Always eager to create and innovate, the decision to transcend their art to the Blockchain simply made sense.

XOXO is the Devir’s natural evolution in the art world from the past to the future, containing within it the real secret to the genius behind their work: their relationship.
The collection confronts relationships head-on with humor, vulgarism, and cynicism, and challenges the discussion around our basic social needs as human beings in relationships.

Most importantly, the Devir’s connection to their organically growing- worldwide community is essential and with XOXO it’ll take their fanbase to a whole other level with unique access to each XOXO NFT.

The collection holds 100 original XOXO which fabricates 10,100 unique pairs, with different levels of rarity NFT.
There is a unique story behind each couple and a specific structure to each XOXO token.
Let’s get familiar with the meaning and structure of the XOXO tokens.

After nearly six months of trial and error, Maya & Yehuda had finally solved the concept of the collection that will push their art to the edge.
Defined as a symbol of life, renewed passion, the beginning of an erotic tale, or intimacy, the kiss in art tells not only the tales of love but the stories of protest or even of separation.
The act of kissing is considered one of the most intimate acts two figures can share.
It has been portrayed by many throughout history and will forever have a place infamous art galleries.
Now you have the opportunity to be one of the few holders in the collection that will go down in the history books and acquire exclusive access to the artists, their art, and legacy.