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Most Trending NFTs of 2023

Top 10 TrendingNFTs of The Week

This is a reference page for those who want to know the top trending NFTs of the moment to make a good investment. If you are interested, then you need to know which NFT art and artist to invest in, in 2022 and have an interesting and valuable collection. You can also sell those artworks at a higher price and have a profitable investment.

This is not financial or investment advice. Please do your own research before any trade.

RankArtVolume TradedArtist
1Temporale-#10 NFT ArtTemporale #101.020 ETHSarah Zucker
3A-Broken-Warrior NFT ArtA Broken Warrior (Animated)4.850 ETHGary Cartlidge
4June NFT ArtJune5.00 ETHDolce Paganne
5Crash-Test-01. NFT ArtCrash Test 01 (Animated)1.00 ETHGeoffroy de Crécy
6Space-Bride NFT ArtSpace Bride5.00 ETHMauricio Pommella
7Dysmorphia NFT ArtDysmorphia6.00 ETHChewy Stoll
8CHASED NFT ArtCHASED (Animated)1.500 ETHBstract
9Daily-Ritual NFT ArtDaily Ritual6.250 ETHJake Inez
10Amor-Aeternus NFT ArtAmor Aeternus1.100 ETHGii
RankArtVolume TradedArtist
2Ages-Reflect-Obscurity NFT ArtAges Reflect Obscurity14.300 ETHBotto
3Down-the-Bitcoin-Rabbit-Hole NFT ArtDown the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole6.700 ETHLucho Poletti
5Sidewalk NFT ArtSidewalk6.600 ETH0xdgb
6How Was Your Day NFT ArtHow Was Your Day? (Animated)5.00 ETHRoope Rainisto
7Abyss NFT ArtAbyss3.00 ETHNadine Bauer
8Nero-malinconia NFT ArtNero malinconia3.250 ETHOZY
9NEO-BASE NFT ArtNEO BASE (Animated)3.00 ETHDaniel C Katz
10Human-Hour NFT ArtHuman Hour (Animated)3.300 ETHCeren Yüzgül
RankArtVolume TradedArtist
1Tarascon NFT ArtTarascon17.500 ETHJack Kaido
2all-time-high-in-the-stock-market NFT Artall time high in the stock market (Animated)8.140 ETHbongdoe
3Ages-Reflect-Obscurity NFT ArtAges Reflect Obscurity14.300 ETHBotto
4A-Slippery-Slope-Of-The-Blind-Seducing-The-Blind NFT ArtA Slippery Slope Of The Blind Seducing The Blind4.256 ETHTim Maxwell
5Orange-Crush NFT ArtOrange Crush5.00 ETHAndrew Mitchell
6in-paradise NFT Artin paradise (Animated)2.850 ETHAditya
7The-Architect NFT ArtThe Architect3.900 ETH@artoflucaboni
9The-Other-Side NFT ArtThe Other Side(Animated)1.600 ETHScott Carr
10BLUR NFT ArtBLUR 1.337 ETHMax Osiris
RankArtVolume TradedArtist
2Ages-Reflect-Obscurity NFT ArtAges Reflect Obscurity14.300 ETHBotto
3Inside-Worlds-No.-3 NFT ArtInside Worlds – No. 3(Animated)14.00 ETHMiraRuido
4The-Lost-Forest NFT ArtThe Lost Forest7.150 ETHHaru Komoda
5Big-Fish NFT ArtBig Fish6.885 ETHArtur Falcão
6Skeleton-Key NFT ArtSkeleton Key10.00 ETHCowboy Killer
7Relic-Mankind NFT ArtRelic – Mankind (Animated)6.00 ETHRhett Mankind
8Mind-Heights NFT ArtMind Heights (Animated)7.990 ETHJos
9Quietland NFT ArtQuietland (Animated)14.650 ETHApocalypse Art
RankArtVolume TradedArtist
1Shroom-&-Doom NFT ArtShroom & Doom (Animated)29.690 ETHTony Babel
2Really-Fresh-Carrot NFT ArtReally Fresh Carrot7.160 ETHsocmplxd
3Blue-Water NFT ArtBlue Water4.235 ETHJeremy Booth
4Fully-See NFT ArtFully See23.00 ETHBotto
5Big-City-Dreams NFT ArtBig City Dreams9.00 ETHLaura El
6in-paradise NFT Artin paradise (Animated)2.850 ETHAditya
7The-carefree-days-of-summer NFT ArtThe carefree days of summer (Animated)2.200 ETHNegative Vibrations
9the bus stop NFT ArtThe Bus Stop (Animated)8.470 ETHMannay
10And-All-The-Noise-Is-Gone NFT ArtAnd All The Noise Is Gone 2.500 ETHMia Novakova
RankArtVolume TradedArtist
1Shroom-&-Doom NFT ArtShroom & Doom (Animated)29.690 ETHTony Babel
