoms is the world’s first DeFi MMO game, many see it much similar to Clash of Clans and similar games.

The game requires players to build kingdoms, farm resources, fight monsters (PvE), battle the enemy kingdoms (PvP), and compete their alliances (MMO). All lands are NFTs and there are tokenized resources and many game assets.

The project team aims to build a Metaverse game that includes both fun and advantages with digital assets. Therefore, not only landowners but also landless players can collect resources and mine NFTs. However, virtual land is the most valuable asset that players may trade.

How does League of Kingdoms work?


Players have an opportunity to construct their kingdom, find and join alliances, and battle against other kingdoms. They also can participate in championships to arm their troops and protect their citizens against their enemies. Let’s take a closer look at the game processes.


The first mission for the players is to protect their lands and citizens from all possible enemies. To do so, players need to increase their troops, train high quality lords, and find other kingdoms to join and make alliances. The unity of kingdoms provides the chance for players to compete for the hegemony of the continent and fight enemies.


The players who rule their kingdom are responsible to protect it. At the higher levels, players rule the world in cooperation with their alliances from other kingdoms by forming a congress.


The game provides a large number of events, contests and competitions to enable players to compete against other kingdoms. Winners are gifted with precious rewards.

Trade: Makin use of the blockchain technology, players can mint and own Land and other NFTs or simply buy them from an official game store, like OpenSea. Besides, as already mentioned, players can compete in contests and competitions to earn cryptocurrencies and NFTs or get daily DAI rewards from their properties. All the rewards and digital assets can be traded in markets, considering a gas fee.

As a decentralized game, players may also vote on new game contents and important issues to be implemented in the game.

The gameplay of League of Kingdoms NFT game

Building a kingdom

The first step to take in the game is to construct buildings, such as farms, barracks, quarries, etc., in their land or kingdom. As the buildings are upgraded, players gain more power. Then, they need to spend their game resources to develop new technologies and find alliances to cooperate with. Also, players invest time to get mastery points to improve their lords and become more powerful. In the last step, players need to train their troops and empower them with various battle abilities to provide a defense to their land.

Farm and hunt

Players can collect resources through farming and hunting to build their kingdom. Farming includes 5 main resources: food, wood, gold, crystals and stone. The first three ones can be farmed in the castle and harvested accordingly, while the two last mostly can be earned from events, quests and store purchases. Players may also earn EXP by hunting monsters. These EXPs can be used to gain more mastery skills.


The League of Kingdoms is based on alliances as its core feature. The larger the alliance group, the higher the chance to win the game. Also, players are supported by their alliances if there is an attack on their kingdom.


When the kingdom is set fully, it is time to conquer other lands. There are various battle modes in the game, and alliance seems to be helpful to win new territory.

League of Kingdom token


The game makes use of an Ethereum based ERC-20 governance token, called LOKA. The total token supply is determined a 500 million LOKA. As the players go through various community-driven activities in the game, they earn LOKA. The whole ecosystem of the League of Kingdoms is based on LOKA, which is used to make in-game purchases and upgrade digital assets.

Owning the token, players are also privileged individually to take part in all decisions made in a continent. They are able to limit activities or set taxes and fees in the territory. LOKA further allows owners the right to vote, make proposals and freedom to express their points of view about the whole game and its governance procedures.

What are the NFTs in League of Kingdoms NFT game?


League of Kingdoms provides two types of NFTs:


Like all other Metaverse games, lands and properties are set as NFTs on blockchain in League of Kingdom. Its developers suggest trading lands in the game directly on the League of Kingdoms official portal or the secondary markets such as Opensea and PlayDapp platforms. There are 65,536 tokens available to players and all kingdoms are built on the NFT lands. Each land can include 16 kingdoms at most.


Totems represent ancient artifacts and stand for the land beneath each artifact. Totems can be minted and traded as NFTs. When Totems are minted and placed on the land, they provide magical powers to players to have better governance on the land.

Play to earn mechanics in League of Kingdoms

Since League of Kingdoms is a free-to-play game, players do not have to own land to participate in the game. However, owning a piece of land makes owners more involved in the game as they earn more NFT tokens along with their NFT land. In fact, land ownership provides a source of passive income; land owners receive about %5 of each in-game resource harvest and %10 of the net revenue from in-app purchases by players is shared with land owners. Therefore, it will be easier and safer to establish ownership, earn LOKA and, consequently, head to a governance system which provides players with the ability to choose their own leaders and more powerful alliances.

How to make money in League of Kingdoms NFT game?

there are two main ways to make money in this game. First, trading the resources gained while playing on the market. Second, the resources minted and harvested in the game can be tokenized and then converted to NFTs to be sold on the market. Players should notice the limitation with numbers of times they may tokenize their resources as the game sets limits of only one million mint of resources.

Is League of Kingdom worth the time to play?

The most important feature with play to earn games is that players may start playing the game, gain some rewards and, then, decide to enjoy all aspects of the game with land purchase, for example. Some of the old players and leaders in League of Kingdoms reached high levels of governance and, definitely, NFT assets without investing money in the game. Therefore, all players may take the chance to spend their time and effort to make advantages out of the game.

A final word

Since the Metaverse world is developing day by day, it seems essential to keep an eye on Metaverse games. As we already mentioned, League of Kingdoms has revolutionary features compared to other similar games.

With its amazing gameplay, League of Kingdoms provides much fun for players as they need to govern their land and battle their rivals while making friends for more support to their kingdom. Therefore, if you are looking for a perfect choice of a paly to earn game, League of Kingdoms is the best.

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