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Tezos NFT Marketplaces

Top TEZOS NFT marketplaces

Tezos is a decentralized platform fast gaining popularity in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Ever since 2021, many platforms have emerged to offer NFT trades. NFTs are unique digital assets stored on the blockchain. Users cannot replicate them or pass off a replica as the original.

Tezos is a blockchain that allows users to create and trade NFTs in a secure and transparent way. Arthur and Kathleen Breitman released the blockchain on June 30, 2018. Tezos is home to several NFT marketplaces that allow users to buy, sell, and mint NFTs. These marketplaces offer a user-friendly environment for NFT trades. Due to its unique features and benefits, Tezos NFT marketplaces are popular among NFT creators and collectors.

This article looks at the best Tezos NFT marketplaces you can trade on. This includes its advantages, how to pick the best marketplace, and some famous NFTs available on the platform.

Best Tezos NFT Marketplaces

Best Tezos NFT Marketplaces

Tezos NFT marketplaces are a safe platform to begin your journey as an artist, creator, collector, or trader. Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced NFT user, using NFT marketplaces on Tezos is pretty straightforward.

While there are several NFT marketplaces on Tezos that allow users to buy, sell, and mint NFTs, here are the best to use:



Objkt is currently the largest Tezos NFT marketplace by sales volume and active users. Founded in 2021, the platform’s headquarters is located in Switzerland. It is an online NFT marketplace that features unique digital art and collectibles. Artists and creators from around the world create these collectibles and list them for sale to NFT collectors.

Objkt is a marketplace where you can sell, buy, auction, or create NFTs with low gas fees. Some of its top features include many listing options, leaderboards and rankings, creator royalties, and split royalties. Objkt supports the Tezos blockchain and charges a transaction fee of 2.5% on NFT trades.


  • The ability to switch to live mode for real-time activity monitoring
  • The platform supports the highest bid and price drop auctions.


  • Many token options are not available.
  • It is impossible to cancel bids you place mistakenly.



OneOf marketplace is unique because it specializes in music and sports NFTs. Users can access special NFTs because of the marketplace’s partnerships with popular artists and platforms. Examples of such platforms are the Grammy Awards and Warner Music.

The marketplace releases NFTs from world-famous artists like Doja Cat, Pia Mia, etc. It also connects fans and collectors to their favorite musical artists and athletes. OneOf supports proof-of-stake blockchains such as Tezos and Polygon. Also, buying NFTs costs no gas fees.


  • It allows credit cards and wallet-based payments
  • It provides documentation and helps with articles.


  • It charges a one-time gas fee
  • Has a smaller number of NFT creators than other marketplaces.



Kalamint is another famous marketplace on Tezos that allows creators to mint and sell their NFTs. Some of its features include several listing options, creator royalties, etc. Launched in 2021, the platform represents art, freshness, and color in a decentralized way. It currently hosts NFT assets in art, photography, and collectibles.

It is important to note that it is a dedicated closed platform that makes it compulsory for artists to apply before they can gain access. This is because the NFTs you find on the platform are of good quality and come from the various artists it hosts. Also, a basic transaction fee costs around $0.0017, and other transactions like minting an NFT art cost $0.40 or less.


  • There is no need to create an account to sell or collect NFTs.
  • The platform does not experience network crashes.
  • Finally, its designs prevent copy minting of duplicate NFTs.


  • It lacks a detailed guide on how to use the platform.
  • It does not allow you to mint more than 50 editions.



Launched in 2021, FxHash is one of the top NFT marketplaces on Tezos. It is an open marketplace where anyone can mint and collect NFTs. Its best features include collection rankings, many listing options, a native token (in the pipeline), a sandbox for testing projects, support for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), etc.

Also, it is an NFT platform that focuses on generative art NFTs developed in CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. It aims to provide a platform where generative artists can mint their creations. It charges a 2.5% service fee on all trades.


  • It is a decentralized platform controlled by creators and artists
  • 50% of the fee earnings go to the FxHash DAO
  • Stakers receive a share of platform fees after staking FxHash tokens.


  • Only Tezos coins are valid for transactions
  • The token is usually locked for three hours for an unverified NFT minter
  • You cannot change the price for listed NFT collections.



