A collection of 9999 unique elephants with more than 400 traits. There are 100 Legendary and 50 Mythical.

People cannot just be tied together, they have to connect and that is what our collection is all about: CONNECTING PEOPLE AND HAVING A PEERLESS COMMUNITY. Our main priority is the community, to have a healthy and compassionate one. We want to create a community that will also give voice to the voiceless and makes a positive impact on society.

We give back to the community. We want to build the project to make sure all our members will benefit from it while helping the voiceless as well.

This particular collection will be giving hand mainly to the wildlife. We are already in contact with some charitable organizations that will be receiving our help. We will start the cause by adopting elephants and buying adoption kits. We will eventually extend our help also to the kids and elders.

We will be hosting contests for our members to get a chance to win different prizes (ETH, exclusive NFTS, vacation trip, and many more)