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Most popular NFT artists to follow in 2023

Most popular NFT artists to follow in 2023

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs have shown to be an important part of the future of digital art as well as a certificate to the secure ownership of digital assets. Now in 2023, members of NFT space are looking forward to taking the advantage of a new form of art from Web3’s most popular creators.

NFTs have skyrocketed in terms of popularity since 2021, and several million-dollar NFTs were sold that created a hype in digital art market. Celebrities such as Snoop Dogg have invested in the market and purchased some of the most creative NFT pieces. including a picture, a video, a song, etc. NFTs such as The Merge and Everyday: The First 5000 Days sold recorded the highest sales in the NFT world for multi-million dollars. Their creators, Pak and Beeple, also gained lots of attention from NFT communities as the most popular NFT artists of all time.

NFT art is believed to bring even more excitement to the digital world in 2023 as it seems to mix the latest technologies like blockchain and Web3 and surprise NFT enthusiasts with new projects from creative artists.

In the following, you will find out more about the most influential NFT artists whose projects can cause a significant change in the NFT world in 2023. If you are into NFTs, remember the names and watch out for their projects in the new year.

How to find top NFT artists?

How to find top NFT artists

The number of NFT artists has sharply increased during the last few years which makes it quite difficult to distinguish the most influential NFT artists. The NFT market, on the other hand, unfolds new NFT collections and faces new hypes regarding prices of older NFTs existing in the NFT landscape.

Non-fungible tokens have garnered popularity among digital artists due to the financial advantages they bring to their creators. In addition, NFTs have a crucial role in developing communities and offering creator-centric economies, which highly encourage digital artists to join the stream.

In such a crowd of artists in the digital world, good artists try to apply all their talent to satisfy their communities and investors. The following are some of the unique characteristics that good NFT artists have in common.

  • NFT sale: A significant amount of NFT sales and a unique niche of artwork.
  • Community acceptance: Being consistently active in the NFT community via social media. 
  • Marketplaces: Popular NFT artists have their NFTs listed on significant marketplaces like OpenSea.
  • Creativity: Popular NFT artists mostly bring their brilliant ideas to the digital world and create a unique piece of digital art, which leads to the high rarity of the NFT.

Good NFT artists also hold the attention of the public to their digital art by building their identity in specific niches. This allows them to qualify their work regardless of their type of NFT art. It would be possible since blockchain technology offers a completely new dimension to art so that NFT artists may renew their niche and try out different experiments with the prospects of NFT artwork.

5 most popular NFT artists to follow in 2023

Considering the list of the common characteristics of good NFT artists in mind, it is now possible to answer the question: Who are the most popular NFT artists? Besides, you should notice the unique approaches NFT artists have to their art creation.

Let’s go through the list of the most trending NFT artists.

1. Beeple


Born on June 20, 1981, Mike Winkelmann, known as Beeple, is a graphic designer and a digital artist from Charleston, South Carolina, that has produced lots of trending NFT arts. He has created over 32 NFT artworks during his working year. He joined NFT world in October 2020 and created one of the most expensive NFTs, Everyday series, in December 2020.

Beeple comes to be the first on the list of most popular NFT artists since he worked for reputed companies such as SpaceX and Apple. He also turned the whole world’s attention to NFTs in March 2021 by setting a unique milestone for NFT art. He created one of the most famous digital artworks, Everydays: The First 5000 Days, simply by taking images. He took pictures of his work every day for more than ten years. Everydays: The First 5000 Days sold for $70 million in an auction at Christie’s in March 2021.

The auction’s mainstream media coverage helped Beeple become popular in the digital world. It was the first time that a reputed auction house chose to sell NFT art and receive cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

Beeple’s NFT artworks feature distinguishing notations such as diabolical political representations, which make his NFTs more prominent, distinct and, as a result, rare.

2. Pak


Second on our list of the most popular NFT artists is Pak, an anonymous digital art creator. Pak, also known as Murat Pak, has also been working on crypto media for over two decades. He is an expert in coding, programming technology and design.

Pak has created Arcillet, an advanced art curation bot. This bot makes use of an AI algorithm to identify exciting art pieces on social media. Pak shared the findings of Archillect with 2.8 million of his followers on Twitter.

Pak is also well-known in the NFT world for his expensive NFT art The Merge. It is the most expensive NFT ever sold in the digital world. Pak also deserves to be on the list because of his 66,000 pieces of NFT art.

