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Metaprenuer NFT collection explained

Metaprenuer NFT collection Explained

The world of NFT welcomes all new, innovative ideas in the field. A new approach to the field is the Metapreneurs, the NFT enthusiast entrepreneur in the world of the Metaverse. Many creative people around the world see the NFT world as a big chance to gain fame and wealth by providing their brilliant, unique ideas in the Metaverse since it is an unlimited space to develop the most special ideas. Here, in this article, we aim to provide a deep understanding of the Metapreneurs NFT collection to our readers.

What are Metapreneurs?

The Metapreneurs is an NFT collection launched on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-751 tokens. It includes a collection of 11,111 one-of-a-kind NFTs with over 600 hand-drawn traits. These non-generative assets (which are drawn by humans) open a gate to access to the digital virtual world or the Metaverse along with a community of successful entrepreneurs and influencers. The Metapreneurs NFTs allow the owner and the community to access a list of multiple utilities with benefits and rewards.

Owners of Metapreneurs NFTs can also have lands in the most popular Metaverse project Decentraland. Besides, the community members need to vote for major decision takings in the community. However, the most unique benefit of the Metapreneurs is that the NFT owners have the opportunity to found their projects and ideas to find potential investors.

The Metapreneurs was launched in January 2022 and soon the collection was sold for $6 million. Jad Al Fakhani, the co-founder and CMO of The Metapreneurs based in Lebanon, claimed the Metapreneurs was the biggest sold-out project in his country, the 3rd biggest sold-out project in the Middle East, and on the top 100 charts on Opensea worldwide.

According to the trade reports, there are over 5.6 k owners of Metapreneurs and their lifetime volume has been estimated over 770 ETH. The Metapreneurs NFTs were listed at 0.08 ETH worth.

What do Metapreneurs aim to do?

Metapreneurs aim to help the owners create an entrepreneurial mindset. Robz, the CEO and Co-founder of the Metapreneurs NFT project, as well as other members of the team, argue that Metapreneurs is not just an NFT collection, but it is a Launchpad for the holders to learn and connect with creative people. The idea is that holders can access a creative club including masterminds which allows them to take advantage of the NFT ecosystem and be successful. Owning Metapreneurs NFTs provides membership to a unique network of people with entrepreneurial minds.

The project has already started Metapreneur Metaverse or The Winner Club. The owners include Snoop Dogg and Nick Austin. The Winner Club contains the whole Metapreneurs Metaverse. It can be seen as the flagship milestone for the NFT project. The club aims to bring together the elite entrepreneurs with their network of business people who are experienced in the Crypto, Web3, NFT world, etc. Besides, the project offers courses on the NFT world from the most successful entrepreneurs in the field. These courses provide resources such as multimedia content developed by well-known entrepreneurs in NFT and Metaverse world. The project, according to its roadmap, has considered a budget of $50,000 for the education process.

Metapreneurs: A world where influencers rule

The Metafluence platform is currently supported by Master Venture firm that is specialized in blockchain technology. This partnership is set to continue for two years along with other partnerships the team has already made.

Such partnerships created the content of Metafluence, the name of a single city in the Metaverse that is controlled by social media influencers. The city comprises influencer homes, also known as Metahuts, which can be customized based on the influencers’ choice. The customized spaces allow the influencers to better monetize their audience and continue engaging closer with brands.

Besides, influencers can take the advantage of sharing their digital artwork and other NFTs, providing new monetization and engagement opportunities using the Metahuts. The city also includes Metaclans where influencers may choose to come together. This maximizes the collaboration among influencers for more comprehensive connection or participation in public and private virtual events.

Building a future for Metapreneurs

All the Metaverse lovers and members of influencer marketing have noticed the gap between these two worlds. To bridge these two, the idea of Metafluence is developed to create a gateway that allows content creators to not only transit their elite ideas but also benefit from the solutions this team provides based on current influencer marketing limitations.

The Metafluence team has already recognized the need for creating an influencer-centric ecosystem that will allow the content creators to become Metaverse entrepreneurs (Metapreneurs). The team addresses influencers, brands and audience challenge to create a virtual ecosystem in which all parties can thrive in a Web 3.0 environment.

To do so, Metafluence has started strategic partnerships with Arize, DigiCorp, Decubate and Ikonic, and the founder of Sheesha Finance, Saeed Al Darmaki, as one of the project’s advisors.

The Roadmap

One of the most important features of each project is the roadmap and the accomplishments a project makes according to its roadmap. The Metapreneurs NFT collection has shown that it strictly follows its roadmap. Let’s check it out.

  • Every month, the community maintains an ‘Accelerator’ where Metapreneurs holders can suggest their tips, assignments, and e-commerce to the leader team of traders of the project. Furthermore, a community wallet fund will be created out there for the greatest initiative ideas of the holders.
  • Immediately after that, an exceptional Metapreneurs Internet3 system, entirely accessible by holders of Metapreneurs NFTs. On the platform, you will be ready to use leading-shelf sources and tools to aid your organization’s maturity. This includes means associated with crypto, blockchain, NFTs, e-commerce and additional.
  • Upcoming, you can merge your Metapreneurs NFTs to maximize their benefit and develop exceptional NFTs.
  • Now, at the midway mark of the released Roadmap, the Metafather will present holders with the ‘Formula’. As soon as the owner introduces the Method to the Metapreneurs NFT. Then, a 3D variation is unlocked so that the owner can use it in the Metapreneurs Metaverse as their digital identity.

Some of the roadmap goals are already met at this point. Besides, the developer team intends to donate $50,000 to an instructional charity and to add a merch (hoodies, t-shirts, accessories) store to the Metapreneur Web3 system. As the result, holders can get 3D figurines of their NFTs. Note that holders of the electronic asset can access the platform.

Where to Buy Metapreneur Tokens?

  • Open the OpenSea platform and log in with your username and password.
  • Connect your wallet with the OpenSea platform.
  • Load your wallet with enough ETH to purchase Metapreneurs NFTs.
  • Choose the NFT that you like and click “Buy Now.”
  • Complete the buying process by paying the equivalent amount of ETH. Load enough ETH to pay for the gas fees.
  • Check your wallet to see your new digital asset.


The Metapreneurs NFT collection seems to be the new gate to the amazing world of Metaverse. NFT enthusiasts are required to learn as much as possible. Here is a short summary of the Metapreneurs NFTs:

  • Apart from being a regular NFT buyer with the ownership, Metapreneurs tokens allow the NFT owners to exercise various benefits provided by the developers.
  • A community wallet feature is present in the project that funds the best project presented before the community.
  • The token holders and traders are also handsomely rewarded for their valuable contributions to promote various activities.
  • The token owners are also provided access to the specially developed web3.0 platform to benefit from the services and features.
  • The project’s roadmap also includes the education-based charity process of $50,000.

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He is a freelance writer based in Turkey. He loves NFTs, football, film and technology.

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