2Derive-Time NFT ArtDerive Time15.400 ETHBotto
3the-year-dad-died NFT Artthe year dad died6.00 ETHdiewiththemostlikes
4Big-City-Dreams NFT ArtBig City Dreams9.00 ETHLaura El
5bpt2345 NFT Artbpt2345 (Animated)5.00 ETHfilip custic
6The-Lamb-of-Boston-Dynamics NFT ArtThe Lamb of Boston Dynamics4.700 ETHRare
7The-carefree-days-of-summer NFT ArtThe carefree days of summer (Animated)2.200 ETHNegative Vibrations
8Enter-The-Void,-Chapter-VII NFT ArtEnter The Void, Chapter VII3.750 ETHP1A
9in-paradise NFT Artin paradise (Animated)2.850 ETHAditya
10Th3-NFT-Y3arbook NFT ArtTh3 NFT Y3arbook (Animated)10.000 ETHThe NFT Yearbook
RankArtVolume TradedArtist
1NFT Art𝙻𝚘𝚗𝚐𝚒𝚗𝚐 5.00 ETH0010
2ako and doragon NFT ArtAko and Doragon3.795 ETHkao
3sleeping puddings NFT ArtSleeping puddings9.369 ETHSillDA
4rebirth in serenity NFT ArtRebirth in Serenity6.00 ETHlemontea
5Suburbia Mexicana, People of Suburbia #21 NFT ArtSuburbia Mexicana, People of Suburbia #212.25 ETHAlejandro Cartagena
6Journey (Animated) NFT ArtJourney (Animated)5.00 ETHSAU
7Pale NFT ArtPale5.00 ETHWLOP
8Broken (Animated) NFT ArtBroken (Animated)5.00 ETHYU CAI
9The heart of change NFT ArtThe heart of change4.44 ETHSamantha Cavet
10無- Nothingness NFT Art無- Nothingness4.40 ETHJimi Wen
RankArtVolume TradedArtist
1ETHIOPIA NFT ArtETHIOPIA – Collector’s Edition: Fentale and Woday 10.00 ETHJoey L.
2After-The-Cave-#33 NFT ArtAfter The Cave #330.18 ETHAluan Wang
3Bouquet-for-you NFT ArtBouquet for you4.00 ETHtetra
4Muckrake NFT ArtMuckrake3.69 ETHFuChiMi
6The-overthinker NFT ArtThe overthinker2.60 ETHbárbara carvalho
8recipe-for-success NFT Artrecipe for success0.10 ETHfemzor
9Until-the-end-of-time... NFT ArtUntil the end of time…1.50 ETHIlan Derech
10do-anything-now! NFT Artdo anything now!4.4669 ETH𝚍𝚒𝚒𝚍
RankArtVolume TradedArtist
1Balls NFT ArtBalls (Animated) 26.00 ETHmcbess
2Invisible-City-#510 NFT ArtInvisible City #5100.064 ETHFrederik Vanhoutte
3Shrimps-on-the-Barbie NFT ArtShrimps on the Barbie (Animated)10.30 ETHRyan D Anderson
4After-The-Cave-#33 NFT ArtAfter The Cave #330.18 ETHAluan Wang
5無--Nothingness NFT Art無- Nothingness4.40 ETHJimi Wen
6Demons-of-the-Night-#66 NFT ArtDemons of the Night #660.30 ETHIvona Tau AI
7Okay,-Yeah-I-Didn't-Believe-You NFT ArtOkay, Yeah I Didn’t Believe You0.40 ETHINFINITEYAY
8Nye-County,-Nevada,-U.S.A.-(1996) NFT ArtNye County, Nevada, U.S.A. (1996) (Animated)1.57 ETHSpøgelsesmaskinen
9Flux-2.0---Melting-Carpets NFT ArtFlux 2.0 – Melting Carpets (Animated)0.11 ETHorkhan®
10Lost-in-Silence-#40 NFT ArtLost in Silence #400.25 ETHDxl

NFT Trends of February 2023

1. Cover, Story

Cover-Story NFT Art

In December, Harambe held the top two positions on the chart for two weeks before disappearing. It has now returned after selling 363 NFTs, an incredible amount for 28.17 ETH. Harambe’s creation of a collection on OpenSea in January is good news. Harambe has risen again following his tragic death in 2016. There are 100 distinct digital harambes for sale on the Polygon blockchain. Even though Jeff McCurry (’96) may not be a household name, his work is well-known. In fact, 5.5 billion people shared his photo in 2016 following the passing of Harambe, a famous gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo. But McCurry didn’t always intend to make a living from his hobby of photography. The then 24-year-old was hit by a drunk driver before starting his academic career at Northern Kentucky University and was rendered permanently disabled. He is now a photographer for the NFT.

