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Treeverse NFT Game Guide

Treeverse NFT game Guide

Since the introduction of blockchain technology, blockchain gaming appeared to be a fun segment of the crypto market. Users and investors even find it more interesting as they know they not only can play the game for fun but also they can earn some cryptocurrency while playing. One of the newest NFT games in the world of Metaverse games is Treeverse. It aims to provide players with a Runescape-style MMORPG game where users may take advantage of NFTs in an open and interactive world.

In the following, we read more about Treeverse NFT game, and its characteristics and advantages over other Metaverse games.

What is Treeverse NFT Game?

What is Treeverse

It seems that Treeverse is one of the first Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games, or MMORPG, on metaverse, which is available on both PhoPhonesd PC. Built in a retro pickled style, Treeverse provides a stage for a play-to-earn system.

Treeverse NFT game was developed by Endless Clouds on the Ethereum blockchain. Loopify, an NFT artist and collector famous for the NFTrees project, is behind the project. Loopify launched Treeverse by creating the NFT collectibles project NFTrees in mid-summer 2021; however, the Founders’ Private Plots and Timeless Avatars were introduced sometime later in fall 2021.

Loopify believes that Treeverse is different from other play to earn games. He argues that, as a playable MMORPG, Treeverse provides the opportunity for its users to exchange assets earned in the game for NFTs and also earn the native currency of the game ($SEED and $ROOT) which again can be traded freely for NFTs.

Players stated that while playing, they were reminded of classic games such as Pokemon and Runescape. However, Treeverse brings about a community-based feature that greatly benefits classic games.

Game Play of Treeverse

The economy of Treeverse

The economy of Treeverse

Treeverse seems to own its special economy. The economy composes of two different tokens used in the game, both of which are ERC-20 tokens.

  • $SEED: the token is used in the game to buy items, paplayor rent plot, and also develop the characters.
  • $ROOT:the token is the governing token for Treeverse. It is used to vote on future decisions or developments of the game.

In-game Marketplace

Treeverse also has its own in-game marketplace that allows users to trade anything from weapons to armors to pets, etc. These items are NFTs that can be earned inside the game and then be sold on this marketplace.


As an MMORPG game, Treeverse includes several skills that users need to upgrade. Here are some:

  • Melee
  • Range
  • Magic
  • Crafting
  • Mining
  • Woodcutting
  • Fishing

What is the NFT collection like on Treeverse?

Treeverse NFT collection was developed in different phases. Here, we discuss the collection in more detail:


NFTrees Treeverse NFT Collection

were the first NFTs introduced to The reverse project. The NFTs were minted in February 2021. The base price at the time of release was 0.2 ETH. The floor price of the NFTs is over 14 ETH at the time being. There are only 420 trees provided with the original collection.

Players can place the trees on the map to interact with other players and collect fruits in exchange for $SEED. There is a %10 gas fee or burn of the $SEED price.

Founders’ Private Plots (FPP)

It is the second NFT collection to Treeverse. They were first minted in August 2021 for a release price of 0.12 ETH. At the time being, the floor price for Founders Plots is 1.9 EHT.

Founders’ Private Plots grant the users access to private homes Treeverse, where users can have an NFT gallery and have a party with friends. Founder Plot holders may rent their plots on $SEED, a passive income for the owners. 420 Founders’ Plots were developed for NFTree holders. 10,000 more Plots were sold to others.


Timeless Treeverse NFT Collection

Timeless is the last NFT of The reverse collection. It was first minted in November 2021. At the time of release, it was free for NFTrees holders, however, it costs about 0.22 ETH for Plot holders. It is a playable avatar collection used in Treeverse. Timeless characters are the unique appearance in the game. There are over 11,000 avatars minted, however, there is no public sale. Instead, community members may mint an avatar for 0.22 ETH. It is free for NFTrees holders, though.

