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NFT Packs Should I Open My NFT Pack

The non-fungible token is a buzzword in the digital world, creating hype among digital investors. Thanks to blockchain technology, the NFT market has the chance to offer surprise rewards to NFT enthusiasts.

Using blockchain technology, NFT developers can turn their creative ideas into brilliant opportunities for trading NFTs. NFT packs are one of the latest developments in the NFT market, which allow trading and collecting virtual assets in an innovative way.

NFT packs are an open and secure form of owning NFTs based on the blockchain network. They can be used to store any type of digital assets, such as NFTs, cryptocurrencies, artwork, etc. Although NFT packs are available on online marketplaces and have been widely traded in the market, many still ask questions about them and wonder, “Should I open my NFT pack?”

In the following, we focus on NFT packs, what they are, how they work, and how to buy them.

What is an NFT Pack?

What are NFT packs

NFT packs are a collection of non-fungible tokens offered for sale on a blockchain. NFT packs are unique to NFT projects and are mostly animated. The collection of NFTs is randomly distributed from all versions of a collection.

NFT packs are a new method of digital asset ownership, and the data of each asset is recorded and secured using a blockchain network. The packs may include digital tokens, cryptocurrencies, artworks, and other virtual assets.

NFT Packs are available on NFT marketplaces for purchase, or you can create your own pack by adding your favorite digital assets.

How Do NFT Packs Work?

How do NFT packs work

NFT packs live on blockchains like other digital assets and are traded in NFT marketplaces. This bundle of NFTs is specific to NFT projects and, therefore, exclusive. They provide a transparent, secure method of digital asset ownership based on blockchain technology.

Each NFT pack may include one to eight NFTs from a project that are randomly packed. Individuals also can create their own NFT packs using their digital assets. Many NFT marketplaces, such as OpenSea and Rarity, support NFT packs and allow their users to create their own packs.

Since NFTs are randomly packed, NFT packs may include different NFTs at various rarity levels. This makes NFT packs a surprise to buyers, and many NFT investors consider them a great way to invest in the market.

NFT pack owners can choose to open their pack or keep it unpacked for a longer period. Opening an NFT pack is not complicated. Some packs have a set time to become available to open. Owners can go to their account on the marketplace they did the purchase and confirm that they wish to unpack their asset.

Top Collectible NFT Packs

1. Hotwheels NFT packs – WAX blockchain

Hotwheels NFT packs - WAX blockchain

Hotweels NFT garage is dedicated to trading digital collectibles of cars via the wax blockchain. The website provides two options when buying Hotwheels NFT packs. You can choose a 4-pack NFT at $15 or a 10-pack NFT at $35.

Hotwheels NFT packs are unique because you know exactly what you are buying. The NFTs are randomly generated, but you can guess what you will receive as the percentages are pre-determined. The rate is as the following:

  • 74.7% Base
  • 20.3% Rare
  • 4.94% Premium
  • 62% Treasure Hunt

2. Funko NFT packs – WAX blockcahin

Funko NFT packs – WAX blockcahin

Funko Digital Pop provides NFT packs that create a connection between digital and physical collectibles. These NFT packs are bundles of digital collectibles that can be exchanged for a free, limited-edition physical Pop. These digital packs are great for collecting Funko Pop! figures.

Funko NFT packs include the following rate of NFTs:

  • 66.6% Commons
  • 33.34% Rare

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) – WAX blockchain

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) – WAX blockchain

Teenage Mutant NFT packs are the first Funko series living on the WAX blockchain. The series was popular with collectors. Teenage Mutant NFT packs provide two options to investors: a standard pack at $9.99 and a premium pack at $29.99.

NFTs are randomly packed; however, percentages are pre-determined.

  • 49% Common
  • 27% Uncommon
  • 14% Rare
  • 8% Epic
  • 1.63% Legendary
  • 37% Grail

4. Blade Runner NFT packs

Blade Runner NFT packs

Blade Runner NFT packs were launched in November 2021 with the release of Blade Runner: Black Lotus. Each pack included different characters from the corresponding episode. There were only 500 packs available in the series, and the retail price was $50.

The Blade Runner NFT Packs included Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary collectibles. Each pack was randomly assorted and could contain any combination of these NFTs.

5. NHL NFT packs

NHL NFT packs

NHL 22 and Hockey Ultimate Team are among the most popular sports games where players can arrange their teams, play, win the matches, and earn cryptos. Players can also purchase NHL NFT packs that contain a random selection of NHL players. Each player has special stats and abilities that are not found with normal players. Players can buy the NFT packs with either coins or points. Coins can be earned by winning games and challenges in HUT or be bought through the in-game store.

Each NFT in a pack represents a hockey player, and all NFTs are randomly divided into packs.

Should I Open My NFT Pack?

Should I open my NFT pack

Whether you choose to open an NFT pack or keep it packed is entirely your decision. As we already mentioned, NFT packs include NFTs that are randomly added to a pack and sold on NFT marketplaces. NFT pack owners can open their packs and add the NFTs to their digital wallets. The number of opened packs increases every mint, and the NFT packs that are not open become rare in a short time.

NFT packs tend to increase in value when they are not opened. NFT pack owners can guess the NFTs they may own in their packs, considering the NFTs found in opened packs. Thus, NFT packs kept closed create a mystery of what others may own by purchasing the pack.

Where to Buy NFT Packs?

Where to buy NFT packs?

With the development of the NFT market, NFT packs are also growing popular. NFT packs are now available on several NFT blockchains, such as WAX and OpenSea. Here is a list of markets to purchase NFT packs.

1. NFT marketplaces

 NFT marketplaces

Secondary marketplaces, such as OpenSea and Sorare, partner with brands such as Funko NFTs to sell their NFT packs online.

2. Online NFT websites

Online NFT websites

Recently, most brands in the NFT world have created their NFT marketplaces and allow users to purchase digital assets, including NFT packs, directly from their stores. Here are some examples:

  • UFC NFTs combines martial art fighters and NFTs to create their NFT packs. Packs include NFTs of championship fighters and feature contenders of the UFC event.
  • NFL NFTs provides NFT packs filled with video clips, photos, and audio of professional football players through games delivered as NFTs. These NFT packs also include the best plays and highlights from the team’s season.
  • NBA NFTs also offers the historical moments of NBA basketball games as videos, audio, and images in their NFT packs.

The whole process of buying an NFT pack is similar to other NFTs, and investors need to own a compatible crypto wallet to pay for the pack and store it.


  1. Why are NFT packs popular?

    NFT packs include randomly chosen NFTs from a collection. They may include common to super rare NFTs, which motivate buyers to try their chance and win big prizes.NFT packs include randomly chosen NFTs from a collection. They may include common to super rare NFTs, which motivate buyers to try their chance and win big prizes.

  2. Can I sell NFT packs?

    Sure! Whether you purchase an NFT pack from an NFT developer website or the secondary market or create your own NFT packs, you are always allowed to sell them in NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea.

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