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NFT Roadmaps Full Guide 2023 + Templates 

Get ready because the future of digital ownership is here, and it is called NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). These non-fungible tokens have garnered much popularity by offering a revolutionary new and exciting way to buy, sell, and trade digital collectibles. 

For a full experience of this exciting world of NFTs, a guide is needed; this is where NFT roadmaps come in. NFTs are changing how we approach ownership in the digital world, and their potential uses are practically limitless. Therefore, think of NFT roadmaps as a non-human chaperone, leading you to a treasure vault filled with unique and valuable digital assets. 

The main purpose of this article is to look at what exactly an NFT roadmap is and how to create one. We would also be examining the best NFT roadmap templates, roadmap ideas, and how to evaluate an NFT in your NFT roadmap. Let’s go!

What is an NFT Roadmap?

What is an NFT Roadmap

As mentioned earlier, NFTs have taken the world by storm, offering a new and fun way for investors and enthusiasts to own and trade digital assets. NFTs are unique digital collectibles stored on a blockchain and made in such a way that one cannot duplicate, substitute, or subdivide them.

An NFT roadmap is simply the developer’s plan that indicates the steps or milestones that a creator or a team takes to launch and grow their own NFT project. The majority of NFT projects will have a publicly available roadmap that informs investors of the developer’s plans for the project. An NFT roadmap is practically a timeline or list of what you intend to achieve with your project. There are also various features and services that you would like to include in the future. 

A good NFT roadmap provides many benefits to NFT projects. Some of these benefits include the following:

Firstly, a solid NFT roadmap adds value to your project. It reveals your project’s originality and shows there is a lot more to it. Coupled with the NFT, your vision and your capabilities are also part of what attracts an investor. 

Also, a good NFT roadmap documents your achievements and shows your next goal. Sometimes, due to the pile of work surrounding a project, a developer might find it difficult to effectively achieve the set goals. A roadmap comes in as a guide by outlining what has been accomplished and what still needs to be done. 

Furthermore, a roadmap helps build trust with your community. A roadmap shows dedication, discipline, transparency, and reliability to developer community members. 

In addition, a good NFT roadmap creates long-term value for your project even after it sells out. It provides activities to keep the community entertained, which in turn makes them look forward to future projects. 

Finally, when you have a good roadmap that does all the benefits mentioned above, marketing your NFT becomes much easier. 

How to Create an NFT Roadmap?

How to create an NFT Roadmap

For the successful creation of an NFT roadmap, the following step-by-step guide should be noted:

Step 1 – Define the project’s vision

This is the first step in creating an NFT roadmap. This stage clearly defines the project’s vision and aims. This includes identifying the problem the NFT project seeks to solve and the major objectives and key results that the project aims to accomplish. 

Step 2 – Develop a  model

The type of model NFT projects use is called the tokenomics model. Therefore, it is important to develop a tokenomics model that describes the token economics of the project, including token distribution, total supply, and use cases.

Step 3 – Define intellectual property rights

Define intellectual property rights

It is essential to define the intellectual property rights for your NFT project. This involves copyright and trademark laws. This act ensures your ownership as well as licensing terms for your NFTs.

Step 4 – Create a project timeline

It is important to create a project timeline showing the key milestones. This includes the achievements, information about the project’s current status, key deliverables, and the remaining tasks. 

Step 5 – Define the team

For a successful NFT project, it is usually compulsory to define the team and their tasks in the project. It should also include the necessary information, like the team’s experience and their plans for the project. 

Step 6 – Create a maintenance plan

Create a maintenance plan

There should be a well-detailed plan for the project development and maintenance. This includes information on continuous updates and support after the project’s launch, such as feature development, bug fixing, and community entertainment. 

Step 7 – Develop a marketing plan

A detailed plan for marketing and promotion of the NFT project should be included in an NFT roadmap. 

Step 8 – Review and Update your NFT roadmap regularly

It is always important to consistently review and update your NFT roadmap. This is because of the constant change and evolution of the NFT market. 

Best NFT Roadmap Templates

Best NFT Roadmap Templates 

For a fun and wholesome NFT roadmap experience, below are some examples of NFT roadmaps, which you can choose according to which one suits you. 

Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Roadmap

Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Roadmap

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is an example of a roadmap that is simple yet effective when tracking an NFT project’s progress. It is a collection of 10,000 Bored Ape NFTs, which are unique digital assets that exist on the Ethereum blockchain.  

Yuga Labs launched BAYC in April 2021. The design of this model was created after a video game roadmap, and the wording of the content is simple and engaging to read. Bored Ape Yacht Club measures its progress by percentage of target sales. Although this approach might not be broad, it is fully achieved because the team has accurately assessed their capabilities as developers. 

Buying a bored ape costs 0.08 ETH for every member of BAYC. Bored Ape has programmatically generated over 170 possible traits, such as clothing, headwear, etc., and it is important to know that some apes are rarer than others. On the Ethereum blockchain, the apes are stored as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on IPFS (InterPlanetary File System). One major highlight is that it effectively illustrates its long-term goal, showing investors that the project’s value can endure for a long time. 