Treeverse game and NFTs

Treeverse game and NFTs

Is a browser-based massive MMO (massively multiplayer online) game, which aims to not only function as a game but also replace social media platforms like Discord and Twitter. For better understanding, consider the notion of its first NFT genesis collection or “Founder’s Plots,” which is a plot of land. The plots equip their owners with digital home players who can customize with other NFTS or the owners of other plots. I own a plot of land, players can teleport to their plot and invite others to visit their plot of land.

As a blockchain game, Treeverse incentivizes users to incentivize adopters; in this regard, the game allows NFTree owners to allocate and mint a plot of land to their wallet address. Just like any other ERC-21 tokens, players are the only owners of all their digital assets. They can choose to use their digital property for promotional purposes and fill their home with things or, more precisely, NFTs to sell. It is quite clear that Treeverse aims to develop its roadmap with an in-game trading marketplace, pets, guilds, seasonal events, NFT locked regions, and plots of land, which are all about NFTs.

Alpha version and updates

The development team behind Treeverse has paved a long way since the first launch of the game in the public alpha version. They also ran a Treeverse Hunt on social media and set a Founders’ Private Plot as a reward for the winner. The platform for the second sale of Treeverse NFTs, specially Plots, is determined to be OpenSea. Although the Plots are sold out, players can join Twitter and Discord for community competition to win a Plot.

Furthermore, the Alpha team has been working to fix and terminate bugs and problems met playing the game. The team also is trying their best to improve players experience with the players and, as the result, put filters on NFT inventory and cause higher quality with NFTs in the game.

Where to buy NFTrees and Founders Plots?

Although both NFTrees and Founders Plots sold out at the time of release, players still can purchase them on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea at higher prices than the original. This could be due to the increasing hype for Treeverse. NFTrees are considered the rare collectibles of this collection. The good news is that NFTrees owners can expect bonuses such as airdrops in the future. There will be a public land sale later, at an unspecified date.

Treeverse team and roadmap

At the time of writing, a team of 20 work full-time on Treeverse. The driving artist behind Treeverse is undoubtedly Loopify. He showed his interest in developing a full-scale P2E MMORPG. Loopify has proven his ability to execute his interest.

In October, Treeverse raised $25M in funds from IdeoCo Labs, Animoca Brands, Skyvision Capital and Stani Kulechove. It seems that Loopify has convinced funders to invest in his dream to provide players with a nostalgic Pokemon-like metaverse in an MMORPG-style game where users can interact with NFTs in a virtual environment.

The team behind Treeverse knows that, after the NFT explosion in 2021, NFTs and P2E gaming can be the next frontier in the digital world; therefore, they have a solid vision of what it could look like.

Treeverse is now available on mobile phones to everyone, though the team is doing its best to provide the PC access, too. They also plan to upgrade the social aspects of the game, including guilds, events, raids, etc. The gameplay also is improving to include more weapons, Mob Loot, consumables and more.

Is Treeverse a good investment?

Selling out an NFT collection of 10,000 plots of digital land, many people hope that the game will continue to develop. As already discussed, the game is still in alpha phase, demeaning it is not fully released: therefore, many members of the community are still looking into the prospect of investing. Prices for digital land might be high for average investors. However, considering blockchain games being built on the Metaverse, many prefer to pay for digital land as a form of digital asset that can yield passive income.

With the success of similar MMO games like Roblox and the rise of other blockchain games like The Sandbox, people argue that new games to the world of Metaverse will be a good choice for investment in the future. Many compare blockchain games to bloom just like e-sport.


Treeverse is still in development but aspects of this NFT game are available at the time being; for instance, buying ‘Timeless’ characters which can be used in the Treeverse world. The game blends fantasy and sci-fi MMORPG with a combat system, like multiplayer online battle arenas, to attract the view of players and have them explore this universe.

If you find yourself interested in the Metaverse game, give the alpha version of Treeverse a try and share your experience with others, too.

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