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Best NFT Podcasts to Follow in 2023

Best NFT podcasts to follow in 2023

As the NFT industry continues to grow, there is more demand to learn about NFTs and their market. Considering the large number of podcast episodes available now and the larger number of podcast listeners (over 385 million), podcasts seem to be a great way to learn about the latest developments in the NFT industry.

Nowadays, the number of NFT podcasts is increasing, and NFT enthusiasts are looking for the best to select and learn from experts with different views and perspectives on the NFT industry. In the following, we offer a list of the best NFT podcasts to check out in 2023.

Top NFT podcasts in 2023

Top NFT podcasts in 2023

With the development of new trends in the NFT market, enthusiasts and investors find it necessary to keep updated with the industry’s news and trends. Many NFT lovers choose to listen to NFT podcasts to educate themselves about the changes in the NFT world. Regardless of being a beginner or an expert in the NFT space, NFT podcasts can be helpful for you.

1. Two Bored Apes – Best NFT podcasts for beginners and professionals

Two Bored Apes- Best NFT podcasts for beginners and professionals
  • Average length: 74 mins
  • Hosts: Jamie Musings and Roy (@Zeneca_33)
  • Topics: Upcoming NFT projects, Important news, Q&A sessions

The NFT podcast is produced and recorded by two Bored Ape Yacht Club holders Jamie Musings and Roy. These two Ape holders are deeply involved in the NFT space, and their NFT podcasts include their opinions and thoughtful analyses about well-known NFT projects. They also discuss the latest news and events in the NFT space. Beginners can also find answers to their questions about collecting NFTs as well as learning about metaverse.

2. NFT Catcher Podcast

NFT Catcher Podcast
  • Average length: 64 mins
  • Hosts: Jennifer Sutto & Michael Keen
  • Topics: NFT news and events, making a profit in the NFT market

NFT Catcher Podcast is a great production by Jennifer Sutto and Michael Keen, who are NFT experts and usually talk about NFT market profits and their dynamics. Their podcasts also include introducing the latest NFT projects, industry news, and trending topics in the NFT space. Thus, this podcast seems to be helpful for intermediate to professional NFT investors.

It is a great place to learn about the basics of the NFT market. Audiences can also connect to the hosts’ Discord, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

3. The GaryVee Audio Experience by Gary Vee

The GaryVee Audio Experience by Gary Vee
  • Average length: 40 mins
  • Hosts: Gary Vee
  • Topics: Marketing, NFT innovative ideas, business consultation

Everyone in the NFT world knows Gary Vaynerchuk, the chairman of VaynerX. He is also the founder of VeeFriends and an NFT influencer. He is known as Gary Vee in the NFT industry. The GaryVee Audio Experience covers a wide variety of content, such as the #AskGaryVee episodes, past keynote speeches on marketing and business, various interviews and fireside chats, segments from the DAILYVEE video series, and some of his latest innovative ideas in the NFT space.

4. The Mint Condition Podcast

The Mint Condition Podcast
  • Average length: 60 mins
  • Hosts: Depending on the episode
  • Topics: Trending NFTs, Crypto, and Digital Collectibles, Interviews with project leaders

The Mint Condition is a humorous Web 3.0 podcast that reviews the latest news and trends in NFTs, crypto, and digital collectibles. It also discusses NFT collections and their producing companies. The podcast also covers metaverse gaming, digital art, and the crypto world regarding the upcoming trends in the NFT space. The podcast also interviews the notable figures of the best NFT projects and offers insight into their goals and processes.

Many professionals in the NFT world follow these NFT podcasts to keep updated on the latest trends and events in the NFT world.

5. NFTs for Newbies

NFTs for Newbies
  • Average length: 45 mins
  • Hosts: Rich Cardona & Heather Parady
  • Topics: Introducing NFTs from the basics

As the name suggests, NFTs for Newbies introduces NFTs from the very beginning, starting with ‘What is NFT?’ Cardona and Parady call themselves newbies and help others learn various aspects of the NFT world step by step. They have produced over 1,000 podcasts to date and explain the complex world of NFTs with fun. They also discuss mental health, leadership, and entrepreneurship regarding the NFT world.

6. Edge of NFT Podcast

Edge of NFT Podcast
  • Average length: 50 mins
  • Hosts: Eathan Janney and Jeff Kelley
  • Topics:

Edge of NFT is one of the best podcasts for both beginners and professionals. It was first produced in 2020 and immediately became popular among NFT lovers. The team behind the podcasts includes Eathan Janney, Jeff Kelley & Josh Kriger, or NFT LA, and they have over 100,000 listeners. Their podcasts provide exciting and unique perspectives on NFT topics. They also discuss the hottest NFT projects, trends, and events. The best-known guests of the show include Gary Vee and Steve Aoki.

