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NFT Marketing and Promotion Tips

Nowadays, non-fungible tokens have attracted lots of attention and popularity in digital markets. A wide range of collectors, traders, projects, artists, and developers have shown their interest in NFTs considering the possibility of creating, selling, and exchanging various digital items, art objects, game artifacts, etc. such interest is obvious as, for instance, the NFT market on Ethereum grew 10 times in January 2021. Well, NFT may change industries and interactions with many items in the virtual and real world. However, success always requires marketing and promotion.

Here are some ideas which seem necessary to make the world hear and get interested in the non-fungible tokens you offer. Some are merely free; however, some require payment. Let’s start with free ways to make your asset better known in the NFT market.

What is NFT Marketing?

Simply put, NFT marketing allows creators and businesses to promote their NFT assets effectively to gain a more significant number of consumers and investors in their network.

As with any marketing tactic, this strategy reaches your predetermined target audience and potentially sells your product.

You can employ different tactics to promote your NFT project, like:

  • Creating content for your creative process
  • Community building
  • Collaborating with other creators.

NFT marketing establishes the interest you can gain from your community about your NFT project, which influences the value of your crypto art.

Why NFTs?

Many designers and artists consider NFTs as a potential new source of income. NFTs guarantee the ownership of digital assets, provide access to new communities, and can be used to record the ownership of things in the actual world. Therefore, they are more than just a new method of making money with art.

The same planning that businesses make in their marketing to reach successful trade must be applied in buying, selling, and advertising NFTs. A detailed analysis of the target market, pricing, and offers is always required in any market.

NFTs come in different types, and as a result, different NFT projects require a different approach to the market. An image NFT and a song NFT would probably attract a different audience and require different marketing approaches to be sold.

A careful analysis of the NFT market reveals the reason and approaches used by past successful launches. The hype in the NFT market since 2021 has caused a large number of NFTs available in NFT marketplaces as well as lots of changes to this digital world. Thus, NFT can be a great choice for those who wish to get rid of classic art patterns to sell and benefit most from modern technologies and a highly profitable market.

Why Promoting an NFT Collection?

Why to promote NFT collection?

Money and time are two major sources all NFT artists need to spend to achieve success in the NFT market today in the age of AI-generated NFTs.

The fast progress of NFT production and the NFT market have caused artists and designers deeply feel the need to promote their NFT collections to reach their target audience and sell their digital art. Let’s see how promoting an NFT collection can help artists sell their NFT projects.


Like the physical art world, your first big hit out in the digital world can be considered a life-changing point. Your newest NFT collection might be the breaking point to get your name out in the NFT market.

Boost sales

NFTs can be the primary source of revenue for NFT artists. Since they have already done their homework and promoted their NFT collections properly, their NFT collection can be boosted their sale in the digital world.

Reach new audiences

Promoting your NFT collection is not only about self-advertising but also sharing your talent and point of view with the world. You are seen by as many audiences as possible and those who are interested in what you have to offer. Promoting your digital art helps you get noticed by people who are looking for artists in their area.

Free NFT Marketing Methods:

As an NFT artist, you may try to further hand in the NFT business. There are some points you should notice before you start. Like any other business, the NFT market also makes use of various types of advertisement, from tweets to posts on virtual billboards. Therefore, it makes sense to say social media networks are influential in advertising NFT projects, too.

On the other hand, there are more professional NFT media or platforms that are totally devoted to digital market and make it easier to reach for target audience. Here, our objective is to help our readers make an informed decision about the best platforms that suit their requirements.

Let’s start with social media networks, which can help NFT artists promote their digital projects.

Submit Your Art in NFT Calendar

The NFT calendar is designed to gather NFT drops from various marketplaces so that the collector and artist do not have to surf several marketplaces to search for new releases. This way, interested people in NFTs find it easier and faster to get ideas about new items to the market and get aware of almost all possibilities released.

