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Sipher Game Explained

Sipher Game Explained

A recent movement in the busy market of crypto and NFT is the earn-to-play games. One of these crypto games is Sipher, a crypto video game created as part of the Sipher metaverse where players control cybernetic organisms. Each player owns a Sipher which is represented as an NFT. In addition to Siphers, players also have the opportunity to acquire other in-game assets. Each character acts as an avatar in explorations, battles, socializations and investment in the game. In this world of CRISPR-enabled digital organisms, there are many adventures that players find to win.

The “World of Sipher” (the Sipher metaverse or the “World of Sipheria”) makes use of a cyberpunk style. Players may also participate in competitions, trade within the game and acquire land. The world of Sipher grows and evolves with players growing within it.

What is Sipher NFT Game?

Play-to-earn within Sipher

Sipher is an ETH Blockchain-based game project where players use their avatars to engage in MOBA game genre. Players compete for territories in Sipheria, the World of Blocks, to win important prizes. Sipher is an ERC-1155 and ERC-721 token to represent NFTs in the game. ERC-20 standards are used to govern the game.

Like other games, players must stake Sipher Crypto avatars to obtain larger values in the game. The first collection contains 10,000 avatars from the SIPHER INU strain (named Sipherian Surge). Sipher aims to develop into a Dapp Multigame. Doing so, it focuses on developing the community elements in the game. Further, it tries to integrate blockchain tech into the game as a necessity and then develop the community along with the game.

What are NFTs on Sipher Game?

What are NFTs on Sipher

Sipher NFTs refer to in-game digital assets, or a very wide range of digital objects, where the most crucial ones are avatars. These avatars are necessary for participation in the game. The more aspects of the Sipher metaverse in the form of NFTs the players own, the more they involve in the game, so that they may own almost every aspect of the game, even trees and stones.

Sipher comes with a deep storyline. Accumulating NFTs, players get deeper engaged with the Sipher metaverse and they get eager to create their own metaverse. Sipher NFTs are unique assets and there is only one owner for them. Besides, players may sell their NFTs within Sipher, and on any secondary market outside of Sipher.

Play-to-earn within Sipher

Play-to-earn within Sipher

Sipher provides various ways to earn tokens in the game. First is to earn rewards in the form of NFTs through daily challenge competitions. Also, players can “craft” and “fuse” valuable items and pets in the game. Further, players can earn SIPHER tokens through competitions. Some players prefer to hold the token to sell them at higher values of the Sipher.

Gameplay of Sipher

Gameplay in Sipher

Avatars and items

NFTs are available in form of avatars, weapons, costumes, and accomplishments which a wide range of assets in Sipheria. Only the players have the right to withdraw or appropriate the properties.

Moon Base Station

Sipher’s Moon Base Station is a hub for players to explore all of the game’s activities, including the Merchant Guild, Crafting Stations, Bar, and Hall of Fame.

“No battle”

Sipher aims to follow the development of a “no battle” concept which enables users to design their own character using 200 uniquely developed equipment or be an architect and create game models. Then, they may get profits with trading these products at the Bazaar, Sipheria’s Marketplace, etc.

Land Ownership

Sipher encourage the players to own “Land” to constructe blocks. First users who compete and construct the game platform’s infrastructure get Nodes and Tiles.

PvP Ranking

Users may compete with other players using three interchangeable heroes (Genshin Impact, Punishing Gray Raven, and Smash Legend). If a player chooses to play SOLO, they will face other SOLO players. The three heroes can be chosen interchangeably throughout the competition. Players collect awards, capture and overcome daily challenges for double rewards if they choose to battle in ranked mode against one another.

PvE expeditions

More interesting a group of three players may join to combat the Dungeon’s Bosses and Monsters. Here, uncommon cosmetic ingredients and objects drop for the player to use or sell in the market. Players also can send their avatars on Expeditions to gain resources and level up their characters and equipment.  Further, they can add materials to construct buildings in their own Land Tile, or sell them to other players in the market.


Each Sipher item which players obtain in sequencing process has a unique power like Fight and stat boosts such as increased endurance. It is important as the game includes a combat element, which allows players to select classes and subclasses with which to team up and battle on unique levels.

Origin INUs

The most crucial NFTs in the game are the first 10,000 strains of INU in 1st Fleet “Sipherian Surge”. These NFTs let a player complete tasks and earn rewards, which in turn enhance the value of the NFT INU. The INUs provide priority access to valuable Nodes and Tiles in the Genesis block as “land ownership.” Players can earn INU by purchasing them from the game publisher; in the first purchase, the game publisher offers to sell 10,000 INUs for 0.1 ETH. Players also may get INUs on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea.

Rare INUs

With the release of a new NFT, a random number of unusual INUs is created. Only 1,500 BioZ, 1000 Cyborg, and 500 Cosmic is planned to be produced from the initial run of 10,000 copies of the INU. The rare INUs own skills which reveal through gaming and the rewards they receive.

Rare Costume and weapons

Sipherian Surge 1st Fleet offers randomly matched rare outfit combinations and weapons. Each item combination gives players unique experience. Rare Costumes improve a character’s existing traits on one hand, and weaponry contributes decide a character’s rank on the other hand.

Sipher Game tokens

Sipher tokens

Sipher makes use of 2 tokens: $SIPHER and $ATHER. The main token in Sipher gaming universe is SIPHER Token, which is a multifunctional governance token of Sipher Universe. The token can be applied both in-game and in real-world policy. It is based on Ethereum blockchain and follows ERC-20 standards.

$ATHER, on the other hand, is a token that is used with game activities. It will be minted and burn throughout the life of Sipher Universe. The token powers all the in-game creation and progression activities such as crafting, leveling up characters and equipment, unlocking new skills, and constructing buildings on top of in-game land.


Considering what already said, it can be concluded that Sipher project possesses certain characteristics that attracts gamers. Additionally, Sipher communities online, such as twitter and discords, seem to get more attention every day. It is a good place to more thoroughly learn about IBCO, a relatively new purchasing mechanism, before making a purchasing decision.

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