7. Crypto Marketing

Crypto Marketing
  • Average length: 45 mins
  • Hosts: Ty Smith
  • Topics: Web 3.0 and NFT marketing

Next on the list of the best NFT podcasts is Crypto Marketing. The podcast is presented by Coinbound, and Ty Smith hosts it. He discusses various aspects of Web 3.0 and NFT marketing. The podcast provides an excellent resource for both beginner and professional NFT enthusiasts to expand their knowledge on creating and investing in NFT collections or Web 3.0 projects.

In his podcasts, Smith provides valuable insights and strategies for NFT marketing. Listeners can reach out to the host on social platforms, including Twitter, Telegram, and YouTube. We highly recommend our readers make time to listen to the Cryptp Marketing podcast.

8. Nifty Show

Nifty Show
  • Average length: 25 mins
  • Hosts: Matt Hall and Joel Dietz
  • Topics: Interviews with NFT experts, latest news and trends

Nifty Show is one of the most popular NFT podcasts on our list. It provides excellent resources for beginners and more experienced NFT lovers. This NFT podcast offers lots of information to listeners to keep them up-to-date on the latest news and developments in the NFT world.

Nifty Show episodes include interviews with NFT experts, news updates, and an introduction of the best NFT marketplaces and projects. There are interviews with teams from CryptoKitties, OpenSea, Nifty marketplace, and other popular NFT projects.

9. Bankless Podcast

Bankless Podcast
  • Average length: 80 mins
  • Hosts: Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman
  • Topics: Blockchain, NFTs, Crypto market

Bankless podcast discusses all aspects of Web 3.0, including crypto, DeFi, and NFTs. The hosts, Adams and Hoffman, are advisors to several Web 3.0 projects and share their knowledge and experience on the crypto and NFT market with audiences in the podcast. They have invited Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin, FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried, Ark Invests Cathie Wood, and many more notable guests from various industries.

Bankless podcast provides more in-depth knowledge of Web 3.0 and may get technical in some episodes. Therefore, it can be more beneficial for average to more professional audiences. The more technical discussions have made the podcast lengthy, over 90 minutes in some cases, which can be time-consuming for some.


  • Average length: 50 mins
  • Hosts: Kevin Rose
  • Topics: NFTs, generative art, NFT games, metaverse

PROOF podcast is hosted by Kevin Rose, the well-known creator of one of the top NFT collections, Moonbirds. The podcast covers various topics related to NFTs, like generative art, NFT gaming, metaverse, and NFT trends. In the podcast, Mr. Rose interviews popular NFT artists, industry representatives, and entrepreneurs who have created or invested in the NFT space.

The podcast uses an interview-based format which makes it rather short, less than an hour, and informative. This professional NFT podcast also offers Q&A-based episodes.

11. NFT NOW podcast

NFT NOW podcast
  • Average length: 43 mins
  • Hosts: Sam Hysell, Alejandro Navia, and Matt Medved
  • Topics: NFT news and trends

NFT NOW is one of the best platforms for NFT news and events, and their podcast is a great source of news and trends in the NFT space. The podcast also interviews the pioneers of the NFT world, including artists, collectors, and technologists. It explains how the NFT space is changing to have a more creative economy and how to be a part of it.

NFT NOW podcast is hosted by co-founders of the platform, like Sam Hysell, Alejandro Navia, and Matt Medved. These experts discuss NFT-related topics in detail and offer their expert insights on various NFT fields. Thus, the podcast seems to be more advantageous for more professional users.

12. Digitally Rare Podcast

Digitally Rare Podcast
  • Average length: 55 mins
  • Hosts: Matt Condon and Jonathan Mann
  • Topics: Blockchain, NFT, metaverse

Digitally Rare is hosted by Matt Condon and Jonathan Mann, who run fun and lively conversations about blockchain, NFT space, and the metaverse. The hosts regularly invite various guests, including NFT artists, investors, and blockchain technology representatives, to their show. The casual tone of the podcast makes it an entertaining learning time for audiences.


1. What are the best NFT podcasts for beginners?

NFT podcasts such as Two Bored Apes can be the best choice for beginners in the NFT world to start with.

2. Can you make a podcast an NFT?

Like any digital asset, podcasts can also be turned into NFTs and sold in the NFT market.

About Motahareh

Motahareh Khalvandy is an applied linguist currently writing for NFTNEWSPRO. She is fascinated by creativity and innovation of NFTs and web3. In her free time, she enjoys translating books and articles.

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