Here you need to take some minutes to drop your digital assets into the NFT Calendar through filling out a form and adding details relative to your NFT. Here are some suggestions:

  • Title your NFT artwork or collection
  • Offer details about the creator
  • Set a delicate description for your NFT
  • Set a key visual to it
  • Set the date and time for your drop
  • Name the marketplace you use to drop your NFT
  • And link to it.

Now you make more connections and exposure to your NFT for free.

Use your community

Your primary community is those who follow you on social media and may support you, spread the word about your artwork, or even aim to buy your NFT. Social networks have created the opportunity to access more and more individuals living around the world. Applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on could help to viral your artwork if you introduce your NFT through explanatory posts, which make people think about why they need to pay attention to some digital asset and its possible benefits to them. Using these media platforms correctly, you make followers feel they are adding to their knowledge of the world while they can take advantage.

Therefore, decide to manage your social networks and expand them to get a better chance to introduce your NFTs.

Advertisements always attract the interest of potential collectors to look for more details and estimate the possible advantages. You may use ads and teasers to tell others about your NFT projects, date of release, and so on. Notice that creativity makes widespread interest and attention to your NFT so that the NFT followers wait excitedly to know more about your NFT release.

Also, cooperate with the marketplace where you release your NFT. Ask them to add your ads and teasers on their channels and websites. This way, many more individuals will be able to track your artwork and add to the excitement.

NFT Marketplaces and Listings

There are several marketplaces to sell NFTs, such as OpenSea, SuperRare, and Rarible. Try to choose the ones that fit the features of your project. Also, you may list your project at trackers like NFT Hunters.

Make a Thread on Reddit or Bitcointalk

Platforms like Reddit, Quora, and Bitcointalk can be helpful in starting a conversation about your NFT collection. Start asking questions such as What artists do you recommend to follow? Then you can send a link to tell others about your NFT drop unanimously. This strategy is widely used in advertising, known as crowd-marketing. Also, try to get involved in other discussions so that your name appears in various channels and people know you better and may follow you on social media. The point is to offer some ideas and knowledge which sound interesting and informative to others.

Express Yourself in Newsletters

Almost all marketplaces and media update their pages with newsletters every day. Try to add your opinion and news to the platforms regularly; if you have some new ideas and ask the readers to share their ideas and send you feedback. You may even use the NFT calendar to present your opinion on new NFT drops or collections, so your name is seen in the newsletter.

Further, try to promote your NFT marketing project by adding value to the crypto community. Contact popular crypto blogs and NFT-dedicated sites that are looking for guest writers. This way, first, you will get to promote your NFT project in a post and gain attention. Also, when the readers connect with your post, some of them might be willing to support your NFT project in return for the value you provided.



Businesses find Twitter a great platform to promote their products and services. Millions of people use this social media platform every day to communicate with others. NFT artists also use Twitter to boost their art. They make use of hashtags to attract other people. Artists also can tag others to introduce their art to a wider range for free.

Here are some reasons to use Twitter to market almost everything:

  • Artists can easily get customer feedback.
  • Artists reach out to NFT Twitter followers all over the world with a single tweet.
  • Twitter offers a real-time marketing tool that allows users to directly look for others’ activities based on mentions or likes.
  • There are no limitations for those who want to create content.
  • Although it may take some time to attract others and create a community, it will be worth it to increase traffic and improve sales with each tweet that you post.

Almost all businesses, including NFT artists, see Twitter as a great way to get new customers for their business.

How to get the benefits of Twitter to promote NFT collections?

As we already mentioned, Twitter is a great social media platform for adding new followers and potential customers to your circle if you can use it effectively. The followings are the most important benefits of using Twitter to promote your NFT business.

  • Following others and sharing content via your account to generate more target audiences.
  • Finding and engaging with people who share similar interests as you.
  • Checking other people’s ideas about your products and services.
  • Reaching out to new ideas and trends in your industry.
  • Monitoring the competition in the market and see how others are marketing themselves.
  • Learning immediately about events happening in the market.

Besides, retweeting others’ posts or replying to them could lead to valuable connections or collaborations, improving your connection circle. As you build up your circle of audience and create more content, people will start following you and eventually trust your content and business.



