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Mutant Musks NFT collection explained

Mutant Musks Explained cover

Over the last few months, the Metaverse has been at the center of the attention in the digital world and there has been a lot of talk about it and how it connects the physical world with the digital realm. Although there are lots of opportunities in the space, and several projects have been launched in the space, finding a disrupting real estate, entertainment, fashion, and even gaming seems more difficult. One such project that has shaken up the Metaverse and brought a new concept to gaming is Mutant Musks.

In this article, we provide a comprehensive guide on Mutant Musks project and see how it connects to the Metaverse. If you are not familiar with the Metaverse world, you can read more here.

What are Mutant Musks?

Mutant Musks is a collection of 10,000 mutant humanoid NFT creatures living on Ethereum blockchain. The NFTs include cartoon-style avatars that are inspired by Elon Musk, the well-known entrepreneur worldwide, and his lifelong goal: traveling to Mars.

It seems to be an unusual concept in the world of NFTs, but it is proven that concepts like this have been seeing the most success in the NFT space. Like any other successful NFT project, Mutant Musks also sounds very active in the NFT world. If you ask about their activities, the limitation will be the sky. The project is active in the Metaverse and IRL events, online game tournaments, making memes, Discord, private community, giveaways, treasure hunts, competitions, and a lot more fun activities. The goal is to make the community interesting and truly unique, unlike anything else that is out there today. It sounds much like Musk’s personality, doesn’t it?

There is even more to see. Each Mutant Musks NFT holder can use their avatar as a character in the project’s Intergalactic Competitive Shooter game. Therefore, the unique PFP avatars have great design and Metaverse utility.

Mutant Musks NFT project was launched on July 30th, 2022. The minting price was only 0.1 ETH per piece with a maximum mint amount of 2 NFTs. Sure you can imagine the hype.

To keep it short, NFT enthusiasts should be ready to get immersed into the NFT world as well as the Metaverse as Mutant Musks project has a lot to offer to its owners and followers. Mutant Musks will be much more than just an NFT collection. It will be a playable storyline where you get to choose your own destiny.

The storyline

Elon Musk becomes the first human to step foot on Mars. The days there go by fast but before he leaves, some of his DNA particles get left behind.
The red planet is mysterious and the chunks of DNA have mutated
into 10,000 Mutant Musks. Will they fight back Elon or join his army? Nobody knows.
We need you on this journey – to enjoy the best Metaverse
experience, try an all-new Intergalactic Competitive Shooter game and save the planet Mars!

Mutant Musks is developing a Metaverse game that allows its members to discover a new side of the Metaverse as they provide a new vision of what the Metaverse really is and clearly distinguishes its pros and cons. Mutant Musks are creating an intergalactic competitive shooter experience. This will evolve competitive online gaming and give gamers a chance to monetize their passions as it leads the gaming sector to the next level.

There is a very creative development team behind Mutant Musks project. The team has already put a lot of effort into writing a fascinating story for the project, with great imagination and many moments where you dive deep into the thoughts of the main protagonist ‘’Alen Musk’’ who is undoubtedly inspired by Elon Musk.

The storyline begins with the journey Elon Musk (the protagonist) takes in space, a mission to Mars. As Musk leaves traces of his DNA on the red planet due to the challenges he faces, a new race of mutants was born, all including the iconic genes of the billionaire. There is a question: are the mutants for or against Alen? Sounds really exciting!

The story comes up with plenty of moments of suspense and recollection which are wisely planned to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. In fact, the project is distinguished by having a deep and intricate story. The founder states that “we want our community fully immersed into the journey Alen goes through”.

Who is behind Mutant Musks?

Mutan Musks

The development team behind Mutant Musks is not new to the world of crypto and NFTs. The founder himself has been a crypto pioneer since 2013. The project is developed by a seasoned and experienced team which is a good sign for the success of any project in the NFT and Metaverse markets.

The team has planned to give away 50% of all secondary market sale fees straight back to the community. You may doubt the goal, though it is already understood that the team has many creative ideas so that the NFT holders can participate in various competitions, engagement and competitiveness and wider the horizon of the project.

To make it more interesting, the also promises to offer consistent and frequent giveaways for all members of the community. The generous founder stated, “remember we’re in crypto already for many years so it is not about personal gain, we want to give back to our community as much as possible”.

How does the Intergalactic Competitive Shooter game work?

How does the Intergalactic Competitive Shooter game work

Mutant Musks project also provides an Intergalactic Competitive Shooter game. This complex shooter game offers a virtual outer-worldly journey for players, all powered by NFTs. In the game, the Mutant Musks characters explore the colonies built by humans on Mars. The realistic 3D design creates an immersive experience that includes shooting, collecting, and discovering in-game items.

This blockchain game is designed and programmed by a team of professional developers. The game is built on Unreal Engine 5 – one of the top game development platforms.

There is much more to check on the Mutant Musks’ ambitious roadmap. Let’s have a look.

What does the project roadmap include?

Mutant Musks NFT Project Roadmap

Immediately after the mint on July 30th, the Mutant Musks team launched the VR Metaverse demo. According to the project’s roadmap, NFT holders will enjoy the official Merch and a surprise giveaway by October.

The team also plans to mint passes for the future Mutant Musks NFT collections in the last quarter of the year. In addition, community members will be able to attend exclusive virtual events.

Last but not least, the road map suggests that the Intergalactic Competitive Shooter game will launch in 2023. The release will also bring the project’s official token and other exciting features.

In fact, the developer team is still working on the whole project to meet the goals set according to the road map. However, you can check out the early stages of the game on the project’s Twitter account.

What Makes Mutant Musks Different?

Mutant Musks NFT Collection

Other than giving 50% back to the community (which is definitely the first ever heard in the world of NFT) Mutant Musks have a lot more prepared for their holders.

The founder also suggests the holders keep their Mutants in their digital wallets for the functionality the team wants to implement in the future of the project. So, staking is already suggested for more benefits through passive income.

Even more surprisingly, the founder has confirmed that they are working to create “NFT sequels’’ to their first NFT collection which will follow the storyline and lore of Mutant Musks. These NFT sequels not only promise the success of the project in the future but also allow the NFT holders to unlock further levels of the community and will ultimately be used inside the Mutant Musks Metaverse covering multiple planets and galaxies.

Are Mutant Musk NFTs still worth buying in 2023?

Mutant Musks have performed negatively since their launch. A large portion of NFTs in the collection remains unsold. On secondary marketplace OpenSea, the collection has a total trade volume of 44ETH. That shows that while the collection enjoyed some buzz during its launch, people have turned away from it. 

Many reasons could have caused this. While the collection features a roadmap, the mutant musk team hasn’t kept up with it. In 2023, for instance, a game is supposed to be launched where the mutant musks will be characters within the game. But so far, nothing has been said about it. The social media pages have been inactive, too, the same as their NFT communities. Despite all these, a live mint is still ongoing on their website. 


Mutant Musks is a unique NFT project with long-term value and Metaverse utility. The 10K Mutant Musks project seems to inspire the whole worlds of NFT and the Metaverse with its amazing storyline and its hardworking developer team.

If you want to know more about the project, it is a good choice to check their Discord server!

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