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Uhive Social Network Explained

Uhive Social Network Explained

The introduction of the NFT world has caused lots of changes in the digital market through influencing social media where people usually search, communicate and do business. On the other hand, blockchain technology has created a more secure area to keep track of NFTs and all related transactions. It has also affected social media and innovative social media networks were created to let users earn digital currency while enjoying their communications with others. The first revolutionary social media network is the Uhive. Here, we try to provide a full guide to the network.

What is Uhive social network?

What is Uhive social network

Uhive is the world’s first blockchain-powered, decentralized social platform. It creates a social media platform that makes use of a unique and innovative interest-based content discovery model and provides creator rewards within Uhive’s decentralized economy with its very own cryptocurrency – Uhive Token HVE2.

Muayyad Shehadeh, the founder and CEO of Uhive social network, first launched the platform in January 2016. He is originally from Jordan but is based in London. He led companies such as BigMIND, Zoolz, the founder of G Cloud, and Genie9 as a CEO.

Uhive uses Oasis as its groundbreaking app. Oasis is interactive, VR-supported physical-esque dimension which includes an infinite number of spaces. It allows users to find their desired spaces, other users with similar interests and the contents they look for with a single tap on the screen. These spaces make Uhive unique. Each of these spaces is similar to a profile or a page on social media platforms; however, they are totally different.

What are Uhive spaces?

Uhive spaces are like parcels of virtual lands with or without properties. These parcels are dependent on many factors such as location (in the Oasis), the level of engagement a space receives, the amount and quality of followers a space has, and where the follower quality is determined by their social scale). Therefore, the concept of real estate is unique to Uhive as the platform turns the spaces into non-fungible tokens or NFTs.

NFT spaces follow all regulations found with regular NFTs such as being coded into a smart contract in a blockchain. These digital files are unforgeable indivisible digital collectibles owned by an individual. As the digital space is encoded in a blockchain, a copy of the file can be uploaded to an NFT auction market. The space NFTs, then, are purchasable and can be traded with cryptocurrencies.

How do the NFTs apply to Uhive?

Designing each space as an NFT creates a unique, immutable as well as valuable collectible that can be owned using the NFT’s unique token address specific to each space’s physical location within the Oasis. The platform provides land deed that confirms the exclusive rights for an owner not only to the given space but also to its content and followers. Land deed further allows owners to withdraw the NFT to their preferred wallet if they wish to trade or sell the space.

In addition, Uhive makes the idea of NFT spaces more interesting by rewarding the original creators with Uhive’s Ethereum-based ERC-20 token or HVE2. HVE2 is developed to power transactions on Uhive network and also allow space purchase within the platform. However, it is also possible to trade the spaces on secondary platforms using Tether or Ethereum.

How does Uhive blockchain work?

As we already mentioned, Uhive is a social network that is available through a mobile app or web browser. It combines a physical dimension with blockchain technology. Uhive requires users to create profiles with a digital, physical location (or spaces) and display them. Therefore, users own a physical location within the Uhive social network.

There are 2 unique spaces within Uhive platform: Civilized World and Grey World. Let’s take a closer look at them.

  • Civilized world is designed for real people and real profiles. Users may take advantages of this world to navigate their social network of friends, family and colleagues. This is a regulated environment to discover topics and communities.
  • Gray World, on the other hand, forms a social network that allows users to become whatever they want. This is an uncharted and uncontrolled space and allows users to create their own region based on their imagination and create their own stories and spaces. This world is secured with a decentralized infrastructure and is completely isolated from the Civilized World.

Users face no limitation with the number of spaces they wish to own. They may have a profile on the Civilized World and another on the Grey World, and as the result, enjoy both a regulated environment and their world of imagination. To do so, Uhive makes use of hybrid blockchain technology to keep users’ data, identity, and activities secured and anonymous.

Uhive even makes the adventure more thrilling by providing virtual reality technology. As already discussed, this social network supports VR virtual reality as well as Al. Users may explore the physical spaces inside Uhive or photos and movies using a VR set.

How to get coins on Uhive?

Like any other social media platform, Uhive also sees its users active based on their social activities with other members. It supports its active users by giving them free HVE coins. There are quite a lot to do to be active and earn coins: post pictures, engage in discussions, leave comments, upload and much more. It is good to know that Uhive is already listed on exchange.

Uhive marketplace

Uhive Marketplace

Uhive offers a new approach to the world of social exploration. In fact, it allows businesses, markets and influencers to get infinite, new possibilities to run a new process in the digital and social marketing aspects. As the result, they find new attractive ways to advertise brand names and services.

The free world Uhive offers the chance to its users to apply their imaginations and stories to develop an advertisement market, even for NFT collections, so that they indirectly improve sales in the digital market. Uhive social network opens a new space to those who wish to make money while they enjoy communication in the digital world.

Uhive HVE token

Uhive HVE token

There is a total supply of 80 billion Uhive tokens, called HVE. The hard cap of the token reaches $52.4 million (or 25 billion HVE) while the soft cap is $10 million. It is believed that the value of Uhive token sharply increases as more users join the platform. At the time being, there are 100 million active users with at least one profile on the platform.

Are there any advantages with Uhive?

The answer is yes. As the users join Uhive social network, they become the owner of their Uhive spaces which provides them with unlimited amount of social interactions. It is also a space to grow not only for individuals but also the companies and organizations.

Besides, Uhive provides at least 26 Unive interest categories ranging from anime, comics, beauty, sport, to food so that users can make wide communication circles based on their interests.

Last but not least, the platform has already added a marketplace with great NFTs while users are also allowed to advertise their digital assets and sell their NFT spaces.


The world of NFT has brought many changes to the digital world and social media is not an exception. Uhive social network came up with the brilliant idea of mixing social media and blockchain technology to allow its users to earn NFTs as they enjoy communication in a free or regulated world. Uhive offers its tokens as NFT spaces that may include land, followers, content and social rank of the owner. It also creates thrilling experience of navigating the spaces (or the virtual world), watching movies and much more using VR technology. Add to the joy, Uhive users can trade their NFT spaces in the digital world and make a profit over the infinite number of spaces they may own.

It is said that the value of Uhive native token, HVE, will increases soon as the number of users is increasing rapidly. So, if you find yourself interested in this social network platform, join Uhive for free and own your space immediately.

About Tiffany Ellis

She is a smiley curious writer from the USA. She loves Cryptocurrencies, Arts an also NFTs.

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