In addition, Pak has also launched Sotheby’s Metaverse, a digital art platform. This platform serves to sell and curate NFTs. Owning a sizeable NFT art collection and being known on social media, it seems that Pak fulfills all the criteria to be one of the best NFT artists, even in 2023. This artist has every bit of reason to be followed this year, too.

3. GaryVee


The list of the most popular NFT artists includes another legendary GaryVee. Gary Vaynerchuk has a talent for distinguishing unique trends in business and culture before anyone else. He perfectly identifies the broader implications and possible effects of existing and upcoming trends on markets and customers.

Gary is also known for establishing the foundations in the NFT world. His foundations have helped the digital world with many new and exciting advancements. Besides, he has been an angel investor in many popular tech companies such as Uber and Snapchat.

As an NFT artist that produced top NFT arts, Gary Vee is best known for his VeeFriends NFT collection. Gary designed VeeFriends NFT collection to emphasize creativity and communication in the digital world. It also focuses on creating and being a member of a community through access privileges to the VeeFriends community and VeeCon. It is said that most NFTs in the collection are hand-drawn, and each includes messages and metadata along with the facility for on-chain media storage. NFT owners could rely on the smart contract in the NFT to access the world of Gary and spend some hours with the famous entrepreneur in his office.

4. Trevorjonesart (Trevor Jones)


Trevor Jones, also known as Trevorjonestar in the NFT world, is another popular NFT artist on the list. He is well-known for using cutting-edge technologies such as AR and NFC tags to produce videos and animation to more actively engage the viewer and createmore tangible experiences. He also uses augmented reality to create contemporary abstract and realistic paintings with a significant focus on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Trevor Jones is recognized for his talent in making NFTs from video clips of AR paintings. He started his career as an NFT artist in 2012 by exploring the compatibility of QR codes and oil paintings.

Americans know Jones for his political portrait series of president Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. In 2017, he invested in cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, which caused him great fortune. He showed interest in cryptocurrencies in his augmented reality oil paintings exhibition called Crypto Disruption. The Bitcoin Angel is the other excellent example of his passion for portraying crypto-themed AR paintings, which sold for $3 million.

In 2020 Jones created his –one-of-a-kind NFT piece Picasso’s Bull. The piece sold for $55,000 which was a record in NFT auctions in the UK. Now, many NFT painters worldwide are inspired by his art, and it seems that his success motivates digital artists to try their chance in the NFT world.



Victor Langlois, also known as FEWOCiOUS, is a 19-year-old NFT artist who fulfills all criteria of a popular NFT artist to follow in 2023. He is one of the most successful members of good NFT artists who sold their NFTs in an auction at Christie’s. Although he is pretty young, he has an established following and a lucrative career in digital art.

On July 23, 2021, his popularity in the NFT world caused Christie’s website crash due to numerous collectors interested in Langlois’ NFT creations. Christie’s had to reschedule the auction to further prepare the system for handling a large number of users. The auction was a big success and made FEWOCiOUS the youngest artist featured by the Christie auction house.

After his success with his NFT collection “hello, I’m Victor and this is my life,” FEWOCiOUS won his personal record again and sold his collection FEWOWORLD for almost $20 million. The collection was an upcoming generative art project. Paint units are the fundamental building blocks in FEWOWORLD, and owners of Paint units can purchase NFT art pieces at the time of release.

His success at a young age makes Victor Langlois one of the most popular NFT artists to keep an eye on in 2023.

A final word

Most popular NFT artists

The NFT world is crowded with artists who try to launch their art and become a member of the NFT community. Although there are no specific criteria to distinguish the most popular and successful NFT artists, features such as creativity, NFT sale and community acceptance could make it easier to categorize the most successful NFT artists.

With the development of modern technologies such as Web3 and AR, NFT enthusiasts are looking forward to seeing more out of the market in 2023, and this defines the necessity to know the most popular NFT artists and follow them. Our list of the most popular NFT artists to follow in 2023 includes a few popular entries among the massive ecosystem of NFT artists.

Remember that the NFT world is changing rapidly, and you always need to check for updates on everything in the NFT world.

About Motahareh

Motahareh Khalvandy is an applied linguist currently writing for NFTNEWSPRO. She is fascinated by creativity and innovation of NFTs and web3. In her free time, she enjoys translating books and articles.

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