Azuki Mind Map

Azuki Mind Map 

Azuki’s “Mindmap” is another effective and efficient NFT project roadmap. It does a great job of clearly outlining the project’s milestones, achievements, and goals. Launched on January 12, 2022, by a team called Chiru Labs,  it has 10,000 unique avatars with anime styling as it is an anime-centric NFT project. 

The Azuki NFT roadmap has seven categories, thus making it easier for the reader to go from one section to another and to understand what each section means. Also, each category has specific goals, and community members can monitor the progress of each goal.  

This roadmap is concise, clear, and entertaining for the members of the community. Also, NFT holders gain access to “the garden” and access to new NFTs, future streetwear drops, and other events. Additionally, Azuki is currently one of the top-ten projects on OpenSea (by volume). 

Cool Cats 

Cool Cats 

This is another great example of an NFT roadmap. It is an online collectible platform that uses a unique and fun approach to its NFT project roadmap. It created an interactive map that enables users to explore different areas of their project and learn more about the characteristics and functionalities being developed. 

Tom Williamson, Rob Mehew, Evan Luza, and Colin Egan teamed to create Cool Cats, which went public in July 2021. The roadmap is categorized into different portions according to calendar quarters, and each map area is represented by a different cat character. Users are thus able to learn more about the roadmap by clicking on each character. 

The lifespan of the project’s goal is two years, and any interested person can identify what is scheduled for each quarter. Furthermore, CoolCats allows the members of the community to seamlessly understand and monitor the project’s vision and progress, respectively, and this is possible by breaking down complex goals into simpler goals. 

Degen Toonz Collection 

Degen Toonz Collection 

Degen Toonz Roadmap is an Ethereum-based collection that showcases 8,888 various cartoon-like characters. It is an example of a roadmap that places the bulk of its focus on highlighting the utility of the project. As a result, it is very concise and engaging. 

It is divided into five phases to complete: Launching the Collection, Community and Connection, Public Service, ToonTown, and The Next Generation. Bader Asad and Prince Lail launched Degen Toonz in 2022 and garnered much fame barely a week after its first launch. Each Degen Toonz NFT collection is unique, and the limited amount of digital art collectibles made this NFT a very profitable investment. 

One key thing that makes this roadmap example so valuable is that Degen Toonz creators shared the project management with the owners. As a result, everyone can exercise their franchise on major decisions in the carefully designed DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).



Sorare is a blockchain-based fantasy sports game that uses NFTs to represent unique laying cards. Their NFT roadmap is also a great example of an NFT roadmap because it shows the development and launch of their game. It also includes the use of the Ethereum blockchain and the ERC-721 token standard. 

The Roadmap, officially introduced in 2018, offers a clears vision for many initiatives. These developments include creating a decentralized gaming platform allowing users to trade NFTs, the game’s development, community engagement, the marketing of the game, and so on. 

The following table contains an example of a quarterly NFT project plan/roadmap that one can use.  

First QuarterSecond QuarterThird QuarterFourth Quarter
Create a marketing strategy to increase hype and excitement for your project.Explore collaborations with other projects to create exclusive and attractive collectibles.Develop a game that incorporates your NFTs and community members to access future mints. Send out a token for your project and look into the possibilities of a DAO. 
Set a date for minting your NFTs and communicate it to your community members. Develop merchandise related to your project to offer additional ways for users to engage with your brand. Plan a Metaverse event with OnCyber to showcase the capabilities of your NFTs and promote the project. Consider opening a physical store that innovatively uses your NFTs. 
Consider launching an airdrop for holders of your NFTs. Introduce exclusive collectibles to your invention to create a sense of desirability and scarcity.
Send out a website and discord channel to provide a platform for engagement.
Use Twitter Spaces to connect with your community and build excitement for your project.  

NFT Roadmap Ideas 

The following graphics are shown below to illustrate the NFT roadmap examples that were examined above: 

Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Roadmap

Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Roadmap



Cool Cats

Cool Cats

Degen Toonz Collection 

Degen Toonz Collection 



How to Evaluate an NFT Roadmap?

It is important to research an NFT project properly before investing. For a proper evaluation of an NFT roadmap, creators and investors need to ask the following questions:

  • Does the roadmap show that the project has a clear vision and goals?
  • Does it address the technical aspects of the project?
  • Does the roadmap show a detailed plan for the project’s development, launch, and growth?
  •  Is a well-defined NFT marketing and promotion plan included in the roadmap?
  • Does the roadmap include a detailed plan for building, communication, and engagement for the community members?
  • Does the roadmap have a clearly defined timeline and milestones showing the achievement, progress, and remaining tasks of the NFT project?
  • Is the roadmap flexible and adaptable?


  1. Do NFT projects need a roadmap?

    No. A roadmap is not mandatory to launch an NFT project. However, a roadmap is an essential tool for any NFT project. It can help draw up goals and milestones, mention achievements, provide updates, and build community engagement. 

  2. What NFT projects don't need a roadmap?

    Music NFTs, 1-of-1 art, and Free Mint Projects launched concepts where benefits and utility are immediately recognized; vibe and chill-type projects or projects without an underlying business do not need an NFT roadmap. 

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