Instagram allows active influencers to create large interactive, loyal facial communication. Promoting with an Instagram influencer can significantly boost your sales and success.

All you need to do is to list influencers you want to collaborate with. Consider how influencers engage their audience, create the content, and the methods they use to promote your NFT. Look for the pages that have a huge following, so collaborating with those pages can power your sales.

Therefore, it is a wise move to include Instagram in your NFT marketing, especially when you already have engaged followers on the platform. Ask for Instagram Reels, Highlights, and Stories to give the followers a sort of preview of your NFT collection. Try the newest features released by the platforms to gain more success.

How to get the benefits of Instagram to promote the NFT collection?

Over two billion actively use Instagram every day, which makes it a gold mine for digital artists to promote their NFT collections and generate attraction.

Here is a list of benefits for NFT artists who use Instagram to introduce their NFT art:

  • The integration of NFT on Instagram provides a new opportunity for artists to showcase and monetize their work.
  • Instagram provides the opportunity to tag both creators and collectors in the NFT post automatically. Users can choose to enable or disable this option in their privacy settings.
  • Instagram allows creators to reach more features and tools to share their digital collectibles on their platforms, such as being able to share your NFTs as AR stickers in stories.
  • Instagram charges NFT artists with no fees until 2024, which is a great opportunity for creators to monetize their work on one of the biggest social media platforms for free.
  • The NFT feature on Instagram will provide a lower barrier to entry in the web3 space and increase the accessibility of digital collectibles for the audience.

Therefore, lots of NFT artists try to promote their accounts with regular posts, reels, and hashtags to connect to NFT lovers and boost their audience.

Discord servers

Discord servers

Discord is a free text, voice, and chat app with millions of users. This platform includes communities with friends and groups discussing the same topic. Discord allows its users to discuss various topics, from art projects to student homework. In the case of NFTs, you can build your channel on the platform to reach out to your NFT collectors as well as discuss your collections.

Almost all widely popular NFT projects have their own Discord community. Besides, you can join different groups and use them to promote your NFT. There are many public Discord servers that you can join, including ones dedicated specifically to promoting new or supporting established projects. Discord users are more inclined to invest in forthcoming NFTs, which provides the chance to reach the target audiences and investors.

There are also “invitation-only” Discord communities. Before getting an invitation, you must join a few public servers and become friends with a few individuals. Some of the most popular communities include OpenSea and NFT Hideout.



Telegram is a widely used messaging app with enhanced privacy and encryption features. It provides large group messaging features. The platform allows you to create more channels and groups to promote your NFT collections and make them visible to a wide range of audiences. All you have to do is to create a channel or a group for people interested in NFTs. However, channels and groups offer various services.

  • Telegram Groups are composed of members who enjoy connecting with other members of the community. They can chat with fellow members and post any content relevant to the purpose of the group. Groups have admins that keep the community in order. They usually pin important messages for new members to read. A Telegram group is a good place to learn and improve knowledge and share information.
  • Telegram Channels are typically utilized for news and announcements. They consist of subscribers, who receive a notification every time the channel publishes new content. While subscribers can read all channel broadcasts, they are unable to chat with fellow subscribers or post any content on the channel.

Groups are more popular than channels in Telegram. NFT Community is a good example of a popular NFT Telegram group. There you can find various investors, keeping contact with them, get advice, and help to increase your knowledge on the web3.

NFT Telegram marketing includes a wide range of operations that boost the digital platform’s openness. NFT artists can share their latest news and update about their digital assets in their groups or channels, which directly increases their NFT sales. It also allows group members to learn about new NFTs and future opportunities to buy NFTs. Besides, both artists and group members can check replies, hashtags, and mentions tracing a conversation, even in a large Telegram group. Members can also use the instant search feature in Telegram to find messages or content they are looking for easily. All these make Telegram a perfect platform to promote your NFT collections.



Quora is an informational website that focuses strictly on questions and answers. This feature of the platform helps you make your NFTs visible. All you need to do to promote your NFTs efficiently and effectively is to answer someone else’s questions or post your own questions.

