• An art-focused generative NFT collection based around a set of mysterious portraits discovered somewhere on Pluto
  • 5,555 tokens, 0.055 WETH each
  • Launching May 11 2022

A team of scientists has discovered an underground complex deep within the ice of Pluto. A collection of portraits being referred to as The Pluto People has been found at the centre of this seemingly alien structure.

To continue funding their research, the scientists have decided to organise a sale of each painting to private owners. However, the collection can’t easily be shipped back to Earth, nor are the scientists sure it should be. Instead, high-resolution scans of each ‘Pluto Person’ will be sold, using the blockchain as a record of ownership.

  • Each scan is optimised for transfer from Pluto by using a limited set of colours which are derived from the most prevalent colours in the original painting. This results in unique scans with subtly different colours & surface qualities, even when some traits are identical.
  • On very rare occasions, some scans result in multiple different versions of the same portrait, even though the original painting remains unchanged to the naked eye. These different versions have been put into a single sequence that appears to capture a looping moment in time.
  • For each 25% of the sale that completes, we’ll be randomly airdropping one from each of the ‘Pluto Research’ and ‘Pluto Memories’ collections of unique artworks above to The Pluto People token holders as 1/1 NFTs.

The Pluto People is created by James who’s an artist, designer & software engineer and with help from Walt who’s a software engineer. We’re both based in London, UK and we met whilst working at the same startup in London. Everything relating to this project is being handled between us.