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Zed Run Digital Horse Racing Game explained

zed run nft game

The wide spreading hype with both NFTs and video games has been felt around the world. Nowadays, lots of NFT enthusiasts also show their interest in gambling. These three trends are combining now to create a new category of NFT games. One of the most popular games which includes all the three features is Zed Run game. In this article, we explain the game and review its features.

What is Zed Run game?

Zed Run is a digital horse racing game which allows users to own, breed and race digital racehorses. Players can join the race all over the world all the day. In this blockchain game, NFTs represent horses. Zed Run is based on the Polygon Layer 2 chain that provides stability with NFTs produced, in this case horses.
In this virtual world, horses have their own unique characteristics. To end up with a great race horse or breed the best horses to sell in the Zed Run NFT market, players need to pay lots of attention to details and spend a lot of time.
Chris Laurent founded Zed Run in Australia in 2019. Zed Run official parent company, Virtually Human Studios, explains that the idea first came from the wide interest of people in horse racing. This interest combines with the love for NFTs and also gambling.
Zed run aims to create an ecosystem to value digital assets where they can be used for excitement of gaming and wagering. Further, the game seems to provide emotional connection with the digital assets, as the NFTs represents animals which can breed to the next generation.

Racing horses

NFT horse racing allows players to own digital race horses as NFTs on a blockchain and race them against other NFT horses. Besides, it allows breeding different horses and selling them as NFTs to collectors and investors. Generally speaking, here are two important feature to consider with race horses in the game, bloodline and genotype. Let’s discuss them in details.


There are four bloodlines with NFT hourses in Zed Run: Nakamoto, Azabo, Finney and Buterin, each of which own special, different characteristics which directly affects their performance on the racetrack. Let’s read about each bloodline in detail.
Nakamoto is the purest racehorse in Zed Run; they are often known as Samurai breed. Nakamoto is the rarest bloodline in the game with only 2,000 to be released. They are the only horses that will be released by Zed and make around 5 percent of the genesis population with the Zed horses. Due to their intelligence and purity, Nakamotos are the most valuable bloodline for both racing and breeding.
Szabo is the second rare bloodline in Zed Run. It originates from Hokkaido in Japan and makes 5.26 percent of the whole population of horses. There will be only 2,000 Szabo available for sale. This bloodline is well equipped for racing; however, it is originally bred for pleasure riding. Szabo comes with unique features such as tolerating cold temperature and long runs.
Finney is the next rare bloodline for NFT horses in Zed Run game. There are 9,000 Finney horses available which consist for 23.68 percent of the total population in the game. Although it is difficult to train the Finneis, their mating with Nakamotos and Szabos results in challenging character traits with the new generation of horses. It is said that they originate from Middle East which makes them highly resilient to bad conditions.
Buterin is the most common breed of NFT horses which originate from Russia. These horses are healthy and quick runners which easily breed. Their number reaches 25,000 or 65% in the Zed economy. The number makes Buterin the most common but still a great runner on the Zed Run tracks. Raised in Siberia, these horses are believed to tolerate low temperature and dry condition. With their thicker neck and broader chests, they are still a strong rival to other bloodlines on the track.


Horses are identified with Zed number or Z number in Zed Run. Bloodlines are known with Z1(Nakamoto) to Z10 (Buterin) while the number could go as far as Z268 to include all breeding possibilities. Lower Z numbers suggest purer horses. Genesis horses are coded with Z1 to Z10. The offspring horses, or non-genesis ones, are showed with Z numbers after 10 due to their parents’ bloodline. Gamers should notice that the purer bloodline or lower Z number does not always suggest that the horse is a better racer. All conditions along with genotype make the best racers.
Besides, breed type is an important attribute to Zed run horses. There are six different breed types defined in Zed Run for NFT horses: Genesis, Legendary, Exclusive, Elite, Cross and Pacer, which in fact show their Rarity. The rarest type is Genesis with a fixed number of 38,000.
Furthermore, Zed Run provides both gender of horses each with two distinctions. Colt and Filly name the male and female horses with no children. A female horse which has given birth to children is called Mare and a Stallion is a male horse with children. In Zed Run, female horses are slightly higher premium since the offspring stays with the mother horse after delivery.
The final item to be considered with Zed Run gamers is the Coat color with horses, the metallic-looking color of horses. There are seven different Coat Color groups: Neptune, Earth, Wild, Moon, Fiery, Classic, and Mystical. Each color groups may affect the temperament and personality of a horse. Further, each color group includes three tiers: Super Rare, Rare and Common. When two horses with the same coat color breed together, Super Coats appear.

How to buy a Zed Run horse

With the all knowledge provided, it is time to focus on buying horses. There is the exclusive Zed genesis drop and also purchase on the secondary market like OpenSea.
To do so, you need to take some steps:

  • Create a stable in by connecting a MetaMask wallet.
  • Go to OpenSea.
  • Search for ZED RUN to view the verified collection (marked by a blue tick).
  • Filter racehorses by various categories to find the right one for your stable.
  • Click on the racehorse you want and “Buy now.”
  • Beside using MetaMask wallet to join the game, players can also use their email address to create a stable and join Zed Run.


Zed Run Game Racing

Zed Run provides racing classes. All racehorses which have no experience with racing are named Griffin class. Their base rating is related to their genotype so that, for example Z1 to Z4 horses have the highest base rating as 57. The rest get lower base ratings.
There are also 5 more racing classes with Zed Run along with the Griffin. Horses enter a racing class based on their base ratings. Here, class 1 is the highest-rated class and Class 5 is the lowest. It is clear that the higher the class, the bigger the prize is to the winner.


Run Zed provides exciting tournaments in near future. Tournaments provide the championship for all horses. According to Zed Run the Podium Plate and the Fibonacci Sequence are the two most exciting tournaments in the game which allows almost all horses to attend the racing.
The Podium Place considers the percentage of race finishes with the top 3 cases. It includes two sections: an initial two-week qualifying period and a two-day finals event. This tournament also makes use of a distance funnel to classify top performing horses in distance races. The distance funnel includes Sprinter, Mid Runner, or Marathoner. All racehorses are allowed to compete in the Podium Plate. However, there are some certain criteria to be met during the two-week qualifying period to make horses eligible to the tournament. For example, horses must have competed in at least 30 races all of which must correspond to a distance funnel; or the Place Rate helps to qualify top horses in the tournament.
On the other hand, Fibonacci Cup measures average scores of horses throughout qualification process. It also includes two sections: an initial one-week qualifying period and a one-day finals event once qualifying ends. There is going to be more on Fibonacci Cup from Zed Run.

Zed Run wallet

To get the permission to enter any race, breed and purchase NFT racehorses, players need to own a Zed Run wallet to make a bridge between ETH and WETH balances. WETH balance allows players to breed, trade and race in Zed Run environment.
Players may use their Zed wallet to sell their NFT racehorses on OpenSea. OpenSea is the preferred secondary market for trading racehorses from Zed Run.

Zed Run Game Play


The vast world of Zed Run is only at its start. There are a lot on the way as the game is coming to the platform. If you wish to join the NFT world it can be a good chance to give Zed Run a try.

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