Asking questions relevant to your collection will promote your NFTs more effectively than anything else. Relevant answers to create a connection between your NFT and the community makes NFT enthusiasts curiosity to look at your digital art.



Slideshare is another great platform to get an audience for your NFT collection. It is a platform for creating infographics, PDFs, and other professional content.

Using Slideshare allows artists to get exposure for their NFTs and drive the possible traffic to where they wish, whether in an online marketplace or on their official websites. Artists should add descriptions and tags to let NFT collectors easily find, check, and share their digital assets.



Bitcute is the first entry of the decentralized platform to promote NFTs. It is a web3 video sharing platform that lets users share videos and videos in a decentralized environment.

It has a large and active community of passionate NFT collectors that every NFT artist looks for. With this large number of regular users, the platform provides an excellent opportunity to promote your NFT collection to larger audiences.

NFT Studios 24

NFT Studios 24

NFT Studios 24 provides a free listing for all the NFT artists in the market to promote their collaboration with NFT collectors. In this advertising platform, NFT creators can drop their collections from various NFT marketplaces to advertise their art all in one place. You can create your NFT page with the help of the studio. It allows you to promote all your upcoming and pre-launched NFTS effectively and efficiently. NFT Studios is unique in that it will advertise your collection on various social media platforms so that you can have constant reach.



Metaverse is a web3 platform that can be used to promote your NFTs. It is a home for NFTs and one of the best places to advertise digital art. You can explore the virtual world by creating an avatar and then engage in activities that bring you closer to your audience. You can also explore the world of NFT collectors and creators in the metaverse. Due to its huge number of users, hundreds of NFTs are displayed in the metaverse, where people gather to fund and participate in different events and exhibitions of the NFT collections.

1. Paid Marketing

You can also order paid ads on top pay-per-click channels like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads. Here you pay for every click on your NFT project advertisement. Platforms like Brave, Outbrain, and Taboola could be paid to push ads that target NFT-specific websites.

In addition, PPC channels help you target specific audiences while also tracking the progress of our ad campaign, though they are expensive. So make sure to optimize your ads, use the principles in SaaS Marketing Strategies to Grow Fast, and further promote your NFT drop.

Last but least, pay NFT communities on Instagram and Twitter to get some promotional options for NFT art. Pay them to create a post with all the details of the drop, and feature it on Instagram Stories. Invite NFT artists to Instagram Live and advertise for that. Though you spend money, you sure get more followers and views of your artwork.

2. Hire an Influencer for NFT

Search for the influencer working in the field of NFTs, those who have a loyal community. Most of these influencers, as opinion leaders, have already built trust among their followers, and the followers pay attention and listen to their opinions and recommendations. Thus, by ordering a post on your NFT drop, you start a collaboration resulting in an increase in the awareness of your tokens. Although it does not bring instant results, it helps spread the word on your drop.

3. PR Articles for NFT

It is obvious that the more media write about you, the better you are known. Therefore, you may have to pay to get into various publications and formats; take advantage of full articles about your projects, interviews, and even quotes. You may work with not only crypto media but also general media relative to your NFT project. Also, try to write blog posts with all details about your drop. Notice that there might not be instant results, though you are still spreading words on your NFT token.

4. Start a Collaboration with NFT Artists and Collectors

It is also a good solution to promote your drop by creating or sharing a website with other digital artists and collectors. The website could be used to share the records of recent NFT purchases, as well as news on the latest drops released. You will expand your audience and, thus, attract the ideas of other collectors and artists who may get interested in your artwork.

On the other hand, you may get some aid to enhance your artwork with the help of other professionals. Also, it gets easier to exchange audiences and fan groups, which spread the word about NFT works and creates a competition among artists themselves to create more creative and, therefore, more precious NFTs.

A Final Word

Although there are many more possibilities out there to promote your NFT collection, everything is known to be dependent on the specifics of your NFT projection. The best advice to offer could be that let as many people as possible know about your artwork!

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