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Zuckerberg informs workers how Meta and Apple are competing to develop the metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg says that Apple and his company are in a “deep, philosophical battle” to build the metaverse. This means that they are getting ready to offer technology for augmented and virtual reality.

In the beginning of this month, Meta’s CEO told employees that they were competing with Apple to decide “which way the internet should go.” Edge. Meta will be a cheaper, more open alternative to Apple’s upcoming augmented reality headset, he said.

Zuckerberg said this about the competition: “They think that if they do everything themselves and work closely together, they can give users a better experience.” We think that when businesses specialize, it will make it possible for the ecosystem to be bigger.

Since renaming Facebook Meta, Zuckerberg has been pushing for interoperability in the metaverse, which is the next big computer chapter after mobile phones. Meta helped Microsoft, Epic Games, and others create the Metaverse Open Standards Group. Future immersive 3D environments will have open protocols that will make it easy for people to move around with virtual objects.

Zuckerberg told his staff that Apple wasn’t there. Apple’s strategy of tightly controlling both hardware and software worked well for the iPhone, but for the metaverse, “it’s not clear whether an open or closed environment is better.”

“It’s not clear if an open or closed ecosystem would be better.”

Tim Cook has said that Apple is interested in augmented reality (AR), but the company has been quiet about unreleased hardware. All signs point to a high-end headset that combines VR and AR experiences coming out soon. Meta plans to put out its Cambria headset and its first AR glasses by the end of this year.

If VR and AR take off the way Zuckerberg thinks they will, Meta could replace iOS. Meta’s Quest headset already lets you sideload software like Google’s Android that hasn’t been approved by Meta. Even though the Quest now costs $100 more, Meta’s hardware is still mostly sold at a loss or to break even.

They never talked. The alert asking if a third-party app can follow users for ads costs the former billions of dollars in lost iOS ad revenue every year. Even if Zuckerberg figures out a way to avoid Apple’s mobile grip, the two tech giants will continue to fight for years.

Here is Zuckerberg’s answer from June 30 to a question from a Meta employee about how Meta and Apple compete in the metaverse.

Apple doesn’t have metaverse standards, but it does have AR glasses. What will happen to Oculus and the rest of our ecosystem? Merci.

Zuckerberg Apple will be a rival for us, both in terms of its products and its ideas. We are open and building an open ecosystem. We’re making more things that work with Android. We’re building the metaverse so that virtual goods can be moved between worlds. Apple didn’t join our Open Standards Metaverse Group. Not a big deal. Since the 1980s, Apple has been the only company to sell computers.

They think that if they do everything themselves and work closely together, they can give users a better experience. We think that the expertise of many organizations will make it possible for a larger ecosystem.

It’s not clear whether an open or closed ecosystem is better. The most popular and widely used PC operating system was Windows. The Mac was doing well, but the PC and Windows ecosystems were the most important.

Mobile is not like that. Android has more devices than iOS, but culture-setters and developers in rich countries like the US and Western Europe choose iPhone and iOS. Apple is in a great place in the mobile market, which is why it is the most valuable company in the world or one of the most valuable.

The future of the metaverse is not yet set in stone, though. Our goal is to do research that is at the cutting edge and spread it through the stack. VR. AR. Our gadgets are sold at cost, with a small discount, or a little more than cost. The items don’t cost more from our company. We want a lot of people to come. It’s an open ecosystem that can work with other systems.

Can a billion people in the metaverse do digital business worth hundreds of dollars by 2020? If we do that, we’ll be able to start a big company in this decade. That’s really cool. To do this, we’ll move the open metaverse forward.

Apple will try to win. It’s clear, but it’s a tough race. It isn’t fair that they have a device with more features. It is a philosophical argument about the future of the internet. I’m glad that we’re spending money to move the open metaverse forward and make computers more open.

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