Volume Traded : 3.00 ETH
Artist: Visualize Value

2. Visitor III

Last week, Dylan Wade was in seventh place; this week, he’s in second. This is a tremendous improvement. He is an artist, writer, and photographer located in the lovely South African city of Cape Town. He exhibits, sells, and writes about the artist’s work. He has been taking photographs since he was 14 years old, when digital photography did not exist. His artworka are fantastic. It overflows with life. Three NFTs were sold for a total of 10.00 eth.

Sold For : 0.20 ETH
Artist: Dylan Wade

3. A Lonely Mans Last Day

In January, pho shone brilliantly. There it was for three weeks. Now, in the first week of February, it has returned to the chart and is positioned third on the NFT Art Trendings. Pho is an artist who has sold his work for exorbitant sums; an NFT went for 44 ETH, which is extremely high. Recently, he sold an NFT for 10.00 eth. The spiral is one of the NFTs he presented. Those who wish to participate in the challenge have one week to design something based on this photograph, he explained. Remember that it is CCO, so you are free to sell it if you so choose. Following one week, three winners will be selected. Simply include the hashtag #phospiral on the post or beneath it.

Sold For : 9.00 ETH
Artist: pho


Connor Sinclai is his name. He is a Chicago-based self-taught artist. He simplifies life by using abstraction. His artistic career began when he began drawing people’s faces with a single line in order to communicate the idea that we are all related. He was moved by the notion that a single line could convey such profound significance. All of his paintings has a deeper message, but it’s up to you to figure out what that meaning is. Sometimes the meaning is a sensation. He makes his debut on the chart and ranks fourth. He sold nine NFTs at a price of 9.60 ETH each.

Total Sales : 1.00 ETH
Artist: Sinclair

5. Rejected Idea

In January, 0xdgb appeared on the NFT ART trendings chart twice. He finished fifth this week, selling 1 NFT for 8.40 ETH. He also releases limited-edition items. Both editions will be available to wallets on his Community Allowlist at the same time (Feb. 8th, 8 p.m. GMT/3 p.m. EST). Remember that his allowance is first-come, first-served; it does not guarantee you a mint. His NFTs have generated a lot of interest.

Total Sales : 8.40 ETH
Artist: 0xdgb

6. Manhattan Transfer: Bebops

One of the best artists showed up on the list in the first week of February. Many people in the AI art community were upset by Christie’s choice of Obvious because they felt there are so many other artists who have been working in the medium for much longer and are more technically and artistically skilled, artists who have given back to the community and helped to grow the genre. Helena Sarin is a creative person. This is a big difference between AI art made with GANs and other kinds of art. When making AI art, we often see artists use similar code (CycleGAN, SNGAN, Pix2Pix, etc.) and train with the same data sets collected from the web. After selling two NFTs for 7.56 eth, she is now in sixth place.

Volume Traded : 8.00 ETH
Artist: helena sarin

7. Heartbeats in Harmony

Contemporary artist Menji is renowned for his distinctive linework and use of color. His artwork combines classic techniques with a contemporary perspective. He challenges established art traditions with his powerful, introspective pieces. Menji views art as a tool of self-discovery, thinking that one has an endless capacity for creativity and artistic expression. He is devoted to his work and continually experimenting with new techniques and mediums in order to produce as much art as possible during his lifetime. He occupies the seventh position on the list. I believe he will be promoted next week due to his incredible artwork. Menji sold an NFT for 6.00 ETH.

Volume Traded : 6.00 ETH
Artist: Menji

8. Anatomy Lesson (Animated)

Hafftka was absent from the chart from the month of August, but now he has returned and is positioned in eighth place. Hafftka joined Web3 in 2022, just as the company was entering a bear market. In spite of the state of the market at the time, his digital works had attained an ATH of 30 ETH on SuperRare after just eight months. The number of people who purchased the PEPE edition of Haftka surpassed 3,200. Hafftka is a New York native who lives in Brooklyn. One of his NFTs was sold to a collector for $5.50.

