Once upon a time, there were 100 nests containing 100 turtle eggs each. They were born and raised to eventually rebel on the blockchain. To bring them to life, our artist Inez embodied all of them (you go girl!) into a set of 10k legendary digital collectibles. Unique, because of their 440 custom made traits. Each turtle has different expressions, headwear, tattoos, colors, accessories and many more characteristics. Raising awareness because some are still trapped in rests of lousy plastic. Rebels, because they have the courage to stand up and let theirshellves be seen!

First of all, it’s high-resolution artwork. You’ll have a provably rare piece of art in your wallet, while also making the NFT space more bold and charismatic. Second, it’s “high-revolution”, since 10% of all primary sales will be donated to support turtles in desperate need. Shell Rebels will showcase that you care about a better world. Last but not least, you can proudly join our community and be part of this revolution. The more Shell Rebels we bring to life, the stronger we can make our stand!

As colorful and fun as our Shell Rebels may seem, they represent real turtles. This is our way to raise awareness on serious issues such as turtle well-being, pollution, and climate change. Obviously, the first step is to sell-out. Next, we can make a difference by donating 10% of all these primary sales to charities, chosen by the community. Let’s shake up the OpenSea together!