Rarible is one of the biggest NFT marketplaces on Tezos. It is a decentralized multi-chain platform offering NFTs from Tezos and other blockchains like Ethereum. Users can mint, buy, trade, and collect NFTs from different digital artists and creators on the platform.

It was founded in 2019, and some of its features include many listing options, a decentralized marketplace, rewarding activities with tokens, and a native token ($RARI). Apart from Tezos, Rarible supports other blockchains like Ethereum. It also charges a 2.5% market fee for traders.


  • Rewards for many activities on the platform
  • Community-based DeFi app
  • Various filtering and sorting options

Cons: The platform struggles to keep active users. Likewise, the NFT creator’s verification is complex, which discourages many users. Finally, it is not an NFT marketplace that is entirely dedicated to Tezos.

How to Pick the Best Tezos Marketplace?

How to Pick the Best Tezos Marketplace

The best Tezos marketplace will depend on your needs. But some things to consider include the following:

  • The marketplace must truly be a decentralized one.
  • It must be dedicated to Tezos.
  • The platform must use advanced programming for its smart contracts and frequently conduct an official inspection to keep bad actors away.
  • It must be a marketplace that will let you use strict account authentication features like hardware wallets, 2-factor authentication (2FA), etc.
  • The marketplace must verify all the NFT asset submissions and prevent intellectual property rights violations.
  • The DeFi app must be fast, lightweight, and not freeze during high-stakes transactions.

Why choose Tezos NFT Marketplaces?

Why choose Tezos NFT Marketplaces

The Tezos NFT marketplace has proven to be an excellent blockchain for users looking to get the best NFT experience without spending all their money. There are many benefits associated with using Tezos NFT marketplaces for buying, selling, and minting NFTs. They are:

Low transaction fees

The cost of minting NFTs and other costs are cheaper than most other NFT marketplaces, including the Ethereum ecosystem. The proof-of-stake mechanism allows faster transactions that consume less energy than blockchains using a proof-of-work model.


Tezos is a decentralized blockchain governed by its community, not a centralized organization. Thus, users can join anonymously and not have to disclose personal details. All that is required is to get a crypto wallet that Tezos support and access the marketplace using that.


Tezos is one of the safest blockchains to use. When the crypto world is rife with fraudulent activities and scams, securing your safety and personal data is important, and Tezos does that.


Due to its consensus mechanism, Tezos is one of the most energy-efficient blockchains at the moment. If your concern is the backlash that blockchains get for their environmental impact, you can forgo that worry while using Tezos.

Famous NFTs on Tezos

Famous NFTs on Tezos

Tezos is home to many famous NFT projects. Let’s go through some of them:



The Tezzardz collection is one of the first and most popular NFT collections on Tezos. It is a collection of randomly and programmatically generated snazzy little fukrs. Each NFT bugger’s token is unique and exists only in a single copy. The Tezzards collection contains 4,200 pieces and currently sits at a floor price of $210, and there are about 1,760 owners.



Dogami is one of the leaders in the NFT segment on Tezos as of 2022. It spans over 300 breeds of dogs, each with unique traits and characteristics. The floor price is $280, and there are about 3,630 owners.



Ottez is a 4,007 NFT project launched via a public sale at 8.5xtz per token. Each NFT has its unique characteristic. This makes the tokens valuable to collectors. It has a total volume of $334,080. The project has a floor price of $73.85, and there are about 1,180 owners.



Neonz is a limited collection of 10,000 unique avatars. They are generated from futuristic neon character art by Sutu. Since its launch, the project has recorded over $286,930 in trade volume. The floor price is $20, and there are about 3,470 owners.

Other popular NFTs on Tezos include Ziggurats, Prjktneon, Randomly common skeles, Gogos, Tezotopia, PixelPotus, etc.


  1. Which NFT marketplaces support Tezos?

    Objkt, FxHash, Versum, Kalamint, Rarible, OneOf, Hic Et Nunc 101, Bazaar Market, and many more are all NFT marketplaces that support Tezos.

  2. Where can I store Tezos NFT?

    There are several Tezos wallets to store Tezos NFTs. Some of the best Tezos wallets are Kukai Wallet, Temple Wallet, Airgap Wallet, Atomex, and Umami Wallet.

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