Total Sales: 3.70 ETH
Artist: hafftka

9. multiplayer (Animated)

Zero X is an artist who has never been here before. He makes motion NFTs and shares them on different NFT platforms. Two of them were sold for 5.29 eths. He said on Twitter that next week he will release his first fully on-chain collection of erc-1155 editions. Those on the AL will have about 24 hours to decide whether or not to buy. If any are still available after that, they will be put up for sale to the general public.

Sold For: 3.5959 ETH
Artist: zero X

10. ▂▀▏▏▂▆▆ – Symbiotic

The Obscura Community has reached tenth place, which is not great! This photography community deserves a more prominent position. This week, 19 NFTs were sold for 4.25 ethers. Each unit was sold for 0.20 ETH. Anna Condo’s La Collectionneuse is one of them. “Collecting can elicit and intensify our sensations of irony, sorrow, subversion, and self-awareness.” Susan Pearce noted, “Like all fictitious narratives, it lets us to play games and undergo magical transformations: we are all the heroes of our collections.”

Sold For: 0.20 ETH
Artist: Obscura Community

1. Harambe

In December, Harambe held the top two positions on the chart for two weeks before disappearing. It has now returned after selling 363 NFTs, an incredible amount for 28.17 ETH. Harambe’s creation of a collection on OpenSea in January is good news. Harambe has risen again following his tragic death in 2016. There are 100 distinct digital harambes for sale on the Polygon blockchain. Even though Jeff McCurry (’96) may not be a household name, his work is well-known. In fact, 5.5 billion people shared his photo in 2016 following the passing of Harambe, a famous gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo. But McCurry didn’t always intend to make a living from his hobby of photography. The then 24-year-old was hit by a drunk driver before starting his academic career at Northern Kentucky University and was rendered permanently disabled. He is now a photographer for the NFT.

Volume Traded : 30.30 ETH
Artist: Harambe

2. Itegue Taitu – Portrait: Kingdoms of Ethiopia

Itegue Taitu - Portrait Kingdoms of Ethiopia NFT Art

Yatreda’s peak month in 2022 was March. Then it returned, but only briefly. This week, it has returned and is in second place. Yatreda is an Ethiopian family of artists who create in the tizita style, which is characterized by nostalgia and a yearning for the past. It is under Kiya’s control. All of the dancers received a guarantee payment in advance. Additionally, they will split equally the proceeds from the first sale with the stunning performers, dancers, and crew members who helped them. It has sold 4 NFTs for 14.0 ethers this week.

Sold For : 17.0 ETH
Artist: Yatreda ያጥሬዳ

3. Coffee and Donut

Before the most recent round, socmplxd was sitting in third place. It has regained its previous position of third place. I would consider myself to be one of his admirers. Take a look at his NFTs, and you’ll understand why I’m such a big fan of his work! On Foundation, you can not stop scrolling through his account. The beauty of each individual piece only rises with each successive one. NiftyNikka is the collector who collected the banana split NFT. Since 2008, Socmplxd has been actively involved in the arts industry as a professional artist who is a multidisciplinary artist 2008.

Sold For : 15.059 ETH
Artist: socmplxd


I would say that most of the creators from the previous week have made it onto the chart at some point. The 20/20 Edition can now be obtained by means of the manifold. The story will be told over the course of three episodes, and there will be a point. The following drop will also be a 20/20, and if you are successful in collecting both of them, you will be eligible to receive the third piece as a free airdrop. He moved up two spots, moving from sixth to fourth place in the standings as a result of his improved performance. It was able to make a sale of 2 NFTs for 8.94 ETH.

Total Sales : 5.50 ETH
Artist: Dxl

5. Vantablack (Animated)

I’ve never seen Geo before, but she’s here now. She created and shared 27 NFTs on Foundation. She has occupied the fifth position on the list. Geo is a designer who thinks she is a hybrid of AI and humans. really into superglass and futuristic moods. She created NFTs around the idea of glasses. They are fantastic. A few of them are in motion. Her collection of Cinderella 2059 artwork has been made public. All 16 objects have attributes, animation, and sound. Her NFTs’ sound design is admirable. You could see how professionally matched they are in a video she posted on Twitter. You can watch the video here: FxRIg. 16 NFTs were sold by her for $8.24 ETH.

Total Sales : 0.05 ETH
Artist: geo

6. A Lonely Mans Last Day

The sixth position on the chart is where pho hasn’t been since August. Aspiring musician, writer, director, graphic designer, and artist named Photon Tide. He resides on California’s central coast. He decided to live a life of creativity, music, and the arts. On January 27, “The Spiral” was a live piece that quickly sold out. Pho only sold this particular piece this week for 8.00 eth. This incredible artist also has a collection of NFTs. He is a leading NFT artist.

Volume Traded : 9.0 ETH
Artist: pho

7. Jazz on Khreshchatyk

Her name has probably appeared on the chart at some point if you’ve been following the NFT Art trendings. She does not, however, become well-known as a result of NFTs. She’s been creative all her life. Helena Sarin, a visual artist and software engineer, has always worked with cutting-edge technologies, first designing commercial communication systems at Bell Labs and more recently creating deep learning computer vision software as an independent consultant. Helena has always worked in technology, but she has also taken on commissions in the applied arts, including fashion, food and drink styling, and photography, as well as watercolor and pastel. This week, she sold 1 NFT for 8.00 ethers. She currently holds the seventh spot on the list.

Volume Traded : 10.0 ETH
Artist: helena sarin

8. Flow

Although I had never heard of him before, I noticed that he had more than 200 NFTs in his collection. Since he was in his early teens, he has produced several hundred personal videos, and although the subjects have varied greatly, nostalgia has always served as his primary inspiration. He desired to continuously record events so that he would remember them and be able to create moving compilations from the clips he would gather. These electronic works are strikingly similar. He creates things that make him nostalgic, whether they are works that are inspired by emotions, distant memories, or things that are familiar. By selling 3 NFTs for 7.74 ether, he has risen to the eighth spot on the NFT ART trending chart.

Total Sales: 3.5453 ETH
Artist: Dylan Wade

9. Portal To Nowhere

On the NFT Art Trending chart, textrnr is currently positioned in the ninth spot. He works as an artist and photographer using a digital camera, and his interests include artificial intelligence and minimalism. The theme of minimalism runs throughout all of his NFTs. On January 17, he made the announcement that he would be contributing artwork to SuperRare. On Foundation, he has presented a total of 279 NFTs. He made 4.38 ETH from the sale of 11 NFTs. This creative artist is from Belgium.

Sold For: 0.9 ETH
Artist: textrnr

10. Shift Two (Animated)

Shift-Two NFT Trend

This is the third presence on the chart for LOREM. He is now in tenth place after sitting in second place last week. According to him, “For me, the process of creating art is a form of meditation that allows me to find inner peace and clarity. As I work on a piece, I enter a state of flow where time seems to stand still and I am completely absorbed in the present moment. This state of mindfulness allows me to tap into my deepest thoughts and feelings, and express them in a way that is authentic and meaningful .” 11 NFTs were sold for 5.50 ETH.

Sold For: 2.65 ETH
Artist: LOREM
RankArtVolume TradedArtist
1Forerunner1.344 ETHMaking It
2天地創造 (Animated)2.50 ETHNozumo
3Invaluable Presence20.00 ETHItzel Yard
4Rocky Island #9/10 (Animated)0.75 ETHClement MORIN
5line light field (Animated)3.33 ETHZach Lieberman
6Oh Vincent, Enough with Sunflowers0.53 ETHhelena sarin
7Memories Fade0.30 ETHalifarouksaloum
8Eternal Blue9.16 ETHSAU
9Death.exe-99 NFT ArtDeath.exe #991.20 ETHneurocolor
10Subacuática (Animated)3.30 ETHLisa Odette
RankArtVolume TradedArtist
1Zibaldone #129 (Animated)0.23 ETHNick Kuder
2An Eternal Tapestry of AI1.49 ETHhelena sarin
3A Matter of Time (Animated)20.00 ETHBurnt Toast
4Transfusion7.77 ETHBen Zank
5line light field (Animated)3.33 ETHzach lieberman
6Aikebana N°321.00 ETHStudio Brasch
7Lux Æterna #60.255 ETHVikki Bardot
8Moon-Money-Founding-Father-NFTMoon Money: Founding Father Collection #101.00 ETHPeople Reign
9SOL #100.18 ETHCory Haber
10Expectation7.00 ETHMonarti
RankArtVolume TradedArtist
1SOL #2002.00 ETHCory Haber
3Look UP4.2069 ETHJuicebruns
4Treasure, Vol. 14.00 ETHClaire Salvo
5Cover, Story3.00 ETHVisualize Value
6Indoctrination10.00 ETHhelena sarin
71008221.00 ETHadhd
8Moon-Money-Founding-Father-NFT#7 KEVIN KOWALSKI (Animated)1.1759 ETHDavid Bachinsky
9Ako and Doragon3.795 ETHkao
10Black Order 🖤 (Animated)10.00 